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The Week Barely Started

September 10, 2014

An interesting 3 days so far – not sure I can take the excitement.   Sorry, that wasn’t what I planned to write.    I was cleaning out on Monday , this time my Mom’s hooking stuff.   I had put on Craig’s List rug hooking magazines and another one with patterns and supplies.  Imagine how amazed I was when I had an email from a lady in Nova Scotia.  She is very interested in everything – though she seems to be thinking in terms of two large boxes to go through the mail.  Hmmm, this may be more than I bargained for.

 I have been figuring out what hooking stuff my Mom has – it is a lot more work than I realized.  I went through two under bed drawers and found some dyed samples of wool ready to hook.  Mom usually dyed them in 6, sometimes 8 values – she always enjoyed the dyeing part.  I’ve been online to see what is there and how I can price things – what Mom paid is a lot less than today, though her money went farther.  I also checked the Post Office, they ship by weight to Canada.  Hmmm, this is going to be an interesting  project.
I pulled out the things I found from when Dad was working before and during the war at aircraft companies, mostly in Southern California.  Eddie checked with the Boeing historian today to see if they are interested.  They were delighted with the items.   It’s lovely to know there is some of my Dad in the Boeing archives.  They are a welcome addition and I know they are in a good home.
 I also went through a box of my Mom’s things – a lot of gift cards for her graduation and I think it was a wedding shower.  There were letters from two hospitals saying she was set to work for them, letters from a couple of young men who had been at a dance when she was in Pratt.  One guy was from Yale.  A little bit different view of my Mom.  Still more places to clear out, no telling what I will find.  I am sending them to Candy so she can decide what to do with them.
Last week  more cleaning out, amazing what my Dad and Mom accumulated over the past 60 some years in this house.  I found 2 more photos in the original North American envelope for the Boeing archives.  Eddie made sure my Dad’s name shows as the donor.  I found books on cars that might go to the library the Car Museum is  creating.   I called the Center For Wooden Boats to see if they  take ship models and if they don’t, who would they recommend.  I think the guy is on holiday this week, I haven’t heard from him.  And paper of all kinds, my Dad kept calendar pictures and so did my Mom – Dad for Scottish history and Mom for flower ideas for her rugs.  It doesn’t look all that different, I just know I made a small difference.

Friday I went to see Mom, she is usually dozy because of meds.  Judy tells me she forgets what’s she’s doing, so she needs to be reminded to continue.  I have noticed that lately.  I give her a piece of chocolate and she is enthusiastic, but doesn’t always finish it unless I ask if she is ready for more.  She doesn’t like anyone to touch, especially when it comes to taking care of her.  I now ask her if I can give her a hug, I mostly get an enthusiastic yes, but not always.  You’re not kidding this is the hardest part.
I had a call from Didi last night – Mom had fallen and hit her head.  She called Providence to let them know, she was going in for her regular day.  I went to visit her this morning, she had a couple of large scabs on her right temple and her upper eyelid was bruised.   Mom was fighting them as they were trying to get her washed and dressed.   I asked Judy if she remembered falling, but Judy doesn’t think so.  Mom was a bit sleepy today, probably not too surprising after her fall.  She ate the cookies while I read to her, but wasn’t interested in the chocolate.  She would have it later.
Eddie and I went out for a bit to have coffee and look around the bookstore.  We came home and I found an email message from the station manager, they wanted my phone number because they needed to talk with me.  so I emailed back and shortly after, they called.  Seems he was a little mixed up on days – 9:30 isn’t open on Tuesday after all.  He does have Monday at the same time and he wanted to know if that would be all right.  Plus, he would air my show twice a week for the month of October as an “I’m sorry”.  It will be a repeat of the Monday show.  I will admit I am disappointed, but I just decided there is a reason why it is working out the way it is – no idea why but I am starting this Monday on the 15th.  Anyway, we’ll see how it goes and maybe when I am ready for an hour show, there will be a different time slot.
My life certainly isn’t dull.

45 Years And Counting

May 10, 2014

Today we are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary.  When I think about that day, I remember standing looking out the front window at Sydney and thinking “This isn’t quite how I pictured my wedding day”.  I never dreamed I would be in Sydney, Australia, waiting to marry a man I had only seen for 3 or 4 different periods.  I always thought I would meet someone here in Seattle, get married, have children and live very much like my parents.  I was 22 going on 16 – naive, inexperienced and in many ways clueless.  I have certainly grown up and matured since that day – imagine if I had been the woman I am now when I was married – an interesting “what if”.  I could apply that to any point in my life, then I know I would not be who I am now unless I had experienced the last 45 years exactly the way they unfolded.  To read the posts I did about going to Australia, check out and .

