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Playing With Photos

April 24, 2014

I am a little slow when it comes to some technology – especially when I don’t know something can be done.  I found I have a camera on my iPad (I know there are a lot of you thinking “Well, Duh!”) and by accident found out how to do it.  So I was out in the garden the other day when we had a bit of sunshine before the next rain showers and I tried out my iPad.  It took some finagling because I kept having the screen blocked – I found I had my finder over the  lens.  Plus I have a case it sits in and the cover was a bit of a problem because I have to  make sure it doesn’t block the lens.


So there I was, one hand keeping the cover out of the way, holding the iPad with the other and trying to take  pictures.  It was hard to find a finger to push the shutter button and also not end up have it take three or four pictures in a row.  Next thing I know, I am ready to take a selfie – now how did that happen and how do I go back to pictures of the garden.  I finally figured that one out, then found I was doing square pictures – it’s been an experience and an education.   Would you like to see what I took with my iPad?  All I have to do is figure out how to down load them.

I just connected my iPad to my computer and guess what!  The pictures on are on my computer.  Will wonders never cease!



The Scillas in the porch flower bed are more profuse and thick than this photo

The blueberries are blossoming so I am hoping for a good crop.


The Scillas by the garage are doing very well.


They also are blooming by the corner of the garage and where the cherry trees were.


We don’t really have pear blossoms left after the wind and rain.  We’ll wait to see if we have pears this year.


The apple tree had fared fairly well, all depends on how much the fruit set before the rain.


Even so, the apple blossoms are still lovely.


Delores bought a couple of tulips at the tulip fields up north last year – they are beautiful.


It was a sunny bit after the rain and before the next bout of rain.

As you can see, I did better than I expected, even managed to somehow turn it back to rectangular pictures.  I also took photos with my camera, I’ll show you if there is a difference in the next post.


Farewell Old Friends

December 8, 2013


The cherry tree to the right of the garage was always referred to as “the little cherry tree”.  It was a pollinator for the two big cherry trees espaliered up against the garage.  We always called them Royal Anne cherries – these days they call them Rainier cherries.  I can remember going down the side-walk, stop, pull a low branch down and eat them until I was full.  We used to get a lot of cherries when I was growing up, the birds always ate the little cherry tree bare before we had a chance to have any.


This is the tree being trimmed and ready to be cut down.  I would have had a better picture but I had just gotten out of the shower and couldn’t very well go out in the cold with nothing on but a camera.  So I looked through my very dirty bedroom window for a shot, then cleaned a space so it wasn’t quite so dirty.  Good by little cherry tree.


A couple of days later, I had a good shot of the corner with the cherry and apple trees gone.  A little bare at the moment. You can see in the foreground what is left of the trunk.

Mom and Dad had to cut the big cherry trees because they were pushing the garage over – it had a decided list to the right as I looked at from the street.  Shortly after we came to live with Mom, we had the garage fixed and  never did have any cherries from the little tree.  Now the little cherry tree is gone,; poor love, it was looking so sad and sickly.   This round of pruning involved the little cherry tree, the McIntosh apple tree behind it ( poor things had been hidden in the hedge and was at a 90 degree angle looking for sun.  We also cut the apple tree in the corner – gorgeous blossoms but not very good eating apples.


We also cut down the two big cherry trees on the north side of the yard – they too were looking sickly and sad, plus we were never able to eat any cherries.  Those two were cut down as well.  However, I am happy to report they are not gone completely.


This is all that’s  left of the two trees – I need to take a picture from the garage to show the view all the way to the front.

 I asked John to cut them in slices for me – he had already put the trunks in the truck and was sweet to take them out and cut them up for me.  I put some in the bed with the pink dogwood, made it look as if it is a stream.  Unfortunately the other two beds just have them around the edge.  I would love to find a cool pattern to arrange them in rather than just in a line.  I am open to suggestions.


I am pleased with the way the little stream came out – maybe  make a little more curve in it.


