War of the Moles: The Battle Escalates










We have had moles for such a long time, but now they are rampant.  They are looking for food – grubs and such – but there aren’t  that many around.  They are bold as well, one day Eddie was at the kitchen sink and watched the soil move as they burrowed all over the grass.  There would be a large mound and as soon as Eddie got rid of it and stamped it down, the bugger made one in the same place.  They are wreaking havoc with our “golf course lawn”.  I’d say the lawn is now 25% grass, 25% weeds, 15% moss and the rest is mole mounds.  I have noticed there are fewer weeds where the mounds are.  This time they are also just breaking the surface of the lawn, not really making mounds – still looks terrible.

Eddie complains while he is stamping down mounds but not willing to do anything about it.  Until now.  One of the members of my breakfast group is a pest control guy.  He came out to get rid of a hello jacket nest in the Fotinia stump by the sidewalk.  He has check for rodents and any other furry creature that may want to spend the winter in the attic.  So I called Jeff and he came out about 3 weeks ago and spread his granules over the whole long and flower bed – little buggers aren’t content with just the lawn.  Fortunately it rained the next day.  However, they are still around and driving Eddie nuts.  So we had the next treatment last week while it was raining and I booked him for next week because I don’t want to hear Eddie complaining any more.

It does take time and Eddie gets impatient when things take time instead of working right away.  I’ve noticed that when it come to me and RA.  If I could give him something actively to do and he saw progress, he would be much happier.  It is so hard for him to not see progress from what I am doing or he does – he says it hurts him to see me this way.

I’m not fond of taking pills, so I decided I would do something actively myself.  I found Sun Tai Chi – it is slower and less strenuous and done with the Arthritis Foundation.  I found Dr. Paul Lam on YouTube and there is a free lesson plus warm up and cool down exercises.  So far I am still working on those because my goal is to be able to stand up all the way through before I buy the DVD and go on the Lesson 2.  I started  doing it sitting down because I was concerned about messing up my knees.   It is definitely a slow process but I have worked up to doing all of it standing.  I need a break in the middle, but it is much better than when I started.  Mostly I have noticed small things, nothing earthshaking   but progress to me.  I almost quit a while ago – so glad I didn’t.  I think it has been 2 or 3 months, I don’t remember exactly when I started.

I’m hoping it will help me when we go to Toronto for Christmas – my big concern is walking.  I bought a foldable cane to take with me so it will help with balance and my right hip.I’m looking for balance, strength flexibility from tai chi because I can always use all three of them.  We will be there a week, though most likely they will say again why don’t we stay longer?

I know it has been several months since I last did a blog post – lots of ups and downs that no one really wants to read.  I will say, part of my down has been closing down my radio show for lack of money.  I have missed it and in some ways I am mourning the loss of it.  I felt rather adrift this year, not sure what I want to do next.  Because of the radio show, I started writing a book, but I have lost my momentum without the show.

I did start volunteering at Burien Cares – a shelter for animals.  I go in and play with the cats – Cher says she is so glad I come.  I’ve been needing a cat fix and this way I can enjoy being with them without vet visits and latrine duty.  Since I have been going, it has been interesting to se who gets adopted and who is still there.  Some are very shy and scared, like Marissa.  She is a lovely cat but too scared to be friendly.  Call was adopted – amazing since she hissed and growled a lot.  She got to know me a bit and was friendly – so pleased she was adopted.  There is a black one called Hunny Bunny – loves to play but will scratch the minute you put your hand or finger within claw range.









This is Marissa









This is Mr. Meowgi – he is quite hefty, a little hard to tell.

I could easily take some of them home but Eddie has said “No Cat No Way!!!”.  When I get attached, it is hard to see them adopted, but I am happy they now have a real home.  I’m not sure I am willing to take on the responsibility at this point, so this works for me.

A little sunshine, it comes and goes and we enjoy it while it is here.  The Olympics are so gorgeous now with all the snow now.  I also enjoy the rain since we have needed it.  I see the map and it makes me so grateful to be here.

Not sure if I will do another blog post before Christmas – I will update on the mole wars as it happens.  Have a wonderful holiday!  I know I am very unPC but I wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS

One Response to “War of the Moles: The Battle Escalates”

  1. Charlotte Larson Trayer Says:

    Hi Liz! So good to see a post from you again! I’m sorry about the ongoing mole problem; hope your pest guy has a good solution for you. I remember mole battles I think up in Everett–Paul hooked a hose to the exhaust of the lawn mower (or maybe the car) and asphixiated them, I think, or drove them elsewhere, anyway!

    I’m glad to hear the Tai Chi is helping some; gradual improvement does add up after a while! Ron recently started PT, and even just a few days of the exercises at home have helped! He was able to stand at appropriate times in church today for the first time in ages.

    Have you thought about a lightweight portable walker to take on your trip? We saw one at the doctor’s office the other day, weighs only 14 lb., folds easily and the lady who had it said she can get it in and out of the car by herself. Ron has a walker, but his is so heavy, he can’t manage it any more; we are going to go over to Eastside Medical, I think, and get him one of these lighter ones. The nice thing about this one is that it has a seat (his heavy one does, too, and it’s a real life-saver–he always has a place to sit down!) and a storage bin underneath it. (Some lightweight walkers don’t have seats.)

    Nice to see that you are still enjoying the cats, and I’m sure they (and the people at the shelter as well) are enjoying having you there!

    I’m very un-politically correct, too, so Merry Christmas to both of you, and safe travels. Eventually I’ll get our letter written and cards out!

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