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Ye God’s And Little Fishes!

August 25, 2017

I had no idea I haven’t  written a post since the middle of May.  To be honest, I would have whinged about things and I promised I wouldn’t do that here.  It meant I didn’t have  to write about it but life has been interesting nonetheless.  We had a record  number of days without rain here – 52.  One of the things I enjoy about Seattle is the rain in the summer when everything has that fresh, washed clean feel.  We are still waiting for a proper rain, a slight drizzle that records as .02 inches isn’t what I can rain.

One thing that we have had is hot weather in the 90’s – yes, that’s hot for us and I know the southeast was in triple digits.  To make it more uncomfortable, there were fires up in British Columbia and we were getting a lot of smoke from it – we could smell it burning.  There were days when we couldn’t see past the front yard – the mountains have only recently reappeared.  Sometimes we could barely see Vashon, sometimes a whisper of Blake.  The heat, smoke and haze were difficult for everyone, sneezing, stuffy, runny nose and I have been getting sinus headaches – the kind when it feels as of someone is sitting on my head.  My chiropractor has helped me with them, plus Advil.  It reminded me so much of living in L.A. – hot smoggy, hazy and headachy.  Up here it also felt stuffy – believe me, I am dry and parched and ready for rain.

Of course, there are those who say people in Seattle are never satisfied – too much rain, not enough rain, too much cloudy weather, etc.  What really amazed me was the evening I looked out at the sunset and saw the reddest sun I have ever seen.  I took pictures but it really didn’t register very well, so I have some from KOMO News that are something else.

This one is mine.  you wouldn’t know the sun was so red.



Some of the pictures are sunset, some are sunrise – I had no idea how beautiful it could be while being uncomfortable.  The last one looks as if it was Photoshopped, but it is real.

During the hydro races at the beginning of August on Sunday. people didn’t think the Blue Angels would fly, but they did.  I had a doc appointment at the Polyclinic one of the days they were practicing and saw one whiz by – usually they are long gone when I hear them.

I am doing my show and having a good time, unless I find sponsors, it will be over at the end of October.  I am not happy about it and finding advertisers isn’t easy because I don’t have the numbers that they want.  I have learned a lot this year and feel as if I am getting into the groove, so it is hard to think of not doing it any more.  I have two possible and now that I have the  necessary paperwork, I will go talk to them next week.

Not a big post this time, but I wanted to share some of the photos of the last few weeks since it is something different for us.  We were home for the eclipse and what I noticed is the room got dark but there was sunlight – it had an odd look to it during the eclipse. We didn’t have glasses and I knew there would be pictures on the news of it, so I don’t feel I really missed out.  If it had been a total eclipse, it would have been very dark.

I want to be more  regular with my posts again, I realize how much I miss doing it and it helps me to make sense of things at times.

Happy Birthday Ellen

May 4, 2014


I knew Ellen’s birthday was coming up, but I have been so focused on myself that I let her birthday slip by.  I planned to do couple of things and then suddenly the time has slipped away to be on her birthday.  It will be a little late this year, but it is coming.  I have the coolest sisters and so appreciate them, they have been a great support as I have been taking care of Mom and her needs.  I wish they had been able to be here to see Mom when she had periods of recognizing her daughters.  Sometimes she knows me, sometimes I am a familiar presence.  Ellen sent more maple sugar candy for Mother’s Day, Mom really enjoys them.

Ellen has a gift for choosing just the right gift for giving, I wonder how she does it.  I remember one Christmas, she gave us a pair of the coolest scissors – I have used them for quilting, sewing and all kinds of things.  They cut so smoothly and easily, they are my favorite pair.  It was unexpected and turned out to be a wonderful choice.

Ellen is my older sister, the one I played stick horses with when we lived in Southern California.  She is 4 years older than I am but that didn’t seem to be a big gap when I was up to age 7.  First it was just a square stick with rope tied at the end for reins, then later Dad made heads for the sticks.  I called mine Scout – probably after Tonto’s Scout.  I can’t remember what Ellen named hers.  We loved them and had a wonderful time playing with them.  When we were moving up to Seattle, for some reason Dad wouldn’t let us take them.  We never quite figured out why – they weren’t all that big.  We both were upset and decided to put them behind the garage when we left.  I wonder if anyone ever found them.

