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Encouraging Words

July 17, 2011

It has been an interesting two weeks, especially this last one. My astrology friend said there have been three eclipses in the space of a month, two solar and one lunar. This is very unusual and seems to have stirred things up – plus Friday was the full moon. Another friend said things should ease a little now – not a lot but some. And Mercury is going into retrograde in a couple of weeks – now is a good time to create and put things in motion. Since my knowledge of astrology, the stars and all things celestial is very sketchy, I am not really sure what all this means. I just know it has not been my favorite week.

I was glad to see my massage therapist back, I really needed some help.  I am feeling better and also feeling more comfortable and at ease with her so I can release and let go the stuffed feelings I have all packed up in my back and shoulders.  Debye is so loving and compassionate, non-judgemental – she keeps telling me she sees who I really am and I am beautiful.  Oh does that help!  I am very hard on myself and what I have learned is that I set the standard for myself so much higher than for anyone else – I realized I expect myself to be perfect, then beat myself up because I didn’t meet the standard.  I have heard that from several people and it is not only hard to hear, but hard to recognize to change it.  I am more than good enough and I am working on giving myself a break and loving myself exactly the way I am.  The good news is I feel it slowly happening.  I am also standing up for myself, beginning to take back my power.  How amazing is that!

However, the bright spots in my morning are the message from the Universe and my love letter from Easy World. I came across both of these and have found them very uplifting and even makes me chuckle at times.

I found the  notes from the Universe site through another website.  It’s called TUT and I signed up for it.  Now every morning I have a note that entertains and uplifts me no matter how I am feeling.  A couple of examples:

Through the prism of time and space, Lee, the scary stuff always looks scarier than it really is.

But this is offset by the fact that the great stuff is always greater… is frequently on sale, comes in more flavors, and goes with pretty much everything.

Please pass the Grey Poupon,
The Universe

Things are always better than you think, Lee.

WOW! Just checked in on your new very successful business, Lee! Love all the “bells and whistles” you dreamed up! Smokin’ hot!

Apparently, however, there’s some confusion over where the bouncy seat is supposed to go. So I just told them to put it in your world headquarters executive office, in front of the aquarium… beside the hammock… behind the popcorn maker.


You’re so cute,

The Universe

Your neighbors are going to flip, Lee, but then they probably expect this from you.

I found Julia Rogers Hamrick  through my sister Candy and  loved her Easy World.  I got on her mailing list and later she started sending Love Letters from Spirit – so many times it was exactly what I needed to hear right at that moment.  To give you an example or two:

Wondering who you are and why you’re here? I have left clues for you everywhere.. Just look around! And feel around. 


Your Spirit 

P.S. You might need to clean your glasses and increase your capacity for joy.

You know that thing you haven’t been able to bring yourself to let go of? Well, frankly, you’re not going to see me or feel me very clearly if you don’t go ahead and drop it. Thankfully, we put a safeguard in place a long time back to be sure I wouldn’t have to share space with stale, yucky “stuff.” So, please, just let it go. 


Your Spirit

P.S. I am standing by…

Relax and let me handle everything. I am totally amazing as an orchestrator of well-being and joy! 


Your Spirit

P.S. This does not mean you will not need to do anything–au contraire! You will need to act on my inspiration (be paying attention), which will be easy, harmonious and joyous!   Check them out and see what you think.  If you run across any others, please let me know.

Progress – Slowly Forward

July 3, 2011

Things are going better, though I did overdo when I did the last post because it felt good to be able to work on the computer. So I paid for it and now am much more cautious about the computer. Definitely means not much has happened with my business, my journaling, and any of the projects I had been working on – definitely puts a crimp in things. However, it has also made me stop to think about my life and what I want – a time for meditation, re-evaluating and taking care of myself. I haven’t put myself first much, too much early “somebody else’s training” from childhood that said to take care of everyone else and if anything is left over, I can take care of me. A little harder at 64 but I am ready to work on it and perfect it since I know if I am filled up and overflowing, I can give the overflow to others.

My massage therapist is away for 3 weeks, so I have been wondering how I can keep from stuffing the emotions and adding to the junk already stuck in my shoulders. What I have come up with is to just breathe, especially when the stressful situations come. I just think in terms of “Breathe in love, Breathe out negativity” for however long I need to do it and by, George, it seems to work. Also to be grounded and one way is to play in a mud puddle, connecting with Mother Earth. Now it has been a long time since I played in a puddle and at first, I was deciding where I could create one and all that overthinking. I ended up digging in the corner of the small bed under the water faucet – I could turn on the tap and not have to carry water. I had trouble digging the weeds and almost gave up, but I am glad I didn’t It was a beautiful sunny 75 degree day – the first since last September. So I rolled up my pant legs and paddle in my puddle for a bit – hard to stand too long, so I need to get a chair to sit and have fun for longer.

While I was creating my puddle, my Mom asked what I was doing, so I told her and invited her to play with me. She wasn’t quite ready to that. That was fine, I am glad I asked her. When my husband came home, he asked who had been digging in the garden. he thought it was Mom because she is the gardener, but I said “No, not Mom.” So he asked who and I said it was me. Then it was why, so I told him to connect with Mother Earth. Some silence and then “Okay”. I don’t think he was quite sure about the whole thing. Well, that was all right too. Unfortunately we went back into Junuary again and it hasn’t been nice weather until this weekend. We might actually begin to have summer now – we aren’t counting on it since it has been such a weird spring. Right now most of the country is sweltering and we have finally just beginning to stop wearing winter clothes.

After writing this, I am doing fine, but there is in the back of my mind just how much longer should I write and not mess up my shoulder. I am not stressing so much that my business is at a stand still, I feel there is a transition coming and I need this time to let it emerge on its own without forcing it. If someone wants to do a promotion with imprinted items, I will definitely be available to do it.

I wish all of you the best of health and willingness to put yourself first – you deserve it!


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