This is to the left of the other picture – I  could see these three slices in the corner.


In the bed by the back porch, I just put them around the edge of the bed, not all that cool.  Maybe a swirl or something like that for this one – I am drawing a blank on this.


By the garage it is also just around the edges.  Hmmmm,maybe some kind of spiral or sunburst? Fortunately I don’t have to come up with something right now this moment.


Now we don’t have the other bush that seemed to take over the front door and the window.  the one on the other side went when  we had to have a tunnel flue replaced.  Not sure what will go in there, but it will be something small and low maintenance.


We have our view back – at least as much as we can cut.  I told John to go as far down the hill as could and cut as low as possible.

Speaking of the view, it was so foggy all day on thanksgiving that I didn’t know if it would ever clear up.  Then I noticed some sun and then it cleared for us, but not for people below us.


This is one of those times when it looks as if we are  all alone on a mountain top and between us and the other side is whipped cream.


This always fascinates me when it happens.  Thanksgiving turned into a lovely late afternoon sunset and whipped cream.

And some where in between the whipped cream and the pruning, we had one of these:


Certainly can’t beat that!

TIMBER!!! The End of The Story

July 15, 2013

I was so glad the branch was taken away after it fell, though the question continued as to what about the other that leans.  Last Monday I was leaving to see my chiropractor and there were two trucks out on the road with three guys.  I though they were reading meters, then I saw the were City of Burien trucks.  I didn’t wait around to see what they were doing.  When I came back around noon, this is what I saw:


Would you believe there is no more tree?


The whole tree was cut, so there is a hole of light for the street.


It looks as if they cut it in slices.


It seems to have been spread over  quite a span of street.


I find it interesting to see how the tree had grown in 3 sections.


Not sure the last time the sun saw this spot after the Madrona tree started growing.


Some of the slices are thin (relatively) and others are thick.


With all the pieces more in the bushes, it is surprising to see some by the side of the road.


I am really astounded at how big that tree really was.


Glad I wasn’t around when all of this was happening.


This is a small section that shows the three  branches formed.


I love the shapes of the sections (now that the tree is down).


Makes me wonder what made it grow like this.  Now we don’t have to wonder if the other branch hanging over the street will come down or would it be when.  Someone can have some firewood and we can all relax.  Seems an appropriate ending for our forest adventure.

Where Did The Time Go?

June 29, 2013

P1140441Ellen sent a gorgeous hydrangea photo and I wanted to share it because I love it.

Once again I was spending a lot of time taking pictures this week, I missed some but no doubt overcompensated on others.  I now have a sink, water, disposal, dishwasher, stove and microwave/convection oven.  Oh yes, we do have the fridge, though still in the living room.  Amazing how things ebb and flow to and from places.  We haven’t used the stove yet, but we have dishes in the dishwasher, just have to read the directions to find out how all the appliances work.

When I wasn’t taking pictures I was working on an order for the new client.  Yesterday I received a tracking number for the first order, so they will have them for the Fly-In.  Now the shirts are in, though my group won’t receive it until Monday – it went in just after they left for the day.  That three hour difference can be frustrating at times.  Eddie told me that Barry said one of the guys  at the client’s said he could get t-shirts for $10.00 – Barry told him what we charged, a whole lot less.  That shut the guy up in a hurry.

I am working on something for another client, this one really bothers me because she is also a really good friend and I didn’t get her the item by her deadline.  That is the first time that has happened.  I had an idea and proposed it to my group, not sure anything is going to come of it because I haven’t had an answer.  Not the way I want to do things.

Wednesday morning when I left for Breakfast Club, I noticed the street was very tidy – someone had come by and cleaned up the wood from the fallen branch.  No idea who but wonder if it was the City, the Community Club or one of the neighbors who wanted firewood for the winter.  It’s nice to see it tidy again.


This is a better angle of the other part of the tree that hangs over the street.  No idea if it too will come down or not.


Now it is neat and tidy, even the Allen’s mulch pile as well.

