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Home Sweet Home

May 31, 2015

It’s been an interesting week – I seem to have worn myself out without much effort.  I put some oil o the hardwood floor, you can see the individual sections.  I have a couple of sections to finish, but they are traffic lanes and it won’t be hard to do them.  Eddie had a Defense Symposium on Wednesday and Thursday at Joint Base Lewis McChord.  He spent the night on Wednesday, so I had the house to myself for a bit.

I called Steve to arrange to have his guys come and bring up the furniture from the basement.  There has been quite an echo in here for a while.  I was hoping they would be able to come before he came home – I wanted to surprise him.  But it would be Friday before they came.  So I didn’t say anything when he left for work on Friday – I wanted it to be an unexpected surprise.  I was even in the bedroom having a lie down  so Eddie could get the full effect.  He was very surprised and very pleased – it is now the Kaplanian household.  They mostly brought up the big pieces and I have arranged the furniture  – probably temporary until we live with it for a while to see what works.

After dinner he disappeared down stairs – looking for the last cushion for the sofa and the little pillows that go with it.  Then he found some of his CDs and a few other things.  He was like a kid in a candy store.  I had forgotten about the big jar we used for umbrellas, I was trying to remember when we bought it.

We can’t find the shelves and bracket for the secretary and I know the key is downstairs somewhere.  There aren’t brackets for the shelves in the breakfront – no doubt tucked away somewhere.  We will go through the boxes slowly and decide what to put where.  Eddie is going to have to do it for the moment, I twisted my knee Friday afternoon and have been hobbling around since. It is getting better but I don’t want to chance it on the stairs at this moment.

No doubt it would be smart to put in the pictures to show the end result.  I will admit to being a bit overzealous in taking pictures.  I think most are self-explanatory.















I needlepointed this hassock a long time ago.  The picture goes all the way around.


Dancing With The Buffer

May 29, 2015

Last Saturday afternoon, Vickie came over with her buffer to help clean the hard wood floors.  It was too expensive and the logistics didn’t work to have a professional to them, so this was the next best thing.


Eddie dancing with the buffer


Vickie took a turn around the floor


We started in this corner and worked our way around


Eddie checking out the progress


There was a lot of dirt, but the stains didn’t come out


Our dance partner


It also meant the furniture had to be moved too – the pieces aren’t as light on their legs as the buffer


Under the dining table was really dirty and a bit sticky


A little two step with the towel



Vickie is a dab hand with her buffer


Section by section we worked around the room


Without furniture, there is a lot of floor – I had no idea


After using the buffer, it needed to have the goop mopped away


Every time we did it, there were puddles like this


Vickie mops the way I do


She is such a generous and loving friend


Eddie did a two step with the towel


Mostly he was more at ground level

Now the next thing is to put some oil on it, that’s my next project

Day 4 – Practically Done

May 28, 2015

This was what I was waiting to see – the new mantel.  Everything was done except for a few bits, so Ronnie will be back to  fix them.


I am trying to understand why the photos are upright in iPhoto but when I transfer them to my blog, they are sideways.  I’ve decided to put them in as is – I have fooled around with them for the last time.




I am confused about what I have already put in the posts




I am so pleased with the mantel, it’s what I envisioned


It is soooooo worth it!



One more cattywampus.  Now it’s time to give the floor some attention


Day 3 – Living Room Update

May 27, 2015

This was an interesting day because I saw their “spray booth”.  I went to Breakfast Club in the morning, so I gave Ronnie a key since I didn’t think I would be home in time.  I did a couple of errands and then came home to see what was happening.


The spray booth was around the fireplace area.  Part of the spray was for the mantel


With all the plastic, it was a bit hard to tell what was furniture and what was the spray booth


You can see the mantel through the plastic


They took out all the shelves and painted them individually


Far end of the spray booth – by the front door


I wasn’t sure my pictures would come out – what a delight to see they did


It was a nice day outside but finding an agle that wasn’t dark was hard


Looking good


Sometimes it was a maze to find a way from the bedroom to the kitchen


There’s my mantel – needs some attention to complete it.


WOW!  How about that room!


Ronny is to come tomorrow and finish the mantel and the other bits and pieces



The hardwood floors definitely need some attention


Day 2 – Living Room Update

May 26, 2015

It’s beginning to look more like the picture in my mind.  I can’t wait to see how the mantel looks when it is painted.  This day the second coat of wall color and also the fist coat for the wood work.   I just noticed the green woodwork on this first photo – doesn’t quite go with the color scheme.


