Tax Time Again

income-taxI love this – my tax man has it on his business card!

I have been working on  putting things together to see our tax man on Feb. 15th – now only 2 weeks away.  This morning Eddie and I cleaned out the file box for 2013 – I had things to put in the tax file and found some things were never kept.  not a good thing.  He was complaining about how and where things were filed – that’s not my dept.

I will admit I haven’t kept current with my receipts for the business, so I have been working on that the last few weeks.  I have to put them on the spreadsheet on my computer – unfortunately the Dec and Total columns didn’t print.  I might even get a start on January this year.

The past few years I have been putting together Mom’s tax stuff, not always easy but Eddie has certainly helped.  I always think I will be more organized the next year – but I’m not.  I need to make sure I have receipts for things and not just wing it on some things.

I had to make a trip to Office Depot for files, file totes and labels.  I not only put 2013 in  tub, I used another one to put the binders for business expenses from several years back.  That  has given me space in the bookshelves, no doubt it will fill up again in short order.  What we have done so far feels very good.

I have so much to clean out, not only in the office but downstairs as well as the rest of the house.  I figure one bit at a time; by clearing out the office, there will be room for new things coming into my life.

I can sit here and talk about getting my tax stuff ready, but it isn’t getting anything accomplished.  I have to get off my butt and actually do it.  Good luck to all of you out there doing the same thing!

taxes-cartoon-keefe-495x309Just remember, they simplified the Tax Code for us.

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