I remember it was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon – May 10th – a gorgeous Fall day.  Some of the family had gone down to the flower market early that morning and the ladies of the Presbyterian church decorated the sanctuary for us.  They also enjoyed the benefit of the flowers for the next day, which was Mother’s day.  I notice this year both days fall  at the same time this year as they did in 1969.  I just realized I was born and married in the last century!

I had arrived in Sydney the Sunday before and then suddenly, Eddie was gone the next morning.  He went back to the small town to give finals and everyone went to work or school – just Angel and I were left.  Everything was so different and unusual.  The people,  the place, different customs, the languages, food, experiences – I often think it really didn’t sink in because Eddie was gone again.  He was due back later in the week, so I spent those days missing him again.  No one had phones in the small towns, so I couldn’t talk to him until he came back.

I was surprised and pleased to find that Angel and I were able to communicate – she had very little English, I had no Armenian or Arabic.  The family was all around and they welcomed me and made me  feel welcome.  I sometimes wondered if I seemed like a being from another planet; they were so different from me and my experiences.  It turned out they were fascinating and fun, I learned so much in a short time  and it has been a learning experience ever since.  Eddie came back Thursday night and the preparations for the wedding got underway.  Saturday morning they hustled Eddie out of the house before I got up – he spent the time with John and Sofie until the wedding.

It was a little different than I thought – we were going to have a very small reception at the house, so I was helping with the food that morning – I don’t remember what we were planning or what happened most of the day.  I pretty much dressed by myself and was ready before the others.  George was giving me away, Shake’ and Sonia were my bridesmaids in yellow – the dresses had been worn at Shake’s wedding.  When we went down to get in the car, John and decorated the car with tissue flowers, etc.  So as we drove to the church, people turned and waved.

The church was done in yellow and white flowers, it was so lovely.  I had given Eddie the wedding ring back when I arrived in Sydney –  he had sent then in December with the engagement ring.  I told him that the next time he gave it to me, he was never getting it back.  I know that John and Vic were taking pictures for us, I don’t remember a whole lot of  the wedding itself, but it did the job and suddenly we were married.  John drove us back to house in the car and more waving to us.

At the house John decided he was going get us drunk – I don’t know that he did because I had no idea how being drunk felt.   We had a hotel room for the night, so John and Sofie drove us over there.  I think Sofie was a bit embarrassed after a bit – John kept showing us all the parts of the room, etc. and she was trying to get him out of there.  Finally she succeeded and we were alone.

The next day Eddie decided to rent a car – neither of us had driven on the left side of the road.  The rental car fellow brought the car over to the hotel and explained how all it worked and then left – but with the key.  So he had to come back or there was no point to having a car.  One thing we found out, doing the opposite of what we were used to doing here doesn’t necessarily work there.  Good thing it was Sunday morning and not much traffic.  We had a lot of horns honk at us during that drive, it was quite an experience, a bit hair-raising at times.  After a bit we decided to go back to George’s house and see the family, we had had enough experience for the day.   (Several months later we found out the first rule of the road is give way to the right – those on your left have to look out for you).

We spent the rest of the day with the family and one of the guys took Eddie over to return the car.  Then it was time to board the train to Griffith where we were going to live.  Eddie had rented a small flat not too long after living in boarding house for a bit – not quite his taste and it was a relief for him.  Griffith was 450 miles west of Sydney and it was going to take a while on train that didn’t move very fast.  That was some train trip!

Dang!  I haven’t found the book downstairs with the wedding pictures.  I look some more for a future post.

It’s Gonna Rain!

October 6, 2013

I know that is a ridiculous statement from some who lives in Seattle.  But it comes from my body telling me it is going to rain, not because the weatherman said it will.  Besides, how often is the weather prediction right?  There are times when the barometer goes down and do I feel it!  But not every time, I’m still working on figuring out why certain times my body  wants to lie  under the covers and not be disturbed.   The odd thing this time is the parts that are bothering me – ones that don’t normally protest at the falling barometer.  My tooth hurts, my knees are bothering me – maybe that is from standing too long on Wednesday.  My toe next to my big one hurts – did I stub it and not remember?  This is also the one I broke a few years ago, yet the finger I broke is fine.  I have been having pain in my left bun and down my thigh for a couple or three weeks – still doing exercises for that.  Just places and stiffness or discomfort all around.