 They covered up the brick since I don’t plan to do anything with them except maybe clean them


Getting ready for the primer for the mantel


 This was just before they resumed painting the second day


 What a difference between the door and the new wall color


It’s really beginning to take shape


At the end of the day it really looked good


The floor definitely needs attention


I discovered there are rhodos along the lot line with John and Luzma – where did they come from?


Lovely to see them out the window – the blackberry vines are trying to strangle them, so Jorge has some extra work when he comes to mow the lawn


WOW!  The shelves look good and they are only primed

Tomorrow they should finish everything and I will finally see my mantel

Day 1 – After They Left

May 25, 2015

When Eddie came home, we were able to really check out how it all looked.  They had put the first coat on Monday and primed everything, so it was time for another coat.  The furniture changed locations every time I looked at what they were doing.



The green door doesn’t quite fit the color scheme


The room really was looking great with the new paint.


This was the corner they left their stuff overnight – better than the porch


It was amazing how they papered and taped the floor to prevent spills


They fixed it so we could watch tv that evening


They put the shelves back after they painted the walls – shelves are nextIMG_0115

Day 1 – Living Room Update

May 24, 2015

Monday was the day the painters were to start the living room.  I have been playing with my iPhone to figure out how to download the pictures I took – not exactly the easiest to figure ou.  However, technology will not get the best of me.  I also used Eddie’s camera as well – now that is much easier to download.  I am waiting for all the photos to download.

I went to see my chiropractor Monday morning, then made a stop at Home Depot for my doodad – I forgot it on Friday.  Then Ronny and his two guys came shortly after I came home.  I asked if a beard was mandatory to work with him – the other two guys also had beards.

The first thing they needed to do was hand wash the walls – a lot of cobwebs, dirty and also holes to fill as well as a crack or two.  I spent most of the rest of the day back in the office or the bedroom.  The difficulty with the floor plan here is that I have to go through the living room to do anything.  When I went out to the kitchen, I was amazed to see all the draped plastic on the furniture and lights, plus they had taped the floor with brown paper.







This is what I saw when I came out for lunch.  By the end of the day, they had put one coat on the walls after priming and  put the few pieces of furniture we had back where they were.  They found they could keep moving things around without much trouble.

This post has taken me a long time to finish – downloading the pictures, then trying to find them in iPhoto, getting them to download into the blog – enough to set my teeth on edge.  let’s hope the next ones will work better.

What I Have Always Wanted

May 17, 2015

So many changes lately – more echoing now because we have almost emptied the bookshelves  before the painters come tomorrow.  Still a few places to remove things to make it easier for them.  I filled 5 boxes with our books and then Eddie slid them into the bedroom for me. We want to make it easy for the painters so they don’t have to spend a lot of time moving things around.


It was rainy when Brad came so he really likes having the covered porch to put his equipment






Thursday Brad came over and built a new mantel with crown molding.  (As soon as the camera is charged, I can put in pictures of it and the shelves.)  We had discussed at the beginning of the week and then he sent a drawing of his design.  I send the measurements to him and that way he would be able to see the proportions of it.  I wanted simple and elegant, but not plain, as well as in proportion to the room.  Eddie really liked the design as well, so Brad came Thursday morning to build it.


This was the beginning when we came home.  Brad made the fluted pieces because he couldn’t find any ready made.


This is the top of the mantel


This is how it looked – did we want to extend the fluted piece up to the top or not?


A different angle of the top


Brad started working on the bottom molding which gave it an extra boost – he doesn’t like his picture taken.



With the flutes extended

It was great to have him working at the house again, he is fun and a really hard worker.  We had to go out for an appointment, so it seemed logical to go out for breakfast.  Brad came a bit before 8 and unloaded his equipment – then we had a conference to reaffirm the design.  We left and  had breakfast at Panera, do a couple of errands and then went over to meet Vickie to review our insurance.

We spent quite a while with her, mostly because we enjoy her company.  Turns out we are in good shape with our coverage – she has been keeping an eye on things about the house a long with everything else.  She is also helping me plan the Celebration of Life for Mom.  We stopped at the German deli on the way home for ham for sandwiches for lunch.

