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Unseen Journey

February 27, 2014

I keep wondering why Mom is still here when she wants to leave and go home – she misses my Dad and Josephine, her cat.  She seems more in another world than here in this life.  I have wondered what her purpose and contract is for this particular lifetime and I think I may now have a partial answer.  At least it makes sense to me, though it is her purpose and life rather than mine.   My sister Candy wrote this and it helps me see it from a different perspective.

I am so surprised that Mom has lived so long since Daddy’s passing, yet I have come to realize that she got to see so much of my own career changes, plus helping me through financially turbulent times, by staying. Now that I have business partners, it feels like I have finally landed in a safe place, and all the creative works that were in jeopardy in the financial crash have been rescued so that we can grow and prosper in this new publishing paradigm. Mom would have liked that; to know her faith in me was not misplaced. 
Of course, all Mom really wanted was for all of us to be happy, and even though we cannot guarantee that, we can choose to love each other the best we can, believe in each other and in ourselves, and also cherish our own private journeys, making choices that only God/Spirit/OverSoul will see. Perhaps Mom needed these years without Daddy to claim her own private soul journey. Who knows? It’s all part of the great Mystery, isn’t it? 
I do know one thing in my heart, though there is no “proof” that will convince any skeptic. That our souls keep growing and that this life is only one stage of a longer and larger journey. Even now, though Mom seems to be sinking into another world, this time is not “useless” but may be an incredibly important unseen work that will bear fruit only on the other side. 
I am more and more convinced that we must live our lives well and do the best we can, but then to let go of the results and to not judge. We don’t know what seemingly “unimportant” choice in our lives can have an effect that will reverberate in ways we cannot see. Who knows what is being accomplished in ways that cannot be seen on earth? We catch glimpses of our own stories, seen partially, as in a rear view mirror. How one choice affected our lives, even if we didn’t know at the time how important that choice would be. 
This stage of Mom’s journey is teaching me to let go and to allow her to have her own experience–something beyond her role as my mother and our adult friendship. I don’t know why she needs this particular form of leaving us. It has definitely taught me that there were many mercies in Daddy’s sudden passing. But then, there have been many mercies in this passing, in spite of the sadness and difficulties. 
Perhaps her process helps us in our process of saying goodbye. I’m sure that the feeling of Mom as all-powerful and all-knowing was just one stage of childhood, but I found I still carried that feeling with me into adulthood. And so if Mom didn’t understand what I wanted to do (move to Nashville and be a songwriter, among many things) part of me always wondered if she was right and I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong. She supported me. But there were some accomplishments and dreams she could share, and others that were outside of her interests and understanding. Now I am no longer reporting to Mom (other than in prayer and sending invisible love) and am taking responsibility for my life in a new way. And finding unexpected freedom to have my own experience, even if it is different from hers. 
I love reading D.E. Stevenson and other novelists we both loved. I share that with Mom in my heart. But I also love going to songwriter nights, and I know Mom might appreciate the fellowship of kindred spirits, but she wouldn’t have cared much for some of the forms that fellowship comes through in my life. There’s nothing disreputable about my songwriter friends (though they may sometimes be a bit raffish) but they just wouldn’t be her kind of people and she would not have appreciated most of them (or the reason to mess around with writing songs in the first place). But she would have appreciated the laughter and fun. 
Now Mom is showing me that it’s okay for us to have differing experiences, and sometimes the only thing we might have in common is the human journey. Since Mom’s journey is basically out of our hands (other than Lee and Eddie creating the safe set up so she could navigate this solo journey), there’s no use in feeling guilty that we can’t help her more–or that she can no longer participate in our journeys. I’m seeing that we are connected by Something so much larger than our limited human experience.
I also comfort myself knowing that we live life one minute at a time. And Mom does, too. I think that her world (at least on this side) is probably absorbed in the same kind of experiences we have when we are ill. Disoriented, feverish, and experiences based on bodily issues. At the same time, a dream world which is larger and stranger than earth reality. We already know she saw others during her train phase. I believe she is even more guarded in this portion of the journey by angels and ancestors. And, of course, our prayers. So I send love, believing that whatever she can’t use right now will be gathered up and taken with her when she begins that final journey and reaches her destination. I keep visualizing her on a brilliant but foggy shore, and Daddy and Josephine walking toward her through the mist, and following behind all the friends and family she knew. And she will know them there as she never knew them on earth; they will be seen so much more clearly in the bright sunlight of that other dimension where all the earthly realities become the dream, and we will live in the light of greater realities.
She wrote this in an email that really touched me and be more positive about Mom and her life path and purpose.  Thank you Candy for writing this post, I couldn’t have said it half as well as you have.  I realize I am too close to Mom and her journey, too close to see it objectively – I am grateful for my two sisters, they help me keep things in perspective.  Ellen said in an email:

I too am so grateful to Candy for her ability to express the seemingly inexpressible as we go through the process of feeling our way along with Mom and her changes.

