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Where Do I Start?

July 28, 2013

One good place to start is with a couple of adorable pictures from my sister Candy while cat sitting.



      Kittyboy Litterfoot (Petey)      The Zen Purr Master (Emma)

I have been neglecting this blog for a while because of the kitchen remodel – haven’t been able to let those who like my post how much I appreciate it.  I am even more amazed and delighted to find I have almost 60 followers – that means quite a lot to me.

No doubt (or maybe not) you are wondering what I have been doing for the last few weeks.  There is my Mom and where she is at this point.  I have begun to visit her in the morning, not always easy, because after lunch she is ready for a lie down or a nap.  She is a bit more with it in the morning, we have a visit.  She is having trouble saying what she wants, she tends to mumble more and more that I don’t really understand  it.  There are times when she is with it a bit more and I tell her what I have been doing.  I haven’t told her about the kitchen remodel, I am not sure what she understands and I wonder if it would agitate her.  I tend to go with “If you aren’t sure, don’t”.  Maybe I am just chicken.

She is having trouble with arthritis in her knees, one especially.  She doesn’t like to walk or move because she knows it will hurt, though some days she is doing well and uses the walker.  If it is a bad day, they will have in a wheelchair.  They don’t want to make the wheelchair a habit or she will not walk again.  Last Wednesday was her evaluation with DSHS – I learned things I didn’t really know – or didn’t want to know.  Essentially she needs help with everything,  she can wash her face if they give her soap and washcloth ready to go and she can eat by herself but someone needs to be there to keep her on track.  Otherwise, she needs help or have it done for her in everything else.

I knew she had to have help with a lot, but I didn’t realize the extent – threw me for a loop.   I am still digesting it, I am not sure how I feel about it – I am not sure I feel anything at the moment.  I knew it would come to this and she would only go downhill, I am not sure I am ready for it.  Looks as if I will have to be ready for it.  One thing I have learned recently is to do something after I see Mom, even if it is just to go to Lowes for something for the house.  Or wander around somewhere just looking and seeing what’s there.  I am working on doing an errand after I see her, though I sometimes forget.  Then I go earthing on the Allen’s grass because it is softer and nicer than ours.

She can be very feisty sometimes, not wanting to shower, wash her hair or change her clothes.  However, Judy told me when she is having a good day, she is a darling.  I know it is the dementia that is causing a lot of this,  still hard to see it happen to Mom.  My sisters call her, but now it is hard for them and for Mom.    I had an email this morning from Candy, she had called Mom the other week and this was how she described it.

” I can tell that Mom is “disappearing” by our phone calls. She managed an “I love you, too” at the last phone call, but mostly it is a couple of minutes of me talking, and any answer she gives is so garbled it makes no sense. I tell her we are all fine. I tell her she’s been a wonderful mother and is free to leave, that we will be all right. I tell her I love her. I’m not sure she really knows who she’s talking to, though it is made clear at the beginning of the conversation that it’s her daughter from Nashville.”

A lot of other things have been going on as well, plenty of things for several posts.  I always hesitate to  publish things about my Mom, she is a very private person and she might be upset for the whole world to know.  Yet I also hope that writing about what is happening for our family can be of help and benefit to others dealing with a similar situation.  More early childhood training.

TIMBER!!! The End of The Story

July 15, 2013

I was so glad the branch was taken away after it fell, though the question continued as to what about the other that leans.  Last Monday I was leaving to see my chiropractor and there were two trucks out on the road with three guys.  I though they were reading meters, then I saw the were City of Burien trucks.  I didn’t wait around to see what they were doing.  When I came back around noon, this is what I saw:


Would you believe there is no more tree?


The whole tree was cut, so there is a hole of light for the street.


It looks as if they cut it in slices.


It seems to have been spread over  quite a span of street.


I find it interesting to see how the tree had grown in 3 sections.


Not sure the last time the sun saw this spot after the Madrona tree started growing.


Some of the slices are thin (relatively) and others are thick.