Thursday I met Mom over at the Center, her new shoes arrived and Scott wanted to fit her.  She and he were late, but it worked out.  However Mom was agitated and a little cranky, not sure what kind of night she had.  I know she is confused about a lot that goes on and this would qualify.   She was not happy about walking in them with the aide, she told her to leave her alone.  She seemed to be willing to come back where we were sitting, maybe because I was there.  Anyway, a ter a bit she was better and said the shoes were “all right”.

We have been having wet, sticky weather – I don’t remember humidity here in the summer.  Usually when it rains it is cold and raw, but this week it was warm and humid.  Now the humidity was in the 60% range, not like the stuff we had on the East Coast or Fort Wayne.  For us spoiled Pacific Northwesterners,  it is humid and uncomfortable.  Yesterday it went up to 83 and by Monday or so it is supposed to reach into the 90’s.  I was concerned the house would be hot when we went to bed, but it was surprisingly comfortable.  The shades definitely make a difference.

Eddie’s computer has been a problem again.  Another virus made it impossible for him to connect to the internet.  Then there were other things, so I called Jon from Breakfast Club on Monday to see if he would look at it if I brought it on Wednesday.  He has just brought it back now – Eddie was not pleased because he wants to send his report out by the end of the month.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to figure out what to do with the Mac for his report, that means a One To One for both of us to see how it is done.

I have been learning new things on my computer as well, now I know how to select all the pictures and upload them to my blog library – I had been doing it one at a time and it takes a long time.  It still takes a while to upload to the library, but I can do other things while it is doing its thing.

I bought the knobs for the cabinets, though I cleaned out Lowes in Southcenter.  They didn’t have enough, so I had to go to Kent the next day after my massage.  They are sitting in a white bucket under the table by Mom’s chair.  I think I have an extra and I want to put it on the old pantry door, that will make it so much easier to open.


We had the most beautiful sunset the other day.  I almost didn’t take a picture, so I am very glad I did.  We have some gorgeous ones and it is such a pleasure to see it change color as the sun goes down.


June 25, 2013

The remodel has had many surprises, not all were planned or anticipated.  Last Thursday, late in the afternoon, Brad Eddie and I were talking in the kitchen when we heard a loud crack, then the sound of possibly a tree going down a hill.  We looked over at Eric’s across Shorewood Drive because he has been thinning trees on his property.  The I realized we hadn’t heard the sound of a saw, then didn’t think any more about it.  Brad left and it wasn’t too long before he was back, he couldn’t leave because there was a tree blocking the road.

It was the big Madrona branch we have all wondered when it would come down – this was the day.  Eddie and Brad went out together, I called John next door to see if he had a saw.  He said he would be out shortly to see what the situation was.  Then I called the Shorewood Community Club President to find out what the drill is for a situation like this.  I never did get out to see how it looked, it  was a few days later that I finally was able to take pictures.  It fell at an angle and landed on Bob Allen’s mulch pile.


These were some of the smaller branches.


They were several yards up the road by the time they had been able to open the road.


Some of the branches were thick.  The Dusslers from down the hill came, Bonnie couldn’t get through.  Eddie said some one else came up the hill with another saw, so they dispatched the branches in short order.


It was a big branch that has been hanging over the street for quite a long time.  when the wind blows, it would creak and groan as if it was on its way down in the next five minutes.


That raw space is where the branch was.


There are other branches that could also come down.


After it has been dried, I am not sure how well Madrona wood burns.  Good sized pieces for the fireplace to experiment.


A lot of leaves and smaller branches must have been attached to that branch.


This is Allen’s mulch pile, apparently the top landed right on their pile.


They are going to be very surprised when they come home after 4th of July and see what has happened.


This branch also hangs over the road, not sure what condition it is in.  If it goes, it will probably hit our hedge – that has grown so tall they are now trees.


I had no idea that branch was so thick – everyone is just glad that no one was there when it happened.