I am seeing gifts in Mom’s dementia that I didn’t expect, so it isn’t all gloom, doom and depression. I need to pay more attention to see what she is teaching me with her journey with dementia.

I Am A 30 Percenter !!!!!!!

February 24, 2014

Two years ago today – Feb 24th – I fell and broke my hip.  I had surgery to have a screw and plate put on – it was lower enough I didn’t need a hip replacement.  After about 4 days, I was sent to rehab for at least 6 – 8 weeks to heal and learn how to walk again.  I went into rehab feet first and came out on my own 2 feet with the help of a wheely walker.  After another 4 weeks of outpatient therapy, I left there with a cane.  After a  few weeks I was walking all by myself, though I took the cane to places I hadn’t been to before or if there were a lot of people around.

This is what they did for my hip, kind of explains why I spent 8 weeks in rehab.


Right Hip Fracture and Emergency Surgical Repair

The next time I saw my rheumatologist, she told me something interesting – 70& of people who break a bone will break another one within 2 years.  I thought to myself, I am going to be in the 30% group and now By George, I am!  Recently a friend asked why anyone, especially a doctor, would say such a thing to a patient.  Maybe it wasn’t the wisest choice of words, but I have concentrated o being in the 30% since then.  How true the whole thing is can be anyone’s guess.

I am also happy to report I haven’t fallen during those 2 years, though I did stumble against the shower door in the middle of the night.  I hit my upper arm on the glass door rail for the bathmat.  Not a very comfortable thing to do, but I didn’t fall.  The next morning I saw this huge purple bruise forming, that sucker hurt!  As I looked in the mirror not too long after, I thought “This must be what it is like to have a large tattoo” – only mine would fade and soon be gone.  Don’t think I will have a tattoo;  that’s voluntary pain and then what happens when I don’t like it any more.  More voluntary pain to remove it.

For the last two years I haven’t really thought about the 70% or the 30%, every once in a while it comes up and I choose the 30% every time.  I decided dwelling on it and being afraid of falling would be a self-fulfilling prophecy; I would rather think in terms of being the 30%.

I was also wondering if I would mark the 2nd year as the day I broke my hip; but that seemed un productive.  I didn’t “celebrate” having RA for 43 years in November, it was just a measure of time.  I see this in the same way, though no one gave me percentages with RA.  Let’s just say I have reached my goal of 2 years without a “break”.  Whether the whole things is true or not, it is now something in the past.

One interesting thing, I was sure I would set off the security scan when we left for Toronto, so I told them I would probably set it off.  So they took me to a full scan and I was done.  What surprised me was that coming through security in Toronto on our way home, nothing happened.  However, Eddie was chosen for a random scan, so he had a little more to deal with than I did.  Do you suppose they used a plastic screw and plate in my hip instead of metal?  It has me wondering.

Time to work on my next goal – not sure what it is yet, but I will be concentrating on that rather than what has happened in the past.

Seeing Mom

February 23, 2014

Some days it is hard to visit my Mom as the dementia continues to take over her life.  I sometimes don’t recognize her as my Mom sometimes – who is that old woman?  But she stays essentially my Mom, the woman who gave birth to me and raised me with my two sisters.  She and my Dad did a great job of making me (I won’t speak for my sisters) feel loved and wanted, taught me integrity ( my sister Ellen feels they gave us a great gift in that, I hadn’t thought of it before and I am glad she said it) as well as honesty, respect for other people and their property.  They gave us discipline too – when they threatened with “warming your fanny”, I knew they would carry out the threat.  They always felt kids needed to have boundaries and they would test those boundaries to make sure they were still there.

I saw Mom on Friday and she was doing well, alert and aware.  Maybe it was sitting at the dining room table instead of the recliner with a throw over her that made the difference.  My neighbor Delores called in the morning and asked to come with me to visit Mom.   She took some sugar-free chocolate and a mandarin orange for her – I took the cookies just in case.  We did have a nice visit and I think I may be getting more comfortable about just seeing how it flows.  At one point I read some of Candy’s new book and Delores really liked it – so I have lent her my copy for her to read.  She also thought “The Translucent Heart” was good as well and I lent her the pages I printed so she could read the whole thing.

