Not A Very Comfortable Week

April 16, 2017

Thank You Candy!!!  It’s not been comfortable this week, every time I see this character, he makes me smile.

I have no idea what happened, but Monday and Tuesday were miserably uncomfortable days.  I was stiff, sore and nothing really helped to lessen it.  Monday I went to see Dr. Cheryl to see if she could help with things.  I was feeling so beat, I went home for a nap.  I did feel better afterwards.  I did my show on Tuesday, but came home right after for another nap.   Wednesday was better, so I went to Breakfast Club.  I enjoyed it as usual – the pouring rain all day wasn’t a deterrent – simply Seattle weather.  I stopped at a couple of places to talk to people being on my show.  When I finished, I came home to meet Eddie so we could go do something together.

As I came to Ambaum on 128th, the light was red.  I waited for the green light and was crossing the first lane when a car came right in front of me.  I tried to stop, but I hit her and I saw her make a very graceful 180 turn, stopping right in front of a truck going the opposite way.  I was in the middle of the street and decided to park in the gas station.  It shook me up, I noticed stiffness in my neck and across my shoulders.  I was shaking and trying to gather my wits.  I called 911, called my insurance agent and finally called Eddie.  He came over – missed lunch with the guys at the archives – and  saw my car.  Not a happy camper!  It took me a bit to finally get out and look at the damage.  The front bumper is gone – the one we just fixed from the hole.

Actually, the bumper came off as I drove out of the intersection.  I called Pat’s to have them tow the car – they will fix it.  The woman admitted she ran the red light and apologized – she also told the sheriff’s officer when he arrived.  There was a woman who heard it and then the other car came right up to the front of her truck.  She was gathering information and  making shut everyone was all right.  It seemed as if there were people talking to me and people on the phone – I definitely needed my wits then.  Also Eddie answered some questions and also talk to the other woman.  She was upset and it scared her 3 year old son.

I wasn’t mad or scared, just shaken up and upset my car needs to be fixed.  things were friendly all around – the sheriff officer was amazed.  He had just come from an accident where both people were angry and ready to come to blows.  If I get angry and ream the lady’s tush – what have I accomplished?   Eddie isn’t as mad as I expected, he was more worried about me than the car.  The tow truck came, the papers were all filled out and we were able to leave.  We went to Pat’s and they arranged for a rental car, plus did a estimate for the damage and repair.  I have a Toyota Corolla and it isn’t too bad.  Much better than the Chrysler 200.  I drove it home and went for a nap – it wasn’t difficult to fall asleep.  He did the errands he planned to do and then came home.  Not quite how we planned to spend the day.

Thursday I spent the day at home resting.  Eddie spent the day up north at the Women in Aviation Conference.  He was quite impressed with the women there, learned things as well.  Another day with people who love aviation.

Friday, Saturday and today have been quiet.  Eddie went to the Museum of Flight this morning, hardly anyone there.  No doubt having Easter dinner with family.

Not One of My Better Weeks

April 9, 2017

It has been a challenging time lately.  I have been coughing like crazy – sometimes so hard it feels as if I have rows and rows of burning needles in my chest.  I also lost my voice – not that it kept me from talking.  I had to ask Benny to rebroadcast a show for me – no voice and 28 minutes of coughing is not my idea of entertaining radio.   Because I have been having such a bad time, I saw Doc Pierce Tuesday morning.  He gave me antibiotic for 7 days, plus I had forgotten he had given me something for the cough a while ago.  Last night was the first night’s sleep I have had in a long time.  I didn’t cough much, but it took me a bit to go to sleep.

Eddie has a cough, not like mine, but he has stuffy, runny nose with sneezing – he thinks it’s allergy.  I’m wondering if my is sinus because I get what feels like a sinus headache at times.  Both of us would love to be finished with all of it.  I wonder if we are getting more sensitive to things inside and outside.

After I went to the doc Tuesday morning, I went to see the eye doc in the afternoon.  Not my favorite to have all this in one day.  However, I am doing well and the macular degeneration is not any worse.  I seem to have spent the day taking cat naps because I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.  I went to Breakfast club the next morning, came straight home to bed and slept and cough until about noon.  This stuff is for the birds.  I did feel better in the afternoon; I’d rather sleep at night.

