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Not One of My Better Weeks

April 9, 2017

It has been a challenging time lately.  I have been coughing like crazy – sometimes so hard it feels as if I have rows and rows of burning needles in my chest.  I also lost my voice – not that it kept me from talking.  I had to ask Benny to rebroadcast a show for me – no voice and 28 minutes of coughing is not my idea of entertaining radio.   Because I have been having such a bad time, I saw Doc Pierce Tuesday morning.  He gave me antibiotic for 7 days, plus I had forgotten he had given me something for the cough a while ago.  Last night was the first night’s sleep I have had in a long time.  I didn’t cough much, but it took me a bit to go to sleep.

Eddie has a cough, not like mine, but he has stuffy, runny nose with sneezing – he thinks it’s allergy.  I’m wondering if my is sinus because I get what feels like a sinus headache at times.  Both of us would love to be finished with all of it.  I wonder if we are getting more sensitive to things inside and outside.

After I went to the doc Tuesday morning, I went to see the eye doc in the afternoon.  Not my favorite to have all this in one day.  However, I am doing well and the macular degeneration is not any worse.  I seem to have spent the day taking cat naps because I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.  I went to Breakfast club the next morning, came straight home to bed and slept and cough until about noon.  This stuff is for the birds.  I did feel better in the afternoon; I’d rather sleep at night.

Brad has been here for a week or so doing the bathroom remodel downstairs.  He did demolition to prepare it for the repiping on Thursday.  They turned the water off so Greg the plumber could replace as much pipe as possible.  That meant Eddie and I needed to find things to do somewhere else.  We went to Panera for breakfast, picked up the laundry and wandered around the new Ikea.  I was amazed at how much I walked before needing a sit-down.  It’s huge, with floors, but the food available to buy is very sparse from what it was.  Their restaurant is much bigger – we didn’t check the menu.  We took stuff home and then went down the hill.  We spent quite a while wandering around in Barnes & Noble, then grocery shopped and finally decided to come home around 3:30 or 4.

The water was still off and it was close to 6 when Greg was done.  There is a lot of sediment and grit from the peeling pipes, plus the pipes coming in from the street need to be replaced.  I was glad to have the water back.  Greg said to call him the next day of there were any problems – he was working Burien that day.  In the night, I heard water running – the toilet was completely closing.  So there was drip, drip, drip along with a spraying sound.  I looked in the tank and found a new kind of set up.  No ball, though the handle still has a change to flush and the left has the regulating to open and close the valve.  However, where the ball used to be is a canister type device – love to know how it works.   I called Greg the next day to let him know – he came out and found there was sediment in the works.  So he flushed it out and thought he fixed it, but then on his next test, it started running.  More sediment; I am glad to say, so far it is working perfectly.

Friday was quite a day rain with really high winds. some places lost power, trees fell on houses and cars.  I’m so glad Mom and Dad opted to do underground wiring a long time ago.  So far we have not lost power.  I suspect when all that weather goes over the mountains and east, it will intensify.  Everyone has been having wild weather.  It was up to 60 on Thursday, now it is in the 40’s.  I keep thinking Spring weather will finally emerge.  Meanwhile, the flowers,  trees and bushes are blooming like crazy.  We may not have the weather, but we have lovely blooms and beautiful colors.  I miss the mountains, they have all been shrouded in clouds most of the time.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the 737 at the Museum of Flight.  It is not Eddie’s week to go, but he wanted to check it out.  I don’t think it is raining, which I’m sure the organizers are pleased.

As soon as I download pictures of the bathroom remodel, I will give you a link.

Medical Update And Decision

May 22, 2016

I’ve been more conscious of writing posts about things other than myself and my health the past 2 or 3 times – not always of interest to people.  There is the feeling of finally coming to end of all the stuff I have been doing and going through since the car accident last summer.

Thursday I had the MOHS surgery for my temple – he took out a larger section than I expected – once again, I had put it off much too long.  Not thrilled with the needles, though the temple isn’t quite as tender and sensitive as the nose.  My appointment was for 9:45 in the morning, but it took longer because the sample was bigger than usual.  Also, he had to go back for a couple of spots that he didn’t quite get all if it.  By the time I was able to leave, it was 3.  Needless to say, Eddie was getting very impatient with the wait.  I don’t know if it helped or hindered when I told him this is how I spend a lot of my life.