I had a long email from my sister Candy the other day; she was writing from her perspective as a daughter living many miles away.

 I feel I can really only communicate from the other side of the veil now. Strange to think that all the things I used to be able to do for her are useless now. No phone conversations, no books, only cards and toys and treats–and who knows what gets through from this side of the veil. I think we have each taken our turn with her process. My Sunday night phone conversations took us through memory lane, then deciding what to do with certain precious family heirlooms (part of the reason for my long list), and then through the disorientation and waiting for the train, which was always a time of reassuring her it would all be fine, and that she would find Daddy and Josephine and friends and family on the other side, and that her daughters would eventually come to join her. 

I also think about our different experiences of Mom in various stages of life and from our different perspectives. As the youngest, I got to know a mother who began to gain self-confidence when she started volunteering at the airport and hooking rugs. She told me that she had no self-confidence before then, even with all the love she shared with Daddy. I think I would have been around eight or ten when she started volunteering at the airport, so the two of you would have been either out of the house or migrating out of the house into adult lives just as Mom was getting some confidence and perspective on herself. I got the benefit of being around in my twenties, too. I could visit Mom and Dad quite often, without all the holiday craziness. Just being there, yet even at that, still not that often. But I saw her in happier times when we were all healthy and independent. 

I often wonder what Ellen’s perspective of growing up is; as the oldest, she saw two join the fold and I’ve often wondered how it felt to go from the only child to an older sister.  Mom and Dad were learning about kids when she was born, so when I came 4 years later, they were more experienced.  By the time Candy came 6 years after that, they were much more relaxed.  It is fascinating to realize how growing up with the same two parents can be so different for each child.

Some of the early childhood training seemed to be about being self reliant; don’t ask for help, don’t bother people, do it yourself.  In many ways that is a good thing, but I realize now that is how I dealt with RA from my diagnosis – not the best way to do it.  But that was my subconscious training, along with not complaining, or at least, not too much.

So many people would tell be I have such a positive attitude about it, plus how I do as many things as I do.  My first response is that I didn’t think I had a choice, I had to do something about treatment for RA.  As for the positive attitude, they had no idea how depressed, discouraged and crabby  I could be only Eddie bore the brunt of that.  Maybe I hid behind a positive attitude, after all, I got a lot of positive feedback.  People would tell me they admired me and how well I do with RA – now that I think of it, maybe I thought it was the one thing I was successful at doing.  Is that why I let it become my identity for so many years?

I have written before how Mom’s dementia has helped me see much more clearly my childhood programs carried into adult life – real gift, though uncomfortable at times.  I am finding that gift is continuing as I become more open to seeing the truth rather than my perception of the truth.  Maybe that is part of Mom’s purpose in this lifetime.

Go Universe!

February 16, 2014

I have had a weight problem all my life – oops, I just realized I called it a problem and it isn’t.  I once read “I am the size I am to hold my magnificence”.  That really stopped me in my tracks.  Here I have been unhappy with my size and instead, it is a blessing.  I am working on knowing it is true and knowing that I know.   Then The Universe sent this message:

You have realized, Lee, that your age, experience, skin color, personality, accent, style, saunter, weight, and height, today, are setting you up big-time for the best of your life, while adding considerably to your animal magnetism?

Nothing gets past me,
    The Universe

We’re talking world tours, Lee, fan clubs on each continent, and a TV show that follows as you create a fabulous business I am passionate about!

The two major areas I am working on are loving myself and recognizing my Life Purpose.  Sometimes I wonder if I am doing my purpose and I don’t know it.  I spent the day with my close friend Kathie who is the same age I am.  She was a court reporter for many years, then went into hypnotherapy and now is doing some real estate.  She is still wondering what her Life Purpose is as well.  I know there are a lot of people feeling that way these days; but having company doesn’t quite help me recognize mine.

I have heard the words “find my purpose” a lot, but then others say one creates it.  I have been thinking more in terms of recognizing it and creating it – I know I don’t have to know how to do it, just be willing, open and allowing.  Maybe I just too impatient for that “Aha” moment of recognition and unfolding.  I find myself wondering sometimes “Am I too old?” or “Is it too late?” – ego is working overtime to have me believe it is true.  Thanks for sharing, I choose something else.

I have always wanted to create something of my own of value but never felt I had.  Then it hit me recently, this blog is my creation.  No one else could write it they way I do, nor has anyone lived my life.  One thing through my marketing expert friend, you may have the same information as someone else, but no one presents it the way you do.  That makes you unique.