Brad has been here for a week or so doing the bathroom remodel downstairs.  He did demolition to prepare it for the repiping on Thursday.  They turned the water off so Greg the plumber could replace as much pipe as possible.  That meant Eddie and I needed to find things to do somewhere else.  We went to Panera for breakfast, picked up the laundry and wandered around the new Ikea.  I was amazed at how much I walked before needing a sit-down.  It’s huge, with floors, but the food available to buy is very sparse from what it was.  Their restaurant is much bigger – we didn’t check the menu.  We took stuff home and then went down the hill.  We spent quite a while wandering around in Barnes & Noble, then grocery shopped and finally decided to come home around 3:30 or 4.

The water was still off and it was close to 6 when Greg was done.  There is a lot of sediment and grit from the peeling pipes, plus the pipes coming in from the street need to be replaced.  I was glad to have the water back.  Greg said to call him the next day of there were any problems – he was working Burien that day.  In the night, I heard water running – the toilet was completely closing.  So there was drip, drip, drip along with a spraying sound.  I looked in the tank and found a new kind of set up.  No ball, though the handle still has a change to flush and the left has the regulating to open and close the valve.  However, where the ball used to be is a canister type device – love to know how it works.   I called Greg the next day to let him know – he came out and found there was sediment in the works.  So he flushed it out and thought he fixed it, but then on his next test, it started running.  More sediment; I am glad to say, so far it is working perfectly.

Friday was quite a day rain with really high winds. some places lost power, trees fell on houses and cars.  I’m so glad Mom and Dad opted to do underground wiring a long time ago.  So far we have not lost power.  I suspect when all that weather goes over the mountains and east, it will intensify.  Everyone has been having wild weather.  It was up to 60 on Thursday, now it is in the 40’s.  I keep thinking Spring weather will finally emerge.  Meanwhile, the flowers,  trees and bushes are blooming like crazy.  We may not have the weather, but we have lovely blooms and beautiful colors.  I miss the mountains, they have all been shrouded in clouds most of the time.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the 737 at the Museum of Flight.  It is not Eddie’s week to go, but he wanted to check it out.  I don’t think it is raining, which I’m sure the organizers are pleased.

As soon as I download pictures of the bathroom remodel, I will give you a link.

A New Normal

April 2, 2017

Last week was the first week of retirement for Eddie – except he wasn’t sitting on his tush watching tv.  He has been calling people, having lunch or making plans for lunch and also, he has an appointment Monday with Steve to talk about Eddie doing some research.  We have no idea how it will unfold, just watching what happens as it comes.

It was a medical week for me – again.

I saw my dermatologist Monday to find out if I had to make a visit to the MOHS surgeon or not.  At the time she thought I would, but I opted for her to freeze it, then if she needed to do a biopsy, we would talk about MOHS.  I am so glad to find out I don’t have to, everything is fine.  Next fall or winter she wants to do a face peel to get rid of the tiny bits that will turn into cancer.  I can hardly wait.

I had a call from the cardiologist’s office about my scoring.  Of course, no one will tell me anything one way or the other, I have to come in for an appointment.  If there was a serious problem, I’m sure they wouldn’t wait 2 weeks or more for the appointment.  More things to cross off my list.

I found out Medicare doesn’t cover orthotics, so that is out-of-pocket.  I have an appointment in May, not sure if I will keep it or not.  I did make an appointment with the clinical psychologist on Wednesday afternoon – Medicare doesn’t cover it, but she does half price for Medicare patients.  I’ll see how it goes and work from there.

I finally have an appointment with Dr. Cheryl, my chiropractor, tomorrow.  I haven’t seen her for ages and I am feeling rather stiff not very flexible.  I always enjoy going to see her, she is so gentle and her fingers know exactly where it hurts.  Something else on my To Do list.  I have to see the eye doctor Tuesday for my yearly check up.  he gave me a new prescription for glasses last year, so it will be a while before I need to do that again.  Sometimes I think there is more preventative maintenance every year I am older.