She did have friends on our block more her age, but I also remember we spent a lot time together.  I am sure she remembers Betsy, hot dogs and cheese.  I remember my Dad bought Betsy – don’t ask me what year or model car she was – and he took us out for a drive.  We all sat in the front seat and we realized there were a couple of floorboards missing.  I think we went through a puddle and got splashed, but I am not sure.

I have a vague memory of a show we put on with the some of the neighborhood kids, but that’s about all.  Maybe she remembers better than I do.  There was a game called “Kick the Can” the kids played.  There was a coffee can filled with water flowers and who knows what other debris;  we went around in a circle with our eyes closed and whoever kicked the can over had to do something.  Usually it was run up to someone’s door, ring the bell and run away.  I remember only playing a couple of times.

When moved up here to Seattle, suddenly Ellen seemed so much older.  We went to Madrona grade school about 2 months before the year ended – I was in 2nd grade and she was in 5th grade.   I had gone to school a year early, so I was 3 grades behind her rather than 4..  We went to Madrona another year and then moved to this house.  Ellen started junior high (7th grade) and I went into 4th grade – 2 different schools and the age difference really seemed wide.

Ellen has always been a wonderful artist and I watched her do her homework for the Famous Artist Course.  It was a 3 year home study course, I admired her talent and ability.  She is an amazing artist and has been taking photos in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, for several years.  She has also done some paintings from those photos.

She was married and then I left for Australia to be married, so we didn’t see each other for a long time.  I would come and visit here, either by myself or with Eddie and she would come to see us.  It’s funny (peculiar) how the gap seems to widen between us until the last few years.  There is something about getting older that narrows the gap so I feel there isn’t such a gap.  All three sisters have had very different lives, but now my sisters seem so much closer even though we live far away from each other.

I did vist Ellen in Ocean Grove about 9 or 10 years ago – I went to visit my head office for my promotional marketing business and since they are in New Jersey, I just took the Garden State Parkway down to Ocean Grove to spend a few days with Ellen.  I’m so glad I did; I would like to do it again and also visit Candy in Nashville.

Happy Belated

Birthday Ellen!

Playing With Photos

April 24, 2014

I am a little slow when it comes to some technology – especially when I don’t know something can be done.  I found I have a camera on my iPad (I know there are a lot of you thinking “Well, Duh!”) and by accident found out how to do it.  So I was out in the garden the other day when we had a bit of sunshine before the next rain showers and I tried out my iPad.  It took some finagling because I kept having the screen blocked – I found I had my finder over the  lens.  Plus I have a case it sits in and the cover was a bit of a problem because I have to  make sure it doesn’t block the lens.


So there I was, one hand keeping the cover out of the way, holding the iPad with the other and trying to take  pictures.  It was hard to find a finger to push the shutter button and also not end up have it take three or four pictures in a row.  Next thing I know, I am ready to take a selfie – now how did that happen and how do I go back to pictures of the garden.  I finally figured that one out, then found I was doing square pictures – it’s been an experience and an education.   Would you like to see what I took with my iPad?  All I have to do is figure out how to down load them.

I just connected my iPad to my computer and guess what!  The pictures on are on my computer.  Will wonders never cease!



The Scillas in the porch flower bed are more profuse and thick than this photo

The blueberries are blossoming so I am hoping for a good crop.


The Scillas by the garage are doing very well.


They also are blooming by the corner of the garage and where the cherry trees were.


We don’t really have pear blossoms left after the wind and rain.  We’ll wait to see if we have pears this year.


The apple tree had fared fairly well, all depends on how much the fruit set before the rain.


Even so, the apple blossoms are still lovely.


Delores bought a couple of tulips at the tulip fields up north last year – they are beautiful.


It was a sunny bit after the rain and before the next bout of rain.

