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Yippee Zippadee!!

January 26, 2014

Friday was full of good news.  I received a notice from DSHS that Mom’s Medicaid needed to be renewed, so they sent a form for me to fill out plus  they needed evidence of her income and assets.  I talked to Denise, the social worker who helped me the first time and we went over the form on the phone.  I needed to have Mom’s Social Security payment, the pension, her checking account statement and copies of the funeral plans.  So I put those all together and we mailed them last Saturday.

Yesterday I received another form from someone else, so I called and talked to the woman – she had just approved it Thursday and I should have notification by next week. I am so glad, I don’t fancy playing dosey doe with  DSHS if I can help it.  So Mom is set for another year.  Happy Dance!

Mom saw Dr. Myre on Thursday for a 6 month checkup and this time she noticed the lump on her breast is a bit smaller – the Tomoxifin is doing its job.  What was surprising is that Mom has lost 30 pounds in the last year or so – apparently her appetite  is declining, so feeding her cookies and chocolates is a good thing.

I think I mentioned in my last post that my visit to Mom was good, she was alert and  not only enjoyed the cookies and chocolates, she liked the reading.  I am almost finished with the D.E. Stevenson book and will start in on Candy‘s new book.  Tuesday Delores came with me and brought Mom a mandarin orange – that gave me an idea.  I will bring a bag of clementines for the house, I like them better than mandarins or satsumas.  I will also think about a pie, something everyone can have for dessert.

I found Friday a second good day for me, I was still feeling energetic – maybe not quite so much – and accomplished some more things.  Saturday I mailed all the stuff to get my new passport – it expires in March.  They say it will take 6 weeks, good thing I am not planning to go out of the country for a while.  We also cleared out the cradle for recycle on Tuesday – now I have to work on my catalogs.

We have been watching the news and the new Polar Vortex in the Midwest and East – Ellen and Candy must be getting a lot of that.  We notice the thermometer stays around the 40’s most of the time – we even have had some frost as well.  In some ways it feels like a permanent January thaw – but not much in the way of rain.  Crazy weather all over the place.

It feels so good to be slowly pulling the threads of my life back together.

Is There A gift In Cold/flu?

January 25, 2014

I started this blog with the intention of looking for the gift in  having RA – like the little girl digging through the manure, convinced there is a pony in there somewhere.  I have found some gifts since I began, what I didn’t think about was gifts in the rest of my life.  I wrote yesterday about how I have been feeling and dealing with this flu/cold stuff; later I began to realize there have been some benefits to it as well.


Me during the balderdash!

Something I have noticed lately is that when I have this kind of stuff, the RA behaves itself and doesn’t give me problems.  I have not been stiff or really uncomfortable with it – probably because so much other stuff has been miserable and uncomfortable.  I’ve come to the conclusion I have my mind on the stuff rather than RA; is that secret it to it?  To keep my mind busy with other things so I am not focusing on the RA?  I’m not quite clear on how that works and how to use it consciously to distract myself.  I notice that I am not coughing for a bit – then I am coughing a lot.  Too bad I noticed it.

Later – much later!    It’s been 5 weeks of this balderdash and yesterday I finally felt more myself.  I had energy and interest in doing things – something that has been missing for a while.  Now that I am feeling better, I can look at the whole experience with more objectivity than when I was in the middle of it.  Yers, still some cough, but so much better.

I went to see my acupuncturist for 6 visits, plus took Chinese herbs and a supplement for my immune system.  It really helped with congestion in my sinuses and slowly helped with the cough.  I also found out that when I have that “coming down with something” feeling, I need to go see her to nip it in the bud.  Too bad I didn’t know that a long time ago.

I’ve had to rest more, have lie downs or naps, especially when I wasn’t sleeping well at night.  Since I wasn’t feeling all that great, many times it wasn’t a chore to have a lie down.  As I got better, I found myself running out of energy quickly, all I wanted to do is lie down and close my eyes.  Last Friday I was feeling restless and frustrated – I wanted to do things but wasn’t quite ready yet.

I didn’t see my Mom for a couple of weeks because I didn’t feel well and I didn’t want to give the balderdash to her or anyone in the house.  I have since been to see her and she has been sleepy but enjoyed chocolate and cookies.  I read to her today, though I probably messed up my voice.  She was more awake today and she seemed to enjoy the book.  We’ve been having a lot of fog, so it is more comfortable and warm to sit in the recliner with her throw over her.  I have arranged a haircut for her next Thursday, long overdue.

What other gifts have I received because of this stuff?

I’m not sure it is a gift, more an oddball observation.  I usually think in terms of a tickle in my throat before I cough – this time it was an itch.  Is there such a thing as an itchy throat?

Something to think about another time.

happy-woman-Me feeling so much better!