Last week was also the beginning of the downstairs bathroom remodel.  Brad has been doing demolition – the shower is gone as well as the toilet.  Eddie has moved to the upstairs bath with me – taking a shower up here is so much more luxurious that downstairs.  Thursday morning they went to choose tile, floor, fixtures, faucet, sink with cabinet, etc.  Ed is choosing because it is his bath.  The plumber was here on Friday – we still have galvanized pipes that have little bit flaking off inside, all that goes through the rest of the house.  Better to do as much as we can now rather than later when some of the bath would have to be torn up again.  I have some pictures as it has happened, so I will put them on the house remodel blog.

My networking breakfast group had to move because the owner of the building sold it.  So the catering business also had to close.  We are meeting at a restaurant that is next to a hotel – they gave us a good deal.  Also, this week is the change of officers for the next 6 months.  I volunteered to be a Member At Large – don’t really have to do anything except show up at a board meeting.

We still have rain and chilly weather – oh my, is that the sun?  Wonder how long it will last?  The trees and flowers are blooming like crazy – temperature doesn’t see to phase them.  Flowering fruit trees, forsythia, camellias and rhodos in some places.  Lately the moles have been quiet – maybe they are resting for the next assault on the lawn.  Eddie has noticed dandelions blooming – Spring is definitely official now.

I have been doing my radio for 5 months – the first set of 3 months was such a learning experience.  Now I feel I have more of a handle on it and what it is about.  I also have to talk to Erik about sponsors so I can stay on the air.  I have asked people to be guests and it has worked out quite well so far.  Most of the shows are just me with topics about Loving Yourself and the components that seem to comprise it – like a jig saw puzzle but without a picture on the box.  I’m working on how they all fit together – unless there is a different, better way to approach it.

Both Eddie and I are stiff runny, stuffy with sneezing.  I have quite a cough the past week, I need to check with Doc Pierce to know when it is just a cough or bronchitis.  Eddie and I keep each other awake at times – night-time seems to be the most uncomfortable time.  I have been drinking a lot of hot lemon or lime water – seems to help but it also means trips to the throne.

I have had to resort to 2 finger hunt and peck – so far it has worked pretty well, not many mistakes.  My little finger keeps changing sensations – right now it feels as if the nerve is just covered by skin and any  time I touch it, I can it feel it.  Then, at times it suddenly feels cold on something – not necessarily metal, porcelain, etc.  I’m hopeful it means the feeling is coming back.

I need to upload pictures from my camera so I can post snow pictures and also the remodel photos.


Our World Has Shifted Again

March 26, 2017

I don’t have pictures to add, so I will use Ellen’s  from last year.

It’s been quite a while since I did a post – 3 months to be exact!  I have had trouble writing because my little finger on my left hand has put in extra letters and I have to keep going back to fix it.  I have finally decided on the 2 finger hunt and peck system to eliminate as much as I can.  I’ll do spell check and if there are other errors, I’d say you will be able to figure them out without any problem.

We’ve had 2 snow storms, one on the 1st of the year, the other last month.  I definitely don’t go out in snow – I did my show from home rather than risk finding myself in a ditch.  I would have been fine, it was smarter to do it from home.  I had one I had to have a rebroadcast because I lost my voice – not helpful in radio.  I feel I am getting the hang of the show after 5 months, though what seemed clear a bit ago, isn’t quite so clear.  Definitely a learning experience.

Eddie has retired for the 4th or 5th time.  Two weeks ago was Eddie’s last day with Andy – finance is not his thing and spending time at the aviation conference really brought that home to him.  He had such a great time that week – like a kid in a candy store.  He met all kinds of people and his Kaplanian Report was a hit.  He is following up on contacts, talking to people and looking to creating a new venture in commercial aviation.  We don’t know how it will show up or how it will look yet.  Eddie has decided that at this age he doesn’t have to do something he doesn’t want to do.