As you can see, I did better than I expected, even managed to somehow turn it back to rectangular pictures.  I also took photos with my camera, I’ll show you if there is a difference in the next post.



December 10, 2013

Before anyone puts their knickers in a twist, I know there are parts of the country and around the world who are having worse and colder weather than Seattle.  The point is, I live in Seattle and it is my tush that is getting cold.  I’m sure 18 degrees at night and high 20’s during the day is a heat wave to some – for me is it bloody cold.  It is dry cold, so my nose is not only stuffy, it is dry and I can’t seem to blow my nose to clear it.

The bonus of this cold is that the sun is shining and it is beautifully clear – also why it is so cold.  We have had some gorgeous sunsets and I would love to put some of them here – it was too cold at that time of day and freeze my butt for pictures.  Yes, call me a wimp, but I prefer being warm and comfortable.  However, I do have some sunsets from other times I will post.



It has been this cold since last Monday.  I will admit the mountains were gorgeous Monday morning, so clear and topped with more snow.  I’ve noticed I’ve been up early enough to see the sunrise on them, they look pink,  like strawberry ice cream.  Plus the sky has been just a lovely, though not quite as vivid as sunset.

Maybe if the wind wasn’t so cold, it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.  When I am in the sun, it is more comfortable, but not with the wind.  There is something about winter sun that relaxes me and I go to sleep, especially riding in the car.  We have opened the shades during the day to let the sun in to warm the living room.  Once it goes down, so do the shades.  They really help keep the house warm.

However, I have spent the week going out and keeping as warm as possible.  I must admit, I was really tired and draggy on Monday after Thanksgiving – why is a mystery.  We had a quiet meal with a boneless turkey ball.  Plus eating it for several meals.  I came back from my adjustment with Dr. Cheryl and had a nap – felt a lot better after that.

Tuesday John came to do the trimming and pruning in the yard – boy was it cold for them.  I went to see Mom in the morning and had a good visit.  Well, visit isn’t quite how I would term it. I read more of the D. E. Stevenson book to her.  She was glad to see me and enjoyed the cookies I brought.

I came back for lunch then had a last-minute appointment with the dentist – I have had a sore on my tongue for two weeks and it has been so hard to eat and painful all the time.  Usually they are gone in a few days but this one kept hanging on and not getting better.  He took a picture of it and saw something there, he thinks I may have bitten it  in the night.  He suggested not wearing my night guard for a few days.  By George, it was a lot better in 2 or 3 days.

Would you believe the inside of my cheek is bothering me now?  I haven’t worn my night guard since I saw him – now when the assistant calls I can tell her the tongue is doing much better but now it is my cheek.

John and his crew were gone by the time I got back – yet I had passed his truck on the curve by the Shorewood sign.  We found out later he had run out of diesel and he had to have someone come and start it for him.  Actually, he said that 1/4 tank on a hill is like having no fuel whatsoever.  An expensive lesson for him.  Took him 3 hours before he could leave.

Wednesday was  Kent Breakfast Club, and I left right after because Patti was coming to give me the sample I asked about.  I was supposed to call when I came home from Mom, but I forgot and had to see the dentist.  I had a few minutes before she came, so I put some of the slices in the stream pattern in the small bed.  Eddie had not been happy to see the pile of slices on the porch – when I told him what I planned to do with them, he said he hadn’t planned on spreading slices.  I asked him what made him think he had to do it.

When he came home, he helped with the other two beds and it was done very quickly.  I think he likes the idea now.  It was cold doing it in the morning, but by afternoon is was a little better.  I also want to put a rock piece there too – like this:

6All I have to do is find fairly large rocks, glue them together and I am set.

Or maybe something a little more exotic:



It would add a little interest if I did one of the last two.

Last night the weather man talked about possible snow – you guessed it, nothing happened overnight.  They get all excited and talk as if it is a foregone conclusion; I have learned to take it with a pound of salt.  I can remember a time when the weatherman said it would snow but not much – it dumped on us about 2 feet.

it’s still cold, but supposed to warm up in the 40’s and rain.  We had frost the first part of the week but then it was so cold and dry there was not frost anywhere.  My hair either sticks flat to my head or flies around all over the place.  Warmer temperatures and rain sound very good to me right now.