I was exhausted by the time we were finished and was ready for bed.  By the time we went to bed at 9, I was too tired to sleep, so I didn’t do so well that night.  Friday morning the skin graft was at 9:45.  The doc had said he would take it from my neck; after he had the report and pictures, he decided to take it from my thigh.  I went under and didn’t know anything until I work up – my thigh and temple were fine – the pain stuff had me comfortable.  I was going to take a nap when I came home, but Percocet kept me awake and most of the night as well.  I am off Percocet now because it doesn’t help all that well and since he arranged the bandage on my temple (looks like a small ice bag sewn on)  so I can wear my glasses.  I am taking it very easy this weekend and week – I have an appointment with my rheumatologist on Wednesday morning, wound care Thursday and appointment with the plastic surgeon Friday morning and I can drive – as long as I am not on Percocet.

I think I wrote about my second opinion for the reverse shoulder replacement and she was the first one to really explain what was going on in detail.  I saw the original surgeon on Friday the 13th and when I discussed my concerns, I felt he minimized and dismissed my concerns – he thought the risks very low.  I told him they are worrisome to me and although he is gung ho to do surgery, I am not.  The higher risk factors are worrisome to me; I have to have a positive feeling about it and since I don’t, I am not doing the surgery.  He also told me my bone hasn’t quite healed – something the second opinion doctor told as well.  He wants to see me in 6 months – not sure why, but I don’t expect my decision to change.

Monday I went to talk to Rb about the case and what I had decided.  They will put together all the information and  submit a demand to the other insurance company – we’ll see what happens.  Fortunately for them, not doing the surgery is less costly, though I do have a disability by not doing it.  That’s why they deal with it and not me.

The week before at Breakfast Club, I was due for a 15 minute presentation two weeks from then – Bryan wasn’t available so I changed to last week.  Probably not the best idea because I planned to put together survival kits for the group.  Since I don’t know who will be there, I had to have one for everyone – a lot more work.  I had done it about 3 or 4 years ago and the cast of characters has changed a lot in that time.   I really needed 2 weeks to do it because I had to make changes and be sure things were set right.

However, by working on it all the time for a week, I was able to have them done by Tuesday night, I wanted to be able to go to sleep knowing I was ready for Wednesday morning.  As I was handing them out, I noticed I hadn’t quite done a few right, upside down or reversed clip art, wrong words, etc.  Don’t know how much anyone noticed.

I put backgrounds on the labels this time, last time they were just white.  I took a 4″ x 6″ zip bag and put the things on the list inside – then folded over the label and stapled it to the back.  I put each one in a organza bag to finish them.  Below is one of the labels.

I bought some glossy photo paper to print the labels, but I couldn’t get it to print.  So I had to use regular copy paper – didn’t come out as nice looking as I wanted.  However, not sure if I am the only one who knew.  Anyway, it was fun and a bit of a laugh – shows them my creative side for promotions.  Eddie said he really admired my tenacity – I’ll take that part of the compliment.  I realize I am a perfectionist in some things, I had to decide good enough would suffice.

I also helped Brad (our contractor for the bath and kitchen remodels) land another remodel job.  He asked if I would give a reference and I said “Absolutely!”.  I think I helped me a bit ago for a remodel as well.  The couple emailed me (they live in Burien) and had questions, so I answered them about how much I like working with Brad and what a great job he does.  I also offered for them to come over and see his work.  That feels so good to help Brad.

Lee 1, Technology 2

May 10, 2015

I finally was able to  make the one printer work at last.  Last Sunday afternoon I was clicking around and found a set of things to work with to help figure out what I needed to do.  Essentially, they all  had to have the cartridge problem resolved before I could use any of them.  I found a place to check the ink supply and was astounded to find it showed the color empty.  I just bought the cartridges a short while ago, so they shouldn’t be empty.  So I decided to take it to Office Depot to see if they could tell if it was full or not.  The guy was really great – he gave me a free swap and I only had to pay for the other cartridge.  They didn’t have single ones, just a double one with black and color.  So I went for it.

Then I changed the color and found it printed – except the black was barely showing up.  I aligned the cartridges, cleaned the heads and I don’t know what all to get it to work.  I printed out some things where the color worked fine.  I figured I had only won half the battle.  Friday I decided to print out some crosswords and I was so surprised and delighted to see the all black pages looked just right.  Maybe the black had to work its way through before printing properly.  A victory for me.