Farther Down The Road To Recovery

January 19, 2014

This has been quite a long 3 weeks,  now in its 4th week.  Bothe Eddie and I are having trouble shaking this flu balderdash, kind of up and down.  I have some energy and interest in things at times, other times I just want to lie down and close my eyes.  I find I sleep better, don’t cough as much but have trouble going to sleep at night.  I can now wake up in the morning and feel ready to do things, then around lunch I am exhausted and I have a lie down or a nap.  No doubt the nap doesn’t help going to sleep at night.  However, I need to catch up on the rest I didn’t have while coughing all the time.  Thank goodness Eddie also sleeping better as well.

Now that I have covered Sick Call – aren’t you absolutely fascinated with all my aches and pains?  If it sounds like whingeing, it isn’t – just an update.

I ended up with a lovely ending to my birthday on Wednesday.  I came home from the acupuncturist to find heavy fog – it was a day of mixed weather.  I had a lovely 2 hour nap and when I got up, it was sunny and we had a lovely drive into Seattle to have dinner at Il Fornaio.  The sun was beginning to set, so there was some pretty pink in the sky – it was dark when we came home, so I don’t know how the sunset looked.  I was just please the sun returned for my birthday dinner.

I had venison, so tender and delicious; Eddie had the chicken medallions.  It was the Festa Regionale for 2 weeks and we try to come and sample the different regions through the year.  We split a dessert and they brought it with a lit candle – happily there was no chorus of Happy Birthday by the wait staff.  It was a quiet, enjoyable dinner with the two of us – it was fun and a delight.  Doesn’t take much to make me happy, especially with Eddie there.

We came home and relaxed a bit, then early bedtime.  Since I gave Eddie some of my balderdash, he has been sleeping in another room so he won’t get any more.  I am a generous person, but that kind of generosity is not to his liking – nor mine when he gives me his balderdash.

I have been taking Chinese herbs and a supplement for my immune system along with acupuncture to clear all this out; it is taking its own sweet time leaving.  Thursday I went in for infusion and found myself really tired, so I came home and went to bed.  Not quite how I had planner my day.  But Cindy says rest is very important and I am taking her at her word.

Friday I went to see Mom – she was fast asleep in a recliner with her red throw covering her.  I didn’t want to wake her because she looked so peaceful and comfortable.  The recliner is something she is willing to use to elevate her feet and Judy says it is making a difference.  She said Mom has slept well the night before, but it was a cold, raw foggy day and she wanted to be warm.  I left her chocolates and cookies in her room for later.

Yesterday we had sun all day – we just did some shopping and had something at Barnes & Noble, then came home.  I ended up having a nap and Eddie made soup from scratch.  We have been eating a lot of soup lately, we’re thinking maybe it is better to make our own than buy canned soup.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

Eddie had plans to go wash the car today – we have decided to stay put and read or whatever we want because it’s foggy and we don’t feel like going out.  Eddie is reading a book he can’t put down – he spent the afternoon reading while I slept.  We both love books like that – I read them faster than he does because I want to see how it ends.  Then I am sorry to see it end.

It may not have been an exciting week, but I am glad to feel better and to have interest in things.  So in that vein, I will put a picture in this post to lighten the mood.  I saw these and thought – Yup, that’s Cat Logic!




Today Is My Birthday

January 15, 2014

In some ways it is hard to realize today is my 67th birthday.  I don’t feel old enough for 67 – then again, I don’t feel any particular age.  It is just a number to show how long I have been on this earth for this lifetime.   I know I am smarter and more aware than I was at 20, 40 or 60 – I’ve learned a thing or two during these years.  I also know there are things I don’t know about; and I can spend the next 67 years still not knowing and be perfectly happy.  It’s always interesting to wonder what turns my life would have taken if I had had today’s knowledge  – but it would only be speculation.  Would I have looked at things and situations differently; made different choices?  I am still working on understanding and knowing that I know this life is perfect for me.


There are days when I think – I’m too old or it’s too late  to start a new life, career or create a new life work.  Time is marching on too fast for me, I haven’t found or created my purpose for being here yet.  Or am I doing it and not know I am?    Another part of me says “It’s never too late!”, I still have a good 20, maybe 30 years to create so many things.   I would much rather listen to that side than the too old/too late side.It’s because I have not found that which excites and energizes me, that I would pay someone so I could do it – that feeling and know ing this is where I belong.  I wonder if it comes to everyone that way, or are there many other ways that may not have that “I know that I know” feeling.


I can spend the day looking back and waxing philosophical, or enjoy the day because “It’s My Birthday!”.  It may be foggy, chilly and not as bright as it could be, but it is a new day and so many possibilities are waiting for me.  Yes, sun would be nice, but not a requirement.  I have been wished Happy Birthday by my sisters, a lovely card from my friend Char, plus wishes from my Breakfast Group this morning.  My lovely husband Eddie is taking me to dinner at Il Fornaio downtown tonight – our favorite place to go for lunch or dinner.  I am very thankful and grateful for my family, friends and all those who care about me.  I am blessed with so much.

Oh my Heavens!  There is a bit of sun outside my window – My day is complete!