Crazy Weather The Last Couple of Days

November 3, 2013

One thing about Seattle weather, it is never dull.  My Dad used to say “If you don’t like what it is doing right now, wait a bit and it will change”.  Friday I went up to Future of Flight with Eddie – getting up at 4:15 and leaving a little after 5 makes a loooong day.  I was going to a birthday lunch with Charlotte, Joyce, Lois and Joanie – it’s been ages since all of us were together for a birthday.

We were meeting at noon, so I had some time to myself.  Turns out Eddie is looking for someone to paint some sign and do posters – I thought of Christi who lives near the Future of Flight.  She came about 10 and we had time to visit, then she and Eddie talked about what he needs and I read my book while they were gone.  Then Christi had to leave and I headed up to Marysville.  We’ll see how it works out.

The forecast was for rain later in the afternoon – Eddie was hoping it would wait until we got home before it started.  It was a bit windy and cloudy, some sun peeks at times but no rain.  Then in the evening we could hear the wind pick up and some rain, it was really blowing outside.  When we got up Saturday, it was really windy – I saw the little table on the porch go rolling towards the edge of the hill.  We found the chairs had slid towards the back door – Eddie put them in the little house.  The garden cart had slid off the porch, so he put it on the other side of the BBQ.

It blew all the time we were out, we decided to go a couple of places and then hibernate at home.  The wind shook the car a lot as we were driving and I noticed on the way back on the Viaduct how much the waves were hitting the docks on the waterfront.  It was a grey Sound with large whitecaps no matter where we looked.

We heard on the news that some places had lost power, thank goodness we didn’t.  The two floating bridges had waves, 520 was closed.


This gives you an idea of what happens on the 520 bridge with really high winds.  It is closed more often than 90.


This is what people saw if they tried to cross the bridge.  As you see, they have turned into a toll bridge and traffic was down a lot when that happened.  I think the traffic has increased again.  Don’t get me started on the replacement bridge.


The I-90 bridge gets its share of waves.  On one of my Ike Pono weekends, it was doing this when I went over to Bellevue in the morning – a little tense.

The other one that I used to cross was the Tacoma Narrows Bridge when I was doing the medical supplement study.  I remember one particular day it was quite windy and I could really feel it hitting the car, I was very glad to cows over to the other side.

1TNBThey have put a second span for it – now there is one span for each direction.

This also is closed down when the winds hit a certain strength.  They have been known to close it when the snow and ice get to be too much.  It is quite a view as I crossed the bridge, much more fun when it is a calm, sunny day.

I ran across a picture of one of the ferries as it was going from Mukilteo to Clinton on Whidbey Island.  Looks like a wild ride.


ferry1Thanks to Tahoma Beadworks for the photos.

Today it is very calm, I think the sun is going to do more than just peek out once in a while.  There is no telling what will happen next.

New Experiences This Week

June 23, 2013

Ellen sent a lovely beach rose photo the other day:


I have spent so much time catching up with pictures and my kitchen remodel blog that I have not had time or energy for this one.  Working on the remodel takes more time, downloading the pictures, rotating and that need it, a little adjusting, etc.  Then it takes quite a while to upload to my media library; then it goes more quickly.  I usually have a comment on each picture – that takes the least amount of time.  I admit it has been an interesting adventure the past 3 weeks – especially now that it is definitely looking more like a real kitchen than that just my imaginings.  I am so delighted with how well it has turned out so far, Mary Ellen was such a big help in choosing colors, flooring and counter tops.  Plus I have  received compliments on the blog – I started it to show my two sisters what was happening to house we grew up in.  They have been very supportive and really like what we are doing.