This is the place the branch came from, just a bit more to the right.

I was surprised that so many neighbors came out to help, also to see what happened.  I am glad we have such good neighbors here.

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

April 28, 2013

I read that quote a long time ago and it has stuck with me because it makes me smile.  Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote it.  At this time of year, Earth is laughing her a**  off because everything is blooming now.  I picked some lilacs the other day – unfortunately John has trimmed it to be more of a tree, so most of the blossoms are on the top.  There is no way I am going to climb a ladder for them.  They were still not open and I wasn’t sure they would. they are on the dining room table and they are beginning to open.

100_5346smI must thank Sherry for the photo –

The wisteria is getting ready to bloom – I love the lavender blossoms and their lovely fragrance.  but when it finishes blooming, I am going to have John dig that sucker out of the bed – it trails all over everything and is making its way to the other end of the bed where the blueberries are.  If I don’t cut its little tendrils all the time, the thing overpowers everything.  Even when I do keep it clipped, it sends shoots out to other places I don’t realize it is going.


I will admit  cutting down things that have been here since we moved in is still a little hard – guess I still don’t quite feel it is “my” house.  I think when the kitchen is done and we have our own furniture upstairs, it will be more our house.  We finally got the appraisal on Friday, looks like the loan is moving forward.  Tom warns me there will be more paperwork – I already have 2 or 3 file folders on it.

The Gravenstein apple tree is loaded with blossoms, as are the  2 pear trees.  We had wild wind yesterday and I was concerned it would blow the blossoms of before the fruit set.  It was supposed to rain yesterday – it was dark and dreary all day but nothing ever came.  We had sun this morning and now Eddie noticed it is raining; no telling what it will be in a few minutes.

We have pink snow in places because the wind is blowing the petals off the puffy cherry trees.  Things used to come in a certain order in Spring, now it is every plant for itself.  They seem to bloom when they please and bloom their hearts out.  I love this time of year.  As soon as the weather is more conducive, I will take some pictures of my own and post them.   I appreciate the people who have lovely photos on the web and want to share them as well as give credit where credit is due.

We have most of the beds filled with scillas, when they stop blooming I am going to dig things up – small space at a time, put Preen in and see if I can put some colorful perennials in so it doesn’t look overgrown with grass and weeds.  It will probably take me all summer since it will be a little at a time – then it will be time to start from the beginning again.

I also bought some morning-glory seeds to put on the trellis at the back porch, I love them when they trail up.  I had a trellis built for our house in Bethlehem and planted them, loved it.  I also had a wisteria tree in the back garden, I was forever trimming the tendrils and had trouble keeping up with them.   I had a great guy come to mow the lawn for me – an off duty Bethlehem police officer – don’t think they would appreciate having one of their officers strangled by the wisteria.

I remember one day I was driving along the street somewhere and saw him.  We both stopped and talked about gardening, wonder what the people going by were thinking.  It felt a little odd, but also a bit of fun as well.  A couple of weeks ago we were driving out and saw a squad at the old bus stop corner and I told Eddie to go over to him – he didn’t want to but I insisted.  I wanted to thank him for being out there and for the great job he does.  So we had a nice conversation and Eddie gave him his card to come up to the future of Flight.  His name is John Holland and he really appreciated it.  I do that when ever I see an officer – I even got a hug from a female officer once.  They don’t get many compliments and I feel it is important to know there are people out there who appreciate them.

I am watching to see what’s next to bloom, I think the rhododendron.  Whatever it will be, I will definitely enjoy it.

Phooey To The Calendar, It’s Spring!