With all the pieces more in the bushes, it is surprising to see some by the side of the road.


I am really astounded at how big that tree really was.


Glad I wasn’t around when all of this was happening.


This is a small section that shows the three  branches formed.


I love the shapes of the sections (now that the tree is down).


Makes me wonder what made it grow like this.  Now we don’t have to wonder if the other branch hanging over the street will come down or would it be when.  Someone can have some firewood and we can all relax.  Seems an appropriate ending for our forest adventure.

A Very Oddball Week – Part 2

July 8, 2013

This has nothing to do with my week except that I really enjoyed seeing Candy’s photos of the blue heron at Lake Radnor.  She sees all kinds of interesting subjects for her photos.



I went in for my rheumatologist and infusion Tuesday at 10.  The test show a small reduction in inflammation and she is encouraged.  Since the Orencia has to work its way through 42 years of RA, it will take a bit longer for me.   I told her I was looking forward to having more energy – unfortunately that is the last to happen  It is always very pleasant at Infusion, I didn’t get my corner suite this time, they were quite full.  However, every cubicle has a view west, sometimes I can see in between the buildings to the harbor.  I usually relax, read my book and it seems in no time, I am done.

I came home for lunch and then went to see Mom.  She was in the dining room and I brought her cookies – she loves cookies.  She doesn’t walk very much because it hurts her knee, it is probably some kind of arthritis.  If she goes from walker to wheelchair, she will never walk again. so they want her to walk for as long as she can.  Judy thinks the reason she doesn’t like to go from bed to table to bed is because she knows it will hurt.  Fortunately they are watching her progress and there may come a time when they could give her something for it.  I don’t like the idea of giving her a lot of meds, but I also want her to be as comfortable as possible.  This time I had a lot to tell her.

Wednesday was Breakfast Club for me; Eddie wasn’t going to the archives and decided to sleep in rather than go with me.  he has been weeding the garden beds and has found it hard work, but he is pleased with the results.  He also helped Brad and they had time to talk together as well.  I came home and then we went out grocery shopping.  The weather has been more comfortable, low 80’s instead of 90.  When Brad was ready to leave, he and Eddie put the fridge back where it belongs – another reason for keeping the cardboard on the floor.  Once he is finished, we will take it up and  I’d like a support rung by the sink.

We went to Macy’s on Thursday to buy Eddie a couple of pants for work – he said he is messing up his good trousers at work.  He found two pair, but had to come back Friday for the tailor to soften the legs.  Mostly we started moving into the kitchen – slowly while we decide where we want to put things.   It feels the way our other houses felt, can’t wait to paint the rest of the upstairs so it feels more like the houses we had as well.

We also went to Lowe’s for some shelf liner and a couple of other things because we decided to slowly move into the kitchen.  After a few days, some of the places we put things aren’t very convenient, living with it for a while helps us know what works and doesn’t work.  It was a very noisy night, plus the night before was also .  All those firecrackers, fireworks and especially the bombs  – all going off until the wee hours of the morning.  Sometimes it sounded as if it was going off just outside our door.

Friday morning I had some things to do here – I finally have the project for the vintage aircraft museum shirts in the works and the pins were delivered Friday afternoon.  I have also been working on an order for new volunteer pins for the Museum of Flight – I think I made a huge Ooops, I will know for sure tomorrow.

In the afternoon I bought some sugar-free lemon pound cake for Mom and her  housemates for dessert that night.  I didn’t visit with her because she was fast asleep – looks as though visiting in the morning is better for her.  Judy tells me she has been sleeping a lot – sleeps until about 5 a.m., then has a nap after breakfast and a nap after lunch.   Some days she is feisty and doesn’t want them to do anything, other times she is very wiling to have a shower and get dressed.  Maybe it is because of her knee.  She did say Mom’s appetite is a little less, but she is always ready for cookies.