Also, this week has been busy as I was putting together quotes for the new client.  He wants denim shirts, polos and tees; I put together each category in separate quotes.  Then I had my group price them for me and Friday morning they came back; then I put them in each quote and sent them off.  The proof for the lapel pin has been approved to put them into production.  He is very pleased with how well I have been doing things for him – a lovely compliment I am very pleased to hear.  Especially as  I have been having trouble delivering an item another client wants – my group has not worked with any of the suppliers and that makes them nervous.  I proposed I would pay for it and to order the one the client likes.  I haven’t heard anything yet, though that was on Friday and I can’t remember when I sent the email.

Friday was an important day for my Mom – we went to the oncologist to find out the options for her breast cancer and treatments.  She doesn’t really know what is going on and I am not sure she would understand, so I haven’t said much to her about it.  I have explained what we are doing but I think it is confusing for her.  I am amazed at how calm I have been about the whole thing because I am usually a worrywart about things.  The part I have been somewhat apprehensive about is how she would deal with the whole experience.  Many times she has asked why are we doing this but so far has been fairly calm and cooperative.

I went over to the house by 1 pm when the van was due.  I had brought my bag again with kleenex, cookies and chocolate plus my book.  The van didn’t arrive until about 1:45 – our appointment was for 2.  By the time he secured Mom’s wheelchair and I finally got in, we were off.  The van is a high one and I couldn’t quite bend my left knee enough to  use the bar to pull myself up.  Ricky must be used to it because he held my right leg and lifted me up and there I was!  Traffic was somewhat heavy, so by the time we arrived, it was waaaay after 2.  The traffic was somewhat heavy but we moved most of the time.  I was surprised we were at the Polyclinic – that is where my rheumatologist is and Infusion Therapy .  We had gone to swedish 1st Hill for the other two appointments.  I was able to slide down to the curb, much easier coming out than going in.  The office is on the 5th floor, not too far from Infusion Therapy, so I felt on more familiar ground.

The doctor is a young Chinese man, though I have to say he looks like a high school kid.  He is not that tall and has no wrinkles in his fave, but after a bit I realized he had some grey in his hair, so he can’t be that young.  He was very nice and had all the records, so that helped a lot.  He examined Mom and asked questions and had some good news for us.   He is not one for invasive or heroic measures.  He said the stains show it has to do with estrogen – good news – and intermediate aggressive.  He recommends Tomoxifin (I think that is right), a once a day pill.  It keeps the estrogen from turning on the growth message to a cell, so the cell dies.  He thinks it may even shrink the 1 1/3″ cancer – too big to  just scoop out and having surgery to remove it would be very hard on Mom.  He feels this is a good option for Mom.  He has spoken with Dr. Myre and she will arrange for the prescription.

We were finished about 3:30, so I called Tri-Med to pick us up – it was close to 5 before they arrived.   Darryl was very friendly and helped both of us into the van.  Mom sat in front because she couldn’t bend he right knee to have all legs in.   It took some doing for me to get in the back seat – I couldn’t get my right leg to bend enough to be tucked in.  Finally I found a way to do it and had to side sideways and out my feet in the middle of the van; then would be the how do I get myself out.  Even though it was 5, the traffic wasn’t very heavy going south – usually on a Friday everything is so backed up.  I called Eddie to let him know where I was and what was happening, then I would call when I was ready to leave Mom’s house.  That meant I would have to figure out how to get out of the van.  Finally I realized I could put my left foot on the floor and stand a bit until I had my right foot out enough to  leave the van.  however, it wasn’t easy to get to the ground because I needed enough leg length to reach the ground.  I felt myself falling backward but found Daryl was behind me to keep me from falling.  Those Tri-med guys are so great.

By the time I was ready to leave for home, it was almost 6.  I told Didi what the doc said and that Dr. Myre would be sending the pills.  She has received the anti-psychotic pills and has been taking them for  a few days.  Mom was really tired when she came back, but they decided to give her dinner first and  I suspect she went to bed early.  They had given her a small can of apple juice at the doctor’s office but was able to drink it until we were finished.  I asked if she would like a cookie and she was definitely open to that.  I brought three and it probably held her until dinner.   Never did get to the chocolate, I’ll save it for another day.