What else I have planned for my birthday – I am going to see Cindy, my acupuncturist.  I am doing better but still have the cough.  Hoping it will be gone very shortly.  this is Eddie’s short day, he is at the archives and will be back about 1>00.  We’ll spend time together and then go out to Il Fornaio for dinner.  We’ll probably go to bed around 9 – I have given Eddie some of my stuff and he is trying to stave it off too.

To all of you who are sharing my birthday, have a wonderful day and a Happy, Happy Birthday To You!

Mom In Different Times

January 11, 2014

While I was looking in my photos for a picture of Bunny for the last blog post, I ran across some pictures from Mom’s 90th birthday.  I had the new member of my Breakfast Group do a cake for me, though he did say he wasn’t very experienced.  However, it was a delicious cake and everything worked very well.  The pictures have dates and times, so these may have come from someone at the party.



We invited the domino ladies and had the party on Monday, their day to come and play.


We had a sunny day for the party as well.


Bob and Delores Allen came from next door and my friend Charlotte joins us as well




Now you can see Delores, Charlotte in the middle and Bob at the other end of the sofa.


Luzma from next door on the other side came too.  She is such a sweetheart.


I think we just put 9 candles on the cake – one for each decade.


She was very pleased with the party and the cake.


Of course we had gifts!


Charlotte helping Mom open gifts.


Mom’s hooking friend Donna also came.


Mom was always delighted to have her friends around.


Luzma is such a generous friend to Mom.


The Lady of honor.


I think this is one of her 1918 club friends, Mabel Wild.

A good time was had by all.  I have other pictures of other occasions when Mom was herself.  I’m so glad to have the pictures and the memories from this occasions as well as just everyday life with her.

Beginning To Feel Human Again!

January 11, 2014

The past two weeks have been uncomfortable, to say the least.  I think the coughing and stuffy/runny nose have bothered me more than anything else.   I am also finding I have interest in what’s going on around me again; before now all I was noticing was what part of me was being more uncomfortable that day.  I am also very grateful and thankful for my wonderful husband because he has done everything while I have been miserable.  Unfortunately, I gave him part of my stuff, so he is uncomfortable as well.  But he soldiers on and doesn’t give the stuff much space if he can help it.

I am so tired of coughing, not sleeping very well at night.  I went to see my acupuncturist on Thursday for treatment, I have another appointment today.  Cindy has help me tame the cough a couple of times before and I decided not to wait 4 to 6 weeks before going to see her.  I may have to go Tuesday and possibly Thursday – we’ll see what develops.

Eddie and I are sleeping in different rooms because we don’t want to keep passing this stuff back and forth.  I have been sleeping somewhat propped up, seems to make things more comfortable.  Since I don’t have Eddie with me, Bunny has been sleeping with me – it almost feels like rehab again.


 I spent a lot of time cooped up in the house and finding how little energy I had.  This last week has been better, though halfway through Breakfast Club I had John take over – I could only cough when I wanted to say something.  I came straight home afterwards.

I have had two adjustments with Dr. Cheryl – she barely has a voice and is conserving it as much as possible – she lost her voice for 6 weeks once and has no interest in doing it again.  I have been feeling better with adjustments and now the acupuncture, I hope it won’t be too long before I am feeling back to “normal” – what ever normal is for me.

I noticed Wednesday when I came home from Breakfast Club, I started researching for a new client – I haven’t had any interest in anything lately.  It felt good to work on it for a bit.  Thursday I had a call from a new client and all the while I was sick, I was doing an order by 3 way email.  Thankfully the orders are in and I think they will make it on time.

Friday I went to see Mom; the last time was 2 weeks ago when Eddie came back from Toronto.  I have been concerned about giving her the stuff, I also didn’t want her to think I had abandoned her.  I brought her chocolates and cookies, the chocolates are from Ellen.  She was quite pleased with both and she was also glad to see me.

They have been having her sit in a recliner to make sure her feet are up to help with the swelling.  Judy says if she is in the wheelchair all the time, she will forget how to walk, so they switch with the walker and wheelchair so she will still be somewhat mobile.  She fights standing up for the walker, but it is important to have her walk as long as possible.

I read some more of the D.E. Stevenson book to her – Fern was also at the table and she said she enjoyed hearing me read.  As soon as we finish this book, I will start Candy’s new book  “Finding Serenity In Seasons of Stress”.  Mom enjoyed hearing Candy’s other book “The Translucent Heart” and knowing this new one is Candy’s book will make even more special.

We have been having a lot of wind and rain the past few days, couple of mornings we had heavy frost.  Otherwise it has been in the 40’s during the day and high 30’s at night.  I know so many parts of the country have been in the deep freeze and are now reaching the 40’s and 50’s – heat wave.  I remember ice storms, snow storms, humidity and heat, hurricane warnings, thunder and lightning storms – I am glad I experienced it but very happy to live here where it is fairly mild.  Good things I enjoy rain!

As my attention span and energy come back, I will be writing again – boy, do I miss it!


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