That also means he is home a lot more – a big adjustment for both of us.  I let him know I haven’t retired, I have my own life and business.  There also my medical life,.  Tomorrow is a cardiac scoring the cardiologist wanted me to do – on me.  I am going to see my dermatologist on Friday to check if I have to do minor MOHS surgery or not.  I opt for not.   I need new orthotics, I have a list to the right since I broke my hip and I am noticing it more as time goes on.  Maybe they will even help me clip my toenails, I am having trouble reaching as well as strength to clip.  Both of us are dealing with runny, stuffy nose and sneezing – is it sinus or allergy?  No one seems to know.  Doc Pierce would rather save the antibiotics for heavy-duty situations – that’s fine with me.  I prefer to go do the things I want to do and not spend so much time on medical.

My personal injury case is finally settled – it’s only been a year and a half.  I got money earlier and then the second one just came recently.  I called Brad to find out when he can start on the downstairs bathroom – he came by this week with ideas and a budget.  He needs to schedule the plumber and electrician, so I’m not sure when he will start.  Since there will be a new shower stall, he wants to dig up the old one and see what is underneath before the plumber comes.  So he will do that first – Eddie can still the sink and toilet but will shower up here.  Since he will probably be home, he can make the decisions for his bathroom.

We had Mr. Rooter out because the hot water went wonky.  He had to replace the elements, my bad for not draining the water heater every year.  It’s so lovely to have it working properly again.  The joys of home ownership.  I also have a new toilet seat – the other one was loose and I have a bit more bulk now, so the mix didn’t work out very well.  No more loose toilet seat.

We have had more rain in the last 3 months than all of last year.  Not sure why – it still feels like fall and winter even though the flowers are blooming.  The crocuses were out last month – it was chilly – and they bloomed their hearts out.  Then the mini daffodils are blooming and a pink Hyacinth came up from out of nowhere.  Now the grape hyacinths are showing their pretty, purple faces.  The Scillas have greenery all over the place, soon they will have lovely lavender blossoms.  The forsythia on the bank finally bloomed, they are usually the first.

The moles have been busy off and on – Eddie is sure if he leaves them alone, they don’t produce so many mounds.  Let’s face it, they haven’t helped the lawn except to maybe aerate the soil.

As you can see, not a lot of excitement or big news lately.  However, I hope to get back into the groove of writing posts again – I miss it and it helps me process things.


Candy sent this lovely butterfly – great finish for the post.

Thank You both for the lovely photos you send me, I love to seeing them.


Christmas Memories

December 25, 2016

How did Christmas sneak up on me?  It is on Sunday and we’ve barely finished Thanksgiving.  Christmas has definitely changed over the decades – yikes, it is literally decades at this point.  Growing up, Christmas was like the rest of the year – family time.  My Dad once told me if they could take the three of us, they didn’t want to go.  I don’t remember Christmas the 1st 7 years of my life in Southern California – my memories are of 1955 when we moved to this house in Seattle.

We usually bought a Christmas tree a week before Christmas, but it went into a bucket of water at the bottom of the outside basement stairs.  There was a  store called Chubby and Tubby that had 99 cent trees.  We would all split up and look for a tree in the lot – then we had to decide which would be our tree.  I usually saw a cool tree – being held by someone else.  I loved the smell of Douglas fir – that is the smell of Christmas to me.

Christmas Eve was when we decorated the house with greens and put up the terrace.  We had a holly tree next to the house and a cedar type hedge by the drive and usually a fir somewhere by the canyon.  As the Christmas cards arrived in the mail, my Mom hung a ribbon or two to the front door and taped up the cards.  She had hooked a NOEL hanging for the front door, so sometimes that went up first and the cards were on ribbons on either side of the fireplace.

During this time, Mom would be making Christmas cookies and we “helped”.  It was mainly decorating, though whatever we did, it was fun to be in the kitchen with all those wonderful smells.   And Christmas fudge – a recipe Dad got from someone at North American.  He was told it is the See’s fudge recipe – whether it is or not, it’s wonderful!! I remember Mom putting it in the hall closet to cool off.  We would also go out to the see the Christmas Ship   –  yacht decorated with lights and a different choir every night singing carols.  There were small boats following it, also decorated with lights.  They would stop at different places w here a bonfire was built and they would anchor in as close as they could and play carols to all of us on shore.  There was a schedule published for the week or so they did it, on the lake and the Sound.