Brad had done quite a lot when we came back – it was almost finished.  He had made a fluted piece for the legs of the mantel and we had the option to have it extend to the top.  We decided we like it extending, so he nailed it in place.  I want to put a doodad in the middle, just to give it a bit of panache.  Eddie doesn’t like the idea, he prefers it plain.  I said he had the fluted extension and I will have my doodad.


I was going to buy it on Friday but forgot, so I will pick it up tomorrow.  I need to find out the best way to attach it.

The week definitely ended better than it started.  I went to see Dr. Cheryl on Monday and she helped with my neck, back and right shoulder – packing and lifting boxes over the last few days  probably didn’t help.   I found myself very droopy draggy on Tuesday – I kept waiting for the heavy rain to come.  Maybe that was why – there are times I can really tell it is about to rain.  So I didn’t accomplish a whole lot that day.  When I woke up on Wednesday, I was okay but then started to really stiffen up and I really hurt.  I went to Breakfast Club for breakfast and then met Carol for lunch.

I am so glad we had lunch that day, I really needed it.  I feel I was whingeing a lot, she just listened.  She is a good friend and has been there for me and I for her.  I was so tired and uncomfortable that I had a nap when I came home.  Eddie was going to be late, so it worked out pretty well.  I had taken some Advil when I came home, so that and the nap helped me feel better.  I was still tired, so going to bed early was no hardship.  I slept well and was much better Thursday.

There is a real echo now in the living room – guess why?




Lee 1, Technology 2

May 10, 2015

I finally was able to  make the one printer work at last.  Last Sunday afternoon I was clicking around and found a set of things to work with to help figure out what I needed to do.  Essentially, they all  had to have the cartridge problem resolved before I could use any of them.  I found a place to check the ink supply and was astounded to find it showed the color empty.  I just bought the cartridges a short while ago, so they shouldn’t be empty.  So I decided to take it to Office Depot to see if they could tell if it was full or not.  The guy was really great – he gave me a free swap and I only had to pay for the other cartridge.  They didn’t have single ones, just a double one with black and color.  So I went for it.

Then I changed the color and found it printed – except the black was barely showing up.  I aligned the cartridges, cleaned the heads and I don’t know what all to get it to work.  I printed out some things where the color worked fine.  I figured I had only won half the battle.  Friday I decided to print out some crosswords and I was so surprised and delighted to see the all black pages looked just right.  Maybe the black had to work its way through before printing properly.  A victory for me.

I didn’t make it to Apple for Pages session, so I don’t know if Ellen received her birthday card on Friday or not.  Plus there is the other printer to solve the scanning problem.  I forgot to mention the phone – no more buzz and static, but now my voice mail doesn’t work and tells people to put in the code.  I don’t have a code.  If I am home and the phone rings, I can answer it with no problem, but no one can leave a message.  I’m wondering if I need to unplug it and put it with the other phone and see if that works.  Looks as if Technology has 3 – I only have 1.

This week we moved more books out of the shelves – picture books to Providence Elderplace, some novels for the Infusion Center and the rest to Goodwill.  We need to empty the shelves for the painters.  They are coming on the 18th.  We had the man for the floors come to give us an estimate and what was possible to clean the hardwood floor.  Seems the floor Dad put in has a very thin layer and it is a little wavy – it would take only 1 sanding and even then, it wouldn’t look much different.  He said he would do it in 2 days but we would have to move out of the house for 3 days because the smell is overpowering.  We would also have to move all the furniture out – that plus the cost and the three hotel nights along with eating out was a bit off-putting.  The logistics also difficult, so we decided not to do it.

I asked Brad if he would build a new mantel for us with crown molding – that is a lot less and something I have always wanted.  I sent him a couple of designs that hit me – I don’t want it too complicated that it overpowers the room and the fireplace.  I also don’t want it so plain either.  He is doing some research to see what molding is available and what will work for the space.  Oh dear, I need to email measurements for him.  It should be ready to paint when Ron comes.

Friday was a great day, we had clear sunshine, 69 and I felt so good.  We had 78 to 80 yesterday, a little hazy. It’s a bit cloudy but due to be 73 – then guess what is coming through?