I came home and Brad was gone and Eddie was taking me out to dinner.  I didn’t feel so tired and worn out this time, that helped a lot.  We had a quiet dinner at California Pizza because going into Seattle wasn’t appealing at that point.  I had a chance to take pictures for my blog afterwards and just stand and admire the kitchen.

That was my week.  I loved Ellen’s beach roses but it was hard because she also sent a gorgeous clematis.  So I’m putting in both photos.  Thank You so much Ellen, you have such lovely pictures.  Next time it will be Candy and a set of really wonderful photos.  Won’t tell about it, so wait and see.


A Little Shameless Self Promotion!

February 10, 2013

I have a blog post I am working on but have come to a standstill at the moment.  However, I have started a new blog called Catless In Seattle.  I came about by accident, I was commenting on another blog about cats and Russell asked if I had any cats.  I said no, I am catless in Seattle – he thought it was a great blog title.  I found myself creating a new blog and buying the domain name before anyone else did.   I only have a couple of posts plus I reblogged 2 posts from Russell – he has Caturday every Saturday and it is hilarious.

The blog is in its early stages and I am not sure how it will develop, it is fun and these days I am all about fun.  I am open to suggestions, critique and ideas.

Oh Goody, Rain and Dark

January 30, 2013


This is Wednesday, the day I go to my networking breakfast group.  We meet at 7:30 for breakfast and have a 30 second commercial, then a 5 minute speaker and a 15 minute speaker.  I am scheduled for a 15 minute in 3 weeks, then Carol asked if I would do it next week because Dick won’t be there – now why would he want to miss breakfast just to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary with his wife?

Eddie woke me up at 5:15, just before he left to volunteer at the Boeing Archives.  By the time I was ready to go, it was 0 dark thirty and not only dark, but raining too.  Not my favorite combination. Fortunately it wasn’t a hard rain, plus I noticed in the light of my little LED flashlight I could see the rain – like little lighted pins or thin rods that have rainbow colors.  I would like to stand still and study it, but I had to go – plus I would have gotten wet.  So I left for breakfast and was glad it wasn’t a torrential rain in the dark – been there, done that, don’t like it.

I remember a day in the 80’s when I was doing speeches for the Connecticut Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation.  It was a school and I wasn’t sure what to say to the kids, so I decided to think of it from their experiences.  It was during daylight and I had not been there before, so I was trying to find my way in the downpour where I could hardly see through the windshield.  The wipers weren’t doing a whole lot for me, but it would have been worse if I didn’t have them going.

I will say that all of us are so glad the fog is gone, there isn’t that feeling of the ceiling slowly coming down on me, almost squishing me as it comes close to the ground.  The air had gotten very stagnant, so there was a burn ban – now we can have a fire and the air is a lot cleaner.  We have even seen some sun, sometimes bits of it here and there, some times a whole morning or afternoon.

When I was out last Friday the sun went in and out of the clouds, one of those times when the clouds were snowy white to dark and all the values in between.  It was amazing, I wish I could have used my camera, but I needed to keep my eye on the road.  If we have sun and clouds, I rather have the puffy ones where the sun goes in and out than have it look hazy.

Day 1 - A cloudy pic across the puget sound

It is always amazing to see the rain come across Puget Sound from the West, over the olympic Mountains to us – then goes into the mountains and becomes snow and really bad weather as it makes it way east.  Sometimes we see big black clouds, sometimes they are grey and some have that “I’m going to dump on you” look.  Other times it looks like fog coming across the water, until the rain drops hit our big west-facing windows.  If the wind is strong, it will make those big windows rattle.

It’s been more of a toolie rain today that hard or downpour – but you will get wet is you stay out in it.  When they say there is a 60% chance of rain, I usually say you will only get 60% wet.  That’s the thing about Seattle, we have all kinds of rain – from spit to mist to drizzle to real rain to hard rain to downpour.  Some days it doesn’t do anything, just is cloudy and sulks. It’s not true it takes 6 months to acquire web feet here, it only takes 2 or 3.  Actually, I tell people it rains all day every day here so they won’t come here to live.  I remember saying that all the time I lived away from here.