I didn’t make it to Apple for Pages session, so I don’t know if Ellen received her birthday card on Friday or not.  Plus there is the other printer to solve the scanning problem.  I forgot to mention the phone – no more buzz and static, but now my voice mail doesn’t work and tells people to put in the code.  I don’t have a code.  If I am home and the phone rings, I can answer it with no problem, but no one can leave a message.  I’m wondering if I need to unplug it and put it with the other phone and see if that works.  Looks as if Technology has 3 – I only have 1.

This week we moved more books out of the shelves – picture books to Providence Elderplace, some novels for the Infusion Center and the rest to Goodwill.  We need to empty the shelves for the painters.  They are coming on the 18th.  We had the man for the floors come to give us an estimate and what was possible to clean the hardwood floor.  Seems the floor Dad put in has a very thin layer and it is a little wavy – it would take only 1 sanding and even then, it wouldn’t look much different.  He said he would do it in 2 days but we would have to move out of the house for 3 days because the smell is overpowering.  We would also have to move all the furniture out – that plus the cost and the three hotel nights along with eating out was a bit off-putting.  The logistics also difficult, so we decided not to do it.

I asked Brad if he would build a new mantel for us with crown molding – that is a lot less and something I have always wanted.  I sent him a couple of designs that hit me – I don’t want it too complicated that it overpowers the room and the fireplace.  I also don’t want it so plain either.  He is doing some research to see what molding is available and what will work for the space.  Oh dear, I need to email measurements for him.  It should be ready to paint when Ron comes.

Friday was a great day, we had clear sunshine, 69 and I felt so good.  We had 78 to 80 yesterday, a little hazy. It’s a bit cloudy but due to be 73 – then guess what is coming through?

Today is not only Mother’s Day, it is our 46th wedding anniversary.  We decided not to go to dinner today, instead we went on Thursday a bit early.  It was quite lovely and not a lot of people.  We have a wonderful dinner – brought half of mine home for lunch the next day.  It was fun to have a leisurely dinner and enjoy our anniversary together.  Both of us find it hard to believe it is 46 years, it doesn’t feel that long.  It has been a while since it has been just the two of us in our own home.  When our living room is painted and our furniture is in place, it will truly be our home.

This has been a mixed up Spring so far and now Ellen is sending Spring pictures from Ocean Grove.  They have had a lot of weather this year and who knows what Ana will do as she blows up the coast.  I’m so glad she sent some cherry blossoms.


It feels as if I am experiencing Spring flowers for a second time.  Thank you so much Ellen.

I can’t think of a better way to close this post.

A Very Oddball Week

July 7, 2013

It has been over a week since I wrote last, seems as if so much has been going on that I haven’t been able to figure out what day it is at any given time.  However, it has been quite interesting and some accomplishments.

Last Sunday Eddie was MOD at the Future of Flight, he invited me to come with him – of course, I said yes.  I checked with charlotte to see if she was available in the afternoon and she was.  Decided to go to Pacific Fabrics in Everett, there is an IHOP across the way.  Not my favorite place, but I was mostly interested in seeing Char.

Eddie didn’t have to be there until about noon, that meant we could sleep a bit later, have a leisurely breakfast and take our time.  Last weekend was really hot – for us – and being outside wasn’t all that comfortable.  We had fun at lunch laughing and talking, bringing up old memories – we have a lot of them because we have been friends since 9th grade.  She has been checking out my remodel blog plus making comments.  We have decided it is her turn to come down this way again and she will be able to see the kitchen and the new bathroom.

They were great at IHOP, we asked for a quiet table and she had one in the back.  I asked if she would not bring kids back there – my friend is a kid person but I’m not.  She laughed and there were no kids while we were there.  When we came out of the restaurant it was hot, unfortunately no parking spots in the shade.  So we did the next best thing – had the rear of the car facing the sun.  Still hot when we got in, but there was no solution for that but to run the air conditioner.

The last time I had been to Pacific Fabrics, I had seen a folded square that intrigued me.  I showed it to Char to see if she had done it,but she hadn’t.    They had instructions for a 4″ square and I decided to buy it and some fabric to make it.  Definitely needed her help – I can get the first three but it is the last fabric that  frustrates me.  She found the last one and now I have to have one made the next time we meet.



I have been looking at the pattern all week trying to figure out how it works – not much in the way of illustration, mostly text.  I think I have figured out the first row, but it took several days before it finally hit me how to the make second row on the diagonals.  I think I have the idea but the way I would do it isn’t according to the instructions.  I am going to just have to  actually make one and see how it works.