March 17, 2013

We have had some sunshine every once in a while, sometimes for the whole day.  Plus the temperatures have been mild, up into the 50’s a lot.  I noticed the first flowers started blooming around the first of March – they decided to start blooming even though the official start of Spring isn’t until March 20th.  I have seen camellias, rhodos, even an azalea yesterday all in bloom.  The cherry trees with lacy flowers and even some of the puffy cherry trees are blooming.  I was going home from visiting Mom on Friday and a whole line of cherry trees were starting to bloom.

autumn flowering cherry

The daffodils are starting to bloom in the yard and also next door.  I think it depends on how protected from the cold wind plants are as to how far along they are.  The forsythia is usually the first to come out, they are now slowly emerging.  I enjoy Spring as each plant begins to grow leaves and then blossom while others put out blossoms first, then leaves.  I am wondering how many bulbs are left after the big clean up.

I remember a quote somewhere that really makes my heart glow – The Earth laughs in flowers.

Oh dear, Eddie can’t find Bunny now that he has made the bed, I need to find her.

How she wandered into the office I don’t know, the last time I saw her was on my pillow.  I have been sleeping with her a lot, so very comforting and sweet.  I think her name is actually  Sweet Pea since I find myself calling her that without realizing it.  all is well now.


Mom’s is in blue and blue feathered hat – you get the idea.

I went to see Mom on Friday, she had had a visitor the day before – it was Luzma bearing gifts.  She brought her a beautiful bear dressed in a lovely gown and a hat with feathers.  It is on Mom’s dresser.  She also brought flowers – little dark pink roses – small box of chocolates and a packet of cookies.  Apparently she spent quite a lot of time with her, though Mom doesn’t remember it.  I have to remind myself not ask about things that happened before the present moment, her short-term memory is gone.  Then she thinks she missed out on something.

My two packets of cookies were anticlimactic, I found some sugar-free chocolate chunk for Jan and also brought sugar cookies with green frosting and shaped sprinkles on top for St. Patrick’s day.  They all enjoyed them and I was glad.  I’m learning not to bring something for the house all the time or they will expect it, once a month is better.  This came from Kathy who is more knowledgeable than I am.  I appreciate her advice and am so glad she came with me to find a home for Mom.

The two new residents are Everett, he is about 86 and in a wheelchair.  He doesn’t seem to be chatty, maybe when I know him better – he certainly scarfed up the cookies in a hurry.  Mom gave him hers, so I gave her another one and said it is for her to eat, not give away.  I don’t remember the woman’s name, she too is in a wheelchair and is about to turn 102 – looks as though Mom isn’t the oldest any more.

Mom still asks about her mother, her grandmother, even Aunt Clara.  I just tell her they are watching over her and preparing a place for her on the other side.  Also that when the time comes, there will be guides to help her through the transition, she won’t have to do it herself.  Sometimes she says she is glad I told her that.  This time she said she feels safe when she is sitting with Jan, but when she is alone she is scared.  I asked her what scares her and she is scared what to do if something happens. I tried to reassure her that everyone in the house is there for her and I am only a phone call away.  She doesn’t think she knows how to use the phone, so I said just ask some in the house – I will be there in 20 minutes.  I hope that reassured her, even for 5 minutes.  That’s a first.

Thursday was a fun day, I had my massage in the morning with Debye and then went to lunch with Kathie Brodie at Queen Mary Tea Room.  We haven’t seen each other for quite a while, she is starting a new business and I have already written many words about I have been doing.  We have so much in common and it turns out it is a two-way street for us – I learn so much from her and she learns a lot from me.  She was talking about finally understanding one of her life lessons, though still hasn’t quite learned because it keeps coming in different ways so she doesn’t see it coming.  Light bulb moment for me!  How amazing that over the years we have both been learning a lot of the same things – talking to her helps put into words what I am thinking and feeling.

We had a lovely lunch and of course a pot of tea.  We both tried different ones, though I love their Creamy Earl Grey.  They gave us a taste of Queen’s Afternoon Tea – I loved it!  Kathie is a big tea drinker and enjoys trying new one.  there is a tea shop in Edmonds she goes to try different teas.  I had an email from her yesterday – she enjoyed the outing with me but forgot it was caffeine and she finally figured out why she couldn’t get to sleep the night before.

It’s been a delightful week.


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