I’ve been reading a book by Richard Moss called “Inside Out Healing”.  It has been quite interesting and I find it builds on Neal Donald Walsh’s “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”.  In that, Neal spends the first half of his book talking about Past Data – all those beliefs and programs that have been built up over your lifetime.  They are not true, but they feel real.  That had quite an impact on me – I wrote about migraines a while back and continue to use it.

With Richard Moss, he talks about being in the NOW, but in a different way.  He shows a manual with the NOW in the middle of a circle, with the Future at the top, the Past at the bottom.  To one side is Me and the other side is You.


The idea is that when you are in the present moment, ego diverts you in one of four paths.   It may be the market list you need to make, the stupid things you did, a belief that isn’t true, etc.  Or it will go to another person and what they did or didn’t do, either to you or about you.  Another path is worry about the future or upset or living in the past.

the past week or more I have spent a lot of time at the computer, for work, my blog, Eddie’s Round Up and things he wanted to have typed for exhibits at the Future of Flight.  I began to think after the first or second long period at the computer – “Oh s—-!  I am going to pay for this either tomorrow or the second day!”.  But then I thought “Why do I think that will happen?  Just because it has in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it is  how it always will be”.   I began to realize I had created a belief around that, I can hear myself saying to someone more than once.  Yes, it had happened in the past, the belief that when I overdo it, I will pay for it, I have to be careful how much I do.

Then I remembered the Past Data loop I had been running for migraines, this was just another Past Data loop about what happens every time I do something and it hits me the next day or the second day.  So I told ego, “that is Past Data and no longer relevant and I am choosing something different.  In this fresh new moment, I choose filling this moment with good health and well-being in every part of my body, all Past Data is invalid and irrelevant”. How lovely to find the next morning and the mornings after that I was feeling well free of “payback” shoulder pain.

Now I am working on the cough that has lingered for 2 years, ever since I had the flu in rehab.  It takes time and some days I feel a bit discouraged, but on the whole there is progress.  now I am thinking in terms of each fresh new moment and what I want to fill it with when I bring myself back to NOW.

Morning to Evening

February 9, 2014

When we got up Saturday morning, this is what we saw!


There was a big cloud over the house, yet we could see the sun rising on the mountains and their layers of snow.


These are such spectacular mountains and I love to see them no matter what the weather.


They are so magnificent!  I miss them when they are covered by clouds.

The weather men have been predicting snow for several days and nothing has happened.  So when they said it would snow last night, we figured it was another false alarm.  Around 8 or so we looked out and By George, it was snowing.  I am always fascinated by snow at night, it lights up everything, as if someone left the lights on.  It is so beautiful, no wind so everything is just piled on the ground, the bushes and the trees.  There must have been about 2 or 3 inches of snow, we noticed no one going down the Shorewood Dr hill.

It’s not sunny this morning, instead it is very grey – sky, Sound, with only the ground white.   Eddie was due to go to the Museum of Flight this morning, he is still here because he didn’t want to deal with the hills.


What a different view this morning!


No mountains and we can barely see the islands.

Now he getting dressed so he can go out and shovel the walk – it is supposed to start raining overnight, so it may be a redundant use of energy.  However, he has some exercise and will know the walk is clear tomorrow morning.  I want to go take pictures but need to have a shower and get dressed first – better get started so I have pictures for the blog.


I had a shower and put clothes on so I could go out to take pictures – also took some out the bathroom window because it was  beautiful to see snow against the trunks of the camellia and lilac trees.


This is the lilac by the outside stairs and the bathroom window.


Just next to it is the big camellia.  Amazing when the wind doesn’t blow it all off.


The snow piled up on the leaves of the camellia.


Allen’s have a tree next to their deck that is full of light pink blossoms in the spring.  You might say it is flowering in snow today.


I noticed the Rosemary bush was flowering in pale lavender earlier in the week – now it has snow flowers.


This is the Allen’s lilac bush; I picked some last Spring to take to Mom.


Eddie didn’t have much trouble clearing the walk because he said the snow was light.


The camellias by the walk.


I think we had about 3 – 4″ of snow, that’s how it looked to me where Eddie had cleared the walk.


The red pear tree had quite a load of snow –


so did the other pear and the Gravenstein apple.


The east side of the house where the lilac is on the left, the big camellia next to it, the light pink rhododendron, the dark red rhododendron and at the corner is the purple lilac.


The pink dogwood has really grown – my wood stream is somewhere in that bed.