We always have fun in the fabric stores and Char seems to know everyone.  She is very friendly and  rather a motormouth like me, so we have such fun together.  She found some fabric as well, so we both did quite well.  I usually help her spend her money, this time she also helped me spend some of mine.  I haven’t been quilting in a long time since I burnt myself out a few years ago.  I am beginning to be interested again, though not sure when I will have the time.  I have a big problem in the fabric store, I see fabric I want to buy but not anything to use it for at that moment.  I promised myself I wouldn’t build up a stash – I have but sometimes I see fabric and I just WANT it.

I slept poorly Sunday night and Monday morning I had a chiropractor appointment and a massage.  Oh how good those felt.  I found myself a bit depressed Monday and was able to release what was bothering me during my massage.  Brad spent the first three days of the week working, then he had a family holiday over the 4th and will begin a new project Monday.  He still has some work left here and when he knows what’s happening with the new project, he will come back.  I told him to come anytime since he has a key.

Monday was probably the hottest day of the week, Brad put up the kitchen blind and it made a big difference.  Although we didn’t have the back screen door on for a breeze, we opened all the windows on the other side of the house and we did rather well.  I slept so well that night and Tuesday I was feeling so much better.

Hmm, this is getting a bit long for my posts, looks as if I will have to do a Part 2.  Either that or write more often.

The Adventure Begins

June 3, 2013

I was feeling good and energetic on sunday, good thing because I spent a lot of the day cleaning out things in the cupboards and then putting them in places other than the kitchen.  Eddie dropped off about 5 bags to Goodwill this morning, plus we have filled the recycle wheely bin to the top.  Not sure if they are coming tomorrow or next Tuesday.  Even after all that, this morning before Brad arrived I was running back and forth to literally take things out of the cupboards to make sure they were empty.  I still have things in the pantry, but for the moment that is okay.  However, I am going to have to find boxes or something to empty things in so I can move them when Brad paints the pantry and puts new vinyl flooring down.

I thought I would sleep well last night because I was so tired – for some reason I didn’t sleep all that well, so I was tired and sore and achy when I got up in the morning.  I had an appointment with Dr Cheryl for an adjustment and I was so glad.  I just had a banana for breakfast and then left.  She really helped this morning with my shoulder as well as my back and neck.  Then I decided to go somewhere for coffee, relaxation and read my book for a while.  I really need some down time now.

When I came home around 12:30, Brad had a lot of the cupboards down and out – the kitchen was on the back porch.  The kitchen has been echoing lately and it keeps getting more pronounced with each thing removed.  I went for a lie down because I wasn’t sure if I would actually sleep – I just knew I needed to rest.  I heard the saw and other things but it didn’t bother me because I was so tired.  So I cuddled with Bunny for two hours and it felt so good.  I finally felt ready to get up, so I decided to see what Brad was doing.  Wow!  He had packed most of the cabinets into his truck – he had broken them down, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible.  There are still a few things left but most of it is gone.

He left us the stove and the refrigerator and had them plugged in to make it possible to use them if we wanted.  We  didn’t have water in the kitchen, so I filled the pot for the artichokes in the shower and later washed the few dishes in there after dinner.  there will be a scramble for a while as we both find out where the other put things.

I have been taking before and during photos the last few days, my sister Ellen asked if I would.  I wasn’t around much to document the new bathroom, I had only been out of rehab 3 or 4 days before I moved to a hotel and Mom when to the adult family home.  I was still using the wheely walker and my progress was slow and careful.  Sometimes Eddie and I came by the house for him to get something, often it felt like a lot of effort to  go up the walk and up the one step, then navigate through the piles.  So I would wait in the car for Eddie.

One thing about Brad, he is very good at cleaning up during the work and at the end of the day.  Kitchen is probably cleaner than it has been for some time.  He will be here  later than 8 tomorrow because he plans to pick up the new back door and install it – can’t wait for that.  The one we have now doesn’t shut properly and anyone can can easily break in.  He is also going to take the front door locking system to see if it can be repaired – I asked how he would keep the door secure while it’s gone, so he is working on a plan.

Well, rather than use this blog for the kitchen remodel because it may not be all that interesting to people, I have a blank blog that I am going to put pictures and descriptions on to see if I can document the progress day by day. I will give you the address as soon as I have the it up and running.

Tomorrow is a medical day – Dexa Scan, rheumatologist and infusion – so I will see Mom Wednesday morning after Breakfast Club.


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