Afterwards, we would be cold, so we came home for hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

The day before Christmas we decorated the house.  The tree went up and after Dad tied it to the curtain rod to keep it from falling.  He put on the lights while the rest of us decorated its.  We never had a “coordinated tree”, the decorations were from different times.  There were some from when Mom and a Dad were first married, some came from friends or we made; others were bought to supplement those that broke – it was a hodge podge – our own special hodge podge.  We had to keep filling the pan for the tree with water because the cats kept drinking it.  We were fortunate it didn’t occur to any of them to climb the tree.

One year we put up the tree a week before Christmas – we all were tired of it before Christmas arrived.  By doing it Christmas Eve, then the next morning was Christmas.  Mom made a sour cream coffee cake for breakfast and then we opened our gifts.  Then Mom made a proper breakfast.

When my older sister was married, Mom  decided to have Christmas Eve, then they would spend Christmas with his family.  when I was married, I went out of the country.  Our first Christmas as a married couple was in Australia – it didn’t feel like Christmas because its was in the middle of summer.  We had a rather sad artificial tree with some ornaments.  What I do remember is one of the women at the store where I worked asked me the significance of a white Christmas.  That brought me up short until I realized all the Christmas cards, movies, etc. show snow – how could they connect in the middle of summer?

The worst day was Thanksgiving – no one there knew what it was or why we celebrate it.  I made the mistake of thinking what Mom and Dad would be doing and it really upset me.  I couldn’t really explain why I felt that way to the other women.  When I came home from work, Eddie had cooked a whole chicken for us.

When we came back from Australia, we were living in San Francisco and no money to go to Seattle for Christmas.  So Mom and Dad and my younger sister came to us for Christmas.  After that, Eddie was able to arrange business trips to Seattle, we just had to pay for my ticket.  So for many years we went to Seattle for Christmas and my sisters would come too.

One year our godson from Australia came for a 6 week visit – 2 weeks in LA where we lived, 2 weeks in Seattle for Christmas and 2 weeks in LA before we left for home.  it was an interesting time, I took pictures, bought postcards and assembled a photo album so he could show his family.  It took some time to do the album, so it was after he left that it was done.

When he came up here, we had a small fir tree by the drive that was big enough for a Christmas tree.  He and Dad cut it down and put it up in the living room.  We also went to dinner at Ivar’s salmon house by the locks and the Christmas ship was going through.  We had a lose up view and heard the carols.

When our 2nd oldest niece came t3o visit, she w as amazed because it wasn’t like Jerusalem at all.  My parents took her on a walk down to the beach on an old logging road – she said she had never been in a forrest before.  SHE saw Vashon from our window and wanted to see an island – not sure what she expected.  I was surprised to find there aren’t Christmas trees and decorations in Jerusalem.

When she was here, we started new tradition – a middle eastern buffet for Christmas Eve dinner.   My sisters were still coming for Christmas and we continued it for several years.  It was getting harder to travel during Christmas and my sisters haven’t been here for quite a while.  Both Eddie and I were glad not to travel this year to Toronto – we love being with them but the getting there and coming home is not always easy.

Lately Christmas has been quiet – my Mom and dementia and for 2 years we went to Toronto to our oldest niece and her family.  This year is just us and for Christmas dinner, we have invited a good friend.

Although things are different, there are always reminders, big and small, of all the Christmases in my life.

Wishing everyone a lovely Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Little Fingers Affect A Lot

December 22, 2016

I know I haven’t been posting very often, there is a reason – I have to work twice as hard to make sure you can read it. Ever since my elbow replacement, my left little finger and ring finger are not working very well.  My little finger is numb and tends to catch on things and hit wrong keys so I seem to have a language all my own.  I am writing my show prep for Tuesday about Christmas and will use it for my blog later on.  I would have had  it all done but I had to keep fixing it as I went along.