Today is not only Mother’s Day, it is our 46th wedding anniversary.  We decided not to go to dinner today, instead we went on Thursday a bit early.  It was quite lovely and not a lot of people.  We have a wonderful dinner – brought half of mine home for lunch the next day.  It was fun to have a leisurely dinner and enjoy our anniversary together.  Both of us find it hard to believe it is 46 years, it doesn’t feel that long.  It has been a while since it has been just the two of us in our own home.  When our living room is painted and our furniture is in place, it will truly be our home.

This has been a mixed up Spring so far and now Ellen is sending Spring pictures from Ocean Grove.  They have had a lot of weather this year and who knows what Ana will do as she blows up the coast.  I’m so glad she sent some cherry blossoms.


It feels as if I am experiencing Spring flowers for a second time.  Thank you so much Ellen.

I can’t think of a better way to close this post.

LEE 0, Technology 3

May 3, 2015


I have said I would not let technology defeat me.  Right now technology has the upper hand, but I am not willing to admit defeat just yet.

Today is my sister Ellen’s birthday – Happy Birthday Ellen.   I made a card on my iPhoto to send to her in time for her birthday – it will arrive on the 8th instead.  I had everything ready, but when I went to buy it and have is sent, the stupid program kept telling me I had to fix the address.  I have no idea what it needs,  just a red circle with a white minus sign.  Drove me nuts, so I decided to  use Eddie’s computer because he hasn’t upgraded to Yosemite yet.  I had no problem with his computer – I wish I had thought of it sooner, then the card would likely be delivered closer to her birthday.  Yes, it was a work around, but I am determined to understand what the fix is and how to get it working properly.

There are times when I inadvertently hit a button or do something and everything starts working.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened with the two printers.  The Photosmart printer has been interesting – I deleted it from my computer thinking I would re-install it.  That didn’t work.  I tried all kinds of things, no luck.  I ended up wondering if an update would help and by George, it is back on my computer.  I was over the moon because I really like this printer and how well it works.  I made it my default printer and it was working very well.  Then one day it didn’t – it said the printer cartridges were missing or not detected.  I have been playing with it ever since, taking the cartridges out and putting them back in, pushing them in more to make contact – I am at a loss because I just put new cartridges in.  Looks like another trip to the HP troubleshooting page.

The All-In-One printer won’t scan any more – why, I have no idea.  I don’t fax with it because it is attached to the phone line that is only local and so far I haven’t gotten it to work with our long distance phone.  It also has a bad habit of printing things 2 or 3 times or not printing for several hours.  Eddie set up a printing job last night and it finally printed it this morning.  This confuses the heck out of me.  I miss being able to scan things, especially pictures as I unearth them from Mom and Dad’s things.  However, it still prints and I can copy with it, so it is not a complete bust.

This last week has been droopy – or is it just lethargic.  I have had time to work on cleaning out and organizing – no interest or energy.  Friday was especially so – I spent the day watching old movies on TCM.  Maybe it was one of those down days that I have had – whatever it was, I did not like it.  Maybe it was just fatigue, yet I had trouble having a liedown or a nap.

We had the hardwood floor man come on Wednesday afternoon to tell us what we can do to the living room floor.  Not a lot interns of sanding because it is very thin on the top layer.  He can sand it and then put a finish on it – but it involves living somewhere else for three days and opening up the house to remove the smell.  Plus, he said it would not look much different – we have dark and light spots and it will still be that way.  I will see what kind of floor cleaner I can find for the gummy spots under the table and the water spots.

We talked about logistics as well as the added expenses and decided not to do it.  Instead I am going to see if Brad has time to come and build a crown molding mantel and surround for us.  Well, for me.  I have always wanted one and it is a lot less than doing the floors.

We need to empty the book shelves for the painters, so it is good way to recycle books and start with just our own books.  We found 2 or 3 train books that Eddie took Friday to one of his volunteers,  He was delighted with them.  I found a couple about ships, so I will email Kitty and see if they are interested.  There is no telling what we will unearth.

I have been looking at rugs for the living room – I think an 8′ x 10′ will do it.  I want it to go under the chairs and sofa to tie them all together.  Also some runners for the living room on the high traffic area and some in the hall.  This is what I found:



I wasn’t sure I had much in the way of pictures for this post.  Everything in the house is pretty much the same and I haven’t done much except for the two bottom shelves Eddie and did in anticipation of doing the floor.  He promises that when he comes back from the Museum of Flight this afternoon, we will tackle the book shelves.


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