I remember  when I was living in New Jersey – my first experience with humidity.  That first summer was hard to adjust to and I spent as much time in air conditioning as I could.  Then towards the end of September it cooled and dried out and I felt really good.  October 1st it went humid again very suddenly and I felt as if I had been run over by a freight train.  I couldn’t remember a time when I felt so terrible and uncomfortable.  I finally came out of it after a couple of days, one memory I still remember vividly.


I was bowled over by the colors and just driving around the two lane roads in the area.


I had seen pictures my parents took on a Connecticut trip and I didn’t believe how blue the sky was.  But it truly does become that gorgeous blue.


I really liked driving around, I never knew what I would see.  There were places like this and then along the residential streets with the older houses and tree-lined streets.

We’ve had 2 days of sunshine and low 70’s after a lot of ran and chilly weather.  I didn’t want to put the heat on until October, but last Saturday we did – it was cold.  It has been raining steadily for a couple of weeks with breaks every once in a while.  It has felt good to have my winter nightie on and need all the covers, warm and cosy.  Now if I can figure out how to go straight to sleep instead of lying awake for an hour or two, I’ll have it made.

It is definitely Fall, the leaves are turning and the strong wind and rain has taken most of the leaves off some of the trees. Some are still green, while others are green with the outer parts dark red.  I love this time of year because of the colors and the weather, but more importantly it reminds me of living on the East Coast.  My first trip was to New Jersey in October when I went with Eddie to look for a place to live.  He had just started a job at the head office and while he was working, I was looking for a place to rent with an agent.

Bergen County is the Northeastern corner of New Jersey and most of the roads are two lane country roads – that makes it so cool.  We lived in Westwood, they call it the Hub because it is right in the middle of the county.


This is how it looked at my end, we were on the other side of the commuter train tracks – they went across the back of our street.

Act-Rn-WW-Center-of-Town1This gives you an idea of the main street, most of the towns are like this.  No high-rise, no city feel; it was like being away from the hustle and bustle.  But it you took the train, it would have you in NYC in no time.

Now when Fall comes, I remember my visit and how special it felt.  I had never been back east before and I will admit, I sounded as if I had just fallen off the turnip truck.  The Volvo chauffeur picked us up at the airport – I was fascinated by the car phone.  This was October 1977, so there weren’t really cell phones then, what he had in the car was huge and bulky.   I’d never seen one before, except maybe on tv.  Even so, it felt magical to me and any where  I am in the fall with the colors, it feels like the first time in New Jersey.

I didn’t think they had much color in Atlanta, then when my parents came to visit, we drove to Nashville to see my sister Candy.  Wow!  There was color all over the mountains on both sides – what a delightful surprise.  I was especially interested to see the colors in Connecticut, especially after seeing the pictures Mom and Dad took on their trips.  Mom grew up in Connecticut and we ended up living there for 10 years with SAAB.  Some years the colors were spectacular and it was pure joy driving around.  Other years, not so great.  Sometimes it would rain and it seemed to drain the colors from the trees.  There is nothing like a clear, sunny day to enjoy the leaves

Candy’s Photos

May 13, 2013

I decided my other sister Candy would have equal time with her photos.  She has been living in Nashville quite a while, she went down there for her song writing.  She has written songs herself and partnered with other song writers – it was the heyday of Music Ro and many, many publishers.  Well, like the book publishing world, the music world had the bottom drop out and things are very different now.

During those years Candy published several books – Christmas Abundance ( my favorite because it has some of our family traditions and recipes in it), then a series of three called The Art of Abundance, The Art of Simplicity and the Art of Encouragement.  For the past 2 or 3 years she has been learning about ebooks and has published several – plus a free one on her website (


cover      41WCEWY34KL._SX225_

She also started taking photos of flowers, mostly roses with interesting backgrounds and arrangements.

100_9820    100_8652

Love the dew drops!       I will check back in the archives to see some of her first ones.

Then at Christmas time, she had some interesting photos of  decorations, I really like this.


Just recently she had some quite interesting photos that were taken around lake Radnor – a favorite place for her walks.  One never knows what she will find.

100_9034  528245_461649177178781_337355068_n

And then there were the unexpected ones.