There is the stump of the Fotinia tree – it now has a small tree growing out of the top.  The bumps below are my wood stream.


This is looking behind the east side of the house where the lilacs, rhodos and big camellia are – that’s the outside stairs below.

Things are different now, the truck came by a bit ago to put sand on the road and make Shorewood Dr. hill easier to navigate.  The snow isn’t quite as pretty as it was this morning when I took the pictures – I realize I could have used black and white film and have the same look.  A while ago the fog rolled in, not up here yet but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen.

I know this is not a big deal compared to most of the country – I know what it is like from the times I lived in different place.  What we have today is plenty for me and the idea of rain coming tonight is very welcome.  Otherwise it would end up very icy for Eddie tomorrow.  I plan to stay home and work on my taxes for Saturday.

More Pulp Fashion

February 8, 2014

After writing the post yesterday, I decided to see what Google had on images for both Isobelle and for Fortuny.  What a wonderful surprise!  Isobelle has been working on fashions of the last 500 years and has ones from different eras as well as the Fortuny ones.  This woman is so fascinating, I am astounded at the intricacy and detail of some of the work – she has done clothes in De Medici times, also looks as though she has done French Revolution fashions and one from Worth.

Isabelle_bigger-paper-ball-gown_xlHouse of Worth

This is one of the dresses at Bellevue – Char and I found it fascinating because we thought it was an over dress, turns out it is all one piece but we had to look closely.



I love this one too – the colors are so rich, plus this is one of my favorite colors.


This is how the gauzy, transparent paper looks.


More of the dresses we saw.


Then I checked out Mariano Fortuny and found the real thing.  This shows how the dress is meant to be stored.


In the exhibit there were pictures of the actual gowns that the paper ones were based.


They do hug your figure, which means they may not look as well on me – I willing to try one on and see how it looks.


I like the hem of the top on this one.  Char remarked that with a shorter skirt, it would work well today.

Along with the dresses and jackets, she put some paper shoes in as well – after all, one must have matching shoes.

IsabelleShoes_xlMuch too narrow for me, but most ingenious.

PF shoes

Such a beautiful color!


These boots are really something!


Looks ready for a party with shoes, bag and is that a bracelet?


Looks almost like tapestry.


These a re a bit more like bedroom slippers.


Then we find the more decorative shoes, ready for evening.


Then comes outrageous!

I will admit I had forgotten what the exhibit was, but I knew I would have a great time with Char – I was not disappointed!

Pulp Fashion

February 7, 2014

Yesterday my friend Char and I went over to the Bellevue Art Museum to see a wonderful paper dresses.  It sounds a bit strange, but it was so amazing, I am in awe of the woman who did it.


This is a wonderful dress and jacket.  We were amazed at the lining in the jacket, it all looks as if it has been sewn.


This is a closeup of the dress and how it looks.  Even a belt to go with it.


This is absolutely amazing, Char thinks they used rice paper as the overdress because she couldn’t see any weave.  It is so transparent, almost gossamer.  There was a wonderful lavender one, a red one and a beautiful green.

When Mariano Fortuny was creating the clothes, he used very fine pleated fabric, silks and wonderful luxurious  fabrics for his  designs.  he had trouble finding a way to keep the pleats in, then he patented a machine that steamed the pleats in to make sure they stayed.  To store a dress, it was twisted and then coiled into a hat box – then shake it out when ready to wear.


This is an amazing dress with an interesting jacket.  The back of the jacket goes down to the bottom hem – with a wonderful belt to hold it together.


The lapels fold back showing a lining, then the belt holding it together.


I really liked this one, in person it is lighter in color and it made me think of sunny spring.


Most of the dresses had their hems positioned like this – gathered into the legs and then flaring out – though I doubt it can be worn like that.  Let’s face it, I would likely trip over the hem at some point.


What can I say?  It boggles my mind and I am lost in admiration not only for Isabelle de Borchgrave but the original designer Mariano Fortuny.

Fortuny 2-4

Fortuny 2

Fortuny 2-3

Fortuny 2-1

Fortuny 2-5

Fortuny 2-2

Tax Time Again

February 3, 2014

income-taxI love this – my tax man has it on his business card!

I have been working on  putting things together to see our tax man on Feb. 15th – now only 2 weeks away.  This morning Eddie and I cleaned out the file box for 2013 – I had things to put in the tax file and found some things were never kept.  not a good thing.  He was complaining about how and where things were filed – that’s not my dept.