I lived away from here for 34 years and I so missed the rain and the green.  I missed a large body of salt water and proper mountains, Northern Virginia had 3 mountain ranges but they were bumps on the landscape next to the Olympics.  It was hard to be in For Wayne and Atlanta where there weren’t any mountains and in Atlanta Lake Lanier was just a squiggly man-made lake – no body of salt water.  Felt a little landlocked in some places.  Really made me appreciate the Pacific Northwest and Washington (the real one).

I will take rain drops over the flakes and the icy stuff any day.

Is It Pain?

January 27, 2013

Interesting day Friday.  I went up with my other half at o dark 30 because my friend Char was having a birthday lunch in Edmonds and it seemed silly to take two cars up the same direction.   I stayed at the Future of Flight until about 9:30 – I found my little terrace upstairs by the entrance to the Stratodeck – almost said hollow deck.  It is warm and plenty of light plus fairly quiet.  I read my book because my hands, wrist and shoulders have been very uncomfortable because I have spent a lot of time on the computer working on my blogs.  I have and now I made a new one called – one is about finding the gift in Rheumatoid Arthritis and the other is about cats.  I planned to write about my two cats Muffet and Tiger, about my Mom’s cat Josephine and also about a friend’s cat Subaru.



It was probably a good day to up north so I wouldn’t be writing on my blog or using the computer very much.  I went to three stores and walked quite a bit – oh were my knees, ankles and feet sore and uncomfortable.  I was glad to sit in the car for a while.  I was really stiff when I got to the restaurant, but I had a different thought about it.  I had been listening to Dr. Pat and she had some people on who are doing a 5 day workshop – running the bars and then other things for the other 4 days.  I would love to go, unfortunately it is a bit spendy .

One of the people talking was Ricky Williams, a well-known football player who talked about when he was playing.  He would be in pain in practice as well as playing, so he was taking pain killers a lot of the time.  What he finally realized was that he labeled it pain, locking in the idea that it is pain.  It was the idea that “I have pain, what can I do to get rid of it” thinking.    Then he changed is thinking to “What is my body telling me it needs?”.  Pain is your unwillingness to listen to your body.  Words are powerful and thinking in terms of intensity of change which you asked it to do, your body is stretching, changing and elongating to  create what you asked it to do.

So I thought about that as I was driving to Edmonds to meet Char and Joyce.  I had to concentrate because I have spent the last 42 years thinking “Pain, how do I get rid of it” and certainly feeling a victim and many cases of oh-poor-me-osis.  Now I realize I have implanted in my mind.  Takes some getting used to, so now I realize I have not been listening to my body at all.  I will admit I was very uncomfortable all day and evening, sometimes a new way of thinking takes some time.

I had gone up with Eddie and I was glad he was driving, I think I slept most of the way home.

I had a lovely time with Char and Joyce – though I still let Char know she is a year older than I am.  Actually, for 13 days we are same age.  That’s only because I went to school a year earlier that every one else when we moved to Seattle.  Mom and Dad say that I made so much fuss when I saw Ellen go on the bus to school to see where she went, they finally allowed me to go to.  Everyone in my graduating class was a year older.  But I would have missed out in knowing Char in 9th grade.  Who knows how my life would have gone if I had been in school with people my own age.

Yesterday I was amazed at how well I felt – not much discomfort, though walking through a couple of stores did make my legs hurt a bit.  I will admit to taking an extra prednisone when we had dinner, plus some Advil before bed.  I had wondered how I would be today because usually the second day is the worst.  A little stiff but otherwise doing rather well.

Since I didn’t visit Mom on Friday afternoon, I went yesterday while Eddie was doing the laundry.  She was doing pretty well, she said Elizabeth called earlier.  When I was talking to Judy, she said she calls everyone Elizabeth.  Interesting because that is my legal name.  Yet on Tuesday she wanted to introduce me to Judy and said I was her cousin Betty.  I have finally realized correcting her just agitates her and it really doesn’t matter.  So for a bit I was Betty.


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