I love this little guy but it isn’t Candy’s photo – she found it on Facebook.                                                                              I found it on and also couple of  other sites.


For a while Candy worked at Vanderbilt University and enjoyed her time there, the people she worked with and the work, plus she loved walking along the campus in all seasons.  She would send some wonderful photos and her enjoyment shined through  her photos.


Autumn in Nashville, Vanderbilt University

GetAttachment.aspx  GetAttachment.aspx  GetAttachment.aspx

GetAttachment.aspx  GetAttachment.aspx  GetAttachment.aspx

That gives us an idea of Nashville and Vanderbilt University, and some of the things Candy has been doing while she has been there.  She has many things going on and has a book that is in the process with a new publisher – not only new to her but also new period.  I am looking forward to hearing how that is going and what will happen next for her.

So now I have shown both of my sisters and their photography – I am very proud of them and glad they are my sisters, or as we call each other Sisty Ugler.

Unexpected Lessons

October 28, 2011

It has been a very interesting two weeks, not anything I would like to repeat, thank you very much.  First it was me, I went to bed one night and suddenly was dizzy as I started to lie down.  Whoa, this is familiar and I am not happy about it.  I had a middle ear infection a couple of times in the past and the doc couldn’t do anything but give me something for the symptoms – dizziness, headache and nausea.  He said it would go away in 10 days.  The first few days were a little rough, had to watch how I bent in any direction as well as lying down or changing positions.  It did dissipate and I was fine.  This time I was moving slowly but doing well, went to my networking breakfast group, then had a lovely coffee morning with a friend  When I got up to make a pitstop, suddenly I had a terrible headache and upset stomach.  I found myself overwhelmingly tired as well – now that was a new one on me.  I managed to drive home safely ready to head for bed.  Didn’t quite make it because I had a couple of things waiting for me at home.   At one point I fell fast asleep in the chair and that helped a bit, but I was in bed by 8:30 that night.  I slept well and was better the next day, though still being aware of how I bent  in any direction.  All this on top of having a lot of neck and shoulder pain again – I had a project for a client and I was on the computer too long.

That was me.  About 4 am Monday morning I woke up and hear my Mom calling – she had fallen and was having trouble getting up.  I called 911 and asked for help – I specifically asked them to come quietly, no sirens or lights.   They were great and when Mom’s hip hurt when they lifted her, they called an ambulance to take her to the ER.  Then I got dressed and went down to see her.  I am happy to report no broken bones, just bad bruising and unfortunately compressed discs in her lower back from arthritis.  They were very good to her and it was a quiet time while we were there.  They gave her prescriptions for an anti-inflammatory and Vicodin for the pain.  I took her home and tucked her into bed, then went out for the scripts.  I gave her the pain pill and she slept most of the day and night.  She was a little better the next day but the 2nd day got to her, so it was not the easiest day.   I know from my own experience that the 2nd day is usually the worst, the day after it can feel as if I have “gotten away with it”.  It is now Friday and she is doing a lot better.  My big concern was that she wouldn’t be able to do thngs for herself, I am not physically able to help her and I wondered what I would do to take care of what was necessary.

I am rather pleased with myself, I didn’t get all panicky and scared when it happened, nor when I was in the ER and even since Mom has been home.  My goodness, I have finally grown up!  I suddenly realize I have been dealing with my own stuff and also with Mom and I don’t feel worried or scared.  I will admit to an odd moment or more of “what if?” but I took myself in hand and concentrated on being just in that moment.  At that moment I was safe, Mom was safe, Eddie was safe and we are doing well.   I had never really done that  before and while in that moment I called on God, my angels, spirits, guides and master teachers to be with me to help and guide me through this.  So far I have been calm and at peace, though a bit stir crazy once in awhile.   So I have been comfortable leaving Mom for a little bit to do what I needed to do and have a little alone time for myself.  However, Monday is MY day and I am spending it with my good friend Kathie at Olypmus Spa to soak in hot tubs, steamrooms, whatever feels good.  Mom will have her ladies, so she won’t be alone.

I’ve realized I am now the parent, doing what Mom used to do for us girls when we were growing up.  Before it was just a word I didn’t want to think about or acknowledge, but now it is here right in front of me.  I realized I wasn’t alone, Eddie has been great helping with things, I knew her doctor was there if I needed anything or had questions and I also know someone whose business is providing help for people in their homes.  It has been quite an experience, one I do not want to repeat, but it has given me more confidence in myself.


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