Friday night we went to dinner with Vickie and Rich.  They wanted to see the new kitchen and the bathroom – they admired it a lot.  We went to Il Fornaio in downtown Seattle for dinner and had a wonderful time.  They are such great people – Vickie is our insurance agent, a very close friend, a client, a great resource and a wonderful person.  I am so glad she accepted my invitation to Kent Breakfast Club – I knew her from BPW, so I knew her and how she did things.

Saturday we slept in, went to Whole Foods, then over to Macy’s for the tailor.  It was lovely to relax, I was feeling really draggy, so I had a lie down after we came home, I might even have slept.  I felt a lot better after my nap.  Must be the week catching up with me.  I felt the days all scrambled up this week, I kept thinking it was another day than one it was.  I may not have know which way was up, but this little guy certainly did!

422208_482834258393606_155854234_n     546505_482833385060360_1593891114_n

A Very Oddball Week

July 7, 2013

It has been over a week since I wrote last, seems as if so much has been going on that I haven’t been able to figure out what day it is at any given time.  However, it has been quite interesting and some accomplishments.

Last Sunday Eddie was MOD at the Future of Flight, he invited me to come with him – of course, I said yes.  I checked with charlotte to see if she was available in the afternoon and she was.  Decided to go to Pacific Fabrics in Everett, there is an IHOP across the way.  Not my favorite place, but I was mostly interested in seeing Char.

Eddie didn’t have to be there until about noon, that meant we could sleep a bit later, have a leisurely breakfast and take our time.  Last weekend was really hot – for us – and being outside wasn’t all that comfortable.  We had fun at lunch laughing and talking, bringing up old memories – we have a lot of them because we have been friends since 9th grade.  She has been checking out my remodel blog plus making comments.  We have decided it is her turn to come down this way again and she will be able to see the kitchen and the new bathroom.

They were great at IHOP, we asked for a quiet table and she had one in the back.  I asked if she would not bring kids back there – my friend is a kid person but I’m not.  She laughed and there were no kids while we were there.  When we came out of the restaurant it was hot, unfortunately no parking spots in the shade.  So we did the next best thing – had the rear of the car facing the sun.  Still hot when we got in, but there was no solution for that but to run the air conditioner.

The last time I had been to Pacific Fabrics, I had seen a folded square that intrigued me.  I showed it to Char to see if she had done it,but she hadn’t.    They had instructions for a 4″ square and I decided to buy it and some fabric to make it.  Definitely needed her help – I can get the first three but it is the last fabric that  frustrates me.  She found the last one and now I have to have one made the next time we meet.



I have been looking at the pattern all week trying to figure out how it works – not much in the way of illustration, mostly text.  I think I have figured out the first row, but it took several days before it finally hit me how to the make second row on the diagonals.  I think I have the idea but the way I would do it isn’t according to the instructions.  I am going to just have to  actually make one and see how it works.

We always have fun in the fabric stores and Char seems to know everyone.  She is very friendly and  rather a motormouth like me, so we have such fun together.  She found some fabric as well, so we both did quite well.  I usually help her spend her money, this time she also helped me spend some of mine.  I haven’t been quilting in a long time since I burnt myself out a few years ago.  I am beginning to be interested again, though not sure when I will have the time.  I have a big problem in the fabric store, I see fabric I want to buy but not anything to use it for at that moment.  I promised myself I wouldn’t build up a stash – I have but sometimes I see fabric and I just WANT it.

I slept poorly Sunday night and Monday morning I had a chiropractor appointment and a massage.  Oh how good those felt.  I found myself a bit depressed Monday and was able to release what was bothering me during my massage.  Brad spent the first three days of the week working, then he had a family holiday over the 4th and will begin a new project Monday.  He still has some work left here and when he knows what’s happening with the new project, he will come back.  I told him to come anytime since he has a key.

Monday was probably the hottest day of the week, Brad put up the kitchen blind and it made a big difference.  Although we didn’t have the back screen door on for a breeze, we opened all the windows on the other side of the house and we did rather well.  I slept so well that night and Tuesday I was feeling so much better.

Hmm, this is getting a bit long for my posts, looks as if I will have to do a Part 2.  Either that or write more often.


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