I will admit I haven’t kept current with my receipts for the business, so I have been working on that the last few weeks.  I have to put them on the spreadsheet on my computer – unfortunately the Dec and Total columns didn’t print.  I might even get a start on January this year.

The past few years I have been putting together Mom’s tax stuff, not always easy but Eddie has certainly helped.  I always think I will be more organized the next year – but I’m not.  I need to make sure I have receipts for things and not just wing it on some things.

I had to make a trip to Office Depot for files, file totes and labels.  I not only put 2013 in  tub, I used another one to put the binders for business expenses from several years back.  That  has given me space in the bookshelves, no doubt it will fill up again in short order.  What we have done so far feels very good.

I have so much to clean out, not only in the office but downstairs as well as the rest of the house.  I figure one bit at a time; by clearing out the office, there will be room for new things coming into my life.

I can sit here and talk about getting my tax stuff ready, but it isn’t getting anything accomplished.  I have to get off my butt and actually do it.  Good luck to all of you out there doing the same thing!

taxes-cartoon-keefe-495x309Just remember, they simplified the Tax Code for us.


February 1, 2014


It’s Groundhog Day and I received the first greeting from my friend Kathie last year, so I just sent her an email today to be the first this year.  Looks like Phil has to compete with the Superbowl tomorrow – it is especially crazy here because the Seahawks are playing.  If I never see a 12 again, it can’t be too soon.  this place has gone nuts all season and if they win – Ye Gods and Little Fishes, it will be a madhouse.   As you can tell, Eddie and I are not football fans.  For some of us, it is just another game but there are so many fans out there, they think it is heresy.

I’m sure everyone out there is wondering what Phil will see, whether there will be 6 more weeks of winter or not.  At the moment, there are a lot of places around the country that have more than enough of winter.  We seem to be in a more mild area, the bulbs are sending up shoots already.  I remember my Mom looking down on them and saying “I hope you know what you are doing”.

It’s supposed to get down to the 20’s and 30’s at night for the next few days, wonder how those tender shoots will fare.  As we were coming up the hip this afternoon after shopping, I saw a rhododendron begging to bloom.  A little farther up I saw a forsythia coming out. How strange to see it the 1st of February.

The moles are suddenly active again, 3 new mounds in a  row out in the front.  I notice Delores hasn’t been around to put pellets down, wonder if she has seen them or if she has given up.  I’m wondering what to do when we actually have a proper lawn, will they want to do even more with a real lawn?  That’s quite a while away, so I am not going to think that far in the future.

I wish it weren’t so cold out, I have this urge to dig up the weeds around the shoots, to see what will open up in a bit.  It means I have to bend over from a standing position, gets my back a bit but so nice to see the bed weed free.  A little sun on my back would be so nice.

We have had a bit of everything today, clouds, rain, sun trying to shine through the clouds, a little more rain.  I have been wrapping myself up in my shawl a lot because I am cold, even with a wool sweater on.  Keeps me warm and cosy, plus a nice hot cup of tea is lovely.  Once in a while I get a glimpse of the mountains, they are gorgeous with all the snow.  But they seem to be happier behind the cloud or fog, so it is a treat when they are showing in all their glory.

I saw Mom 3 times this week – Tuesday when I went to visit and brought chocolate and cookies.  She was alert and pleased to see me and the goodies.  I read to her for a bit until my voice started going, told her I would see her Thursday when she had her haircut.  Thursday I arranged for a haircut for her at Providence, what surprised me was to see the yellow in her hair.  She has had this wonderful shiny silver hair for quite a while, now suddenly it is yellow.  not sure if it medication, water or what.  Jeanne suggested a purple rinse to neutralize it.  By that time, Mom was really getting antsy about having her hair washed and  a conditioner put on, so I didn’t want to agitate her any more.    My mother a blue hair?

Well, I think it would neutralize the yellow and only if she used the purple or blue all the time would it turn color.  I will admit, it is stressful with Mom because she gets feisty when someone is doing something for her.  I sat beside her to reassure her and that seemed to help.   Anyway, she had it cut and blown dry, looked pretty well.  I made an appointment for 6 weeks, seemed smart to  do it then.  I wheeled her back up to the Center on the 2nd floor and she would soon be going for lunch.

I saw her yesterday and she seemed a bit sleepy.  She only wanted 1 chocolate and 1 cookie, so I left the rest on her bureau for later.  I read a bit but she was falling asleep, so I didn’t stay very long.  I debated whether I would go Friday, but somehow it felt right to go.

To all I wish you an early happy Ground Hog Day!



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