I don’t have a whole lot to write about since I feel I am catching up more than anything else.  We’ve hwad a little snow, but not enough to really count.  It was sleeting wheqn Eddiqe left this morning, though it was mixed wit3h rain, he wasn’t really conceqrneqd about it.  It has been really cold lately – well, cold for us.  I don’t miss the snow and ice we had in the East and also in Fort Wayne.  We are glad we decided t4o stay here for the holidays.

I have been enjoying doing my radio show – it feels easier and more relaxed thant he first time.  I also know more 3thsn I did the first time. I decided to talk about my Christmas memories, especially with my family and when Sylvia came and our godson Jason form Austra;ia.   Later I asked Bennie what he thought – he said I am a good story teller.  I was pleased to hear t3hat.  I also need to help peqopke understand  what4 the show is about, why I am doing it and the message.  I am wondering what I am going to talk about next Tuesday –  I don’t have a guest at the moment.

Th moles are having a field day in the lawn.  Not only does one make a huge mound, after Eddie pounds it down, the little sucske2r make another one right on top.  I don’t know what has galvanized them to be so active, I’da love two put a stop to it.  As I have said, we don’t have a golf course lawn but there is no reason to have it look like a construction zone.  Jorge, who does the lawn, said he had something, so maybe we can stop some of them.

Tomorrow the pest guy is coming for his third visit.  He was here two weeks ago and out of 12 traps, no furry creature.  he will remove the traps and plug up as much as he can to keep them from finding a winter home here.

This is not a long post, just a way t3o let you know I am still here and want to continue the blog.  If you can read the oddball words, then  it will make more sense.


Enjoy the season.

Best 2 Weeks In Ages

December 12, 2016

I have had energy and enthusiasm for things the past couple of weeks – it feels so good after so many weeks and months dragging myself around, dealing with surgeries, bronchitis and RA.  I also may have overdone a bit, but what a feeling!!!!

We had snow on Monday, about an inch and snow on Friday, 2 inches at least.  Monday was problematic for Eddie in the morning because it  started snowing when he was having breakfast in Southcenter.  He wasn’t sure how it would be on 405 into Bellevue – then found someone had broken his back passenger window – no briefcase.  He came home and spent a lot of time working with the bank because our checkbook was in the briefcase – also Andy’s business checkbook.  Then called Vickie, our insurance agent and took his car to Murray’s Collision – we just got mine back.  Someone backed into my front passenger bumper leaving dents and scratches and a big hole.

I said that is why I am such a nag about leaving anything in plain sight in the car.  He didn’t really believe me, just thought I was being paranoid.  NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!

He has a Hyundai Sonata, but he misses his wagon so much that he is impatient for it to be fixed.  I had a Chrysler 200 for a rental – it was very awkward to drive and get in and out.   So glad to have my Subaru back.

Friday’s snow was more problematic – Eddie didn’t go to work, but worked from home.  I rescheduled my haircut and a new client visit – the pest control guy came in the afternoon.  I heard scratching on the bedroom ceiling last Wednesday – a familiar sound of furry creatures looking to settle in for the winter.  He came the following day to set traps and see where they are getting in.  He came this week – nothing in any of the traps – not sure what’s happening.  He will be back in 2 weeks to check again and put copper mesh over the holes he can reach.  We also need to put new insulation up in the attic as well.

Week before last we were doing Secret Santa for Breakfast Club.  I was given Bryan Gormley – someone I barely know.  I found he had 3 daughters, so the first week I did a Family Fun Box with cookie cutters, frosting, 4 bottles of sprinkles, recipes for Gingerbread cookies and Sugar cookies.  The 2nd week was a set of wooden puzzles and the last was a set of 4 small bottles of spices and some ideas to use them.  I think he was pleased.  We had the third gift at the Christmas party Wednesday night.

Thursday was the PNAA Christmas Party in Mukilteo – we skipped it because they said snow was coming in the evening.  Glad we did because driving home in the dark and the snow isn’t something that is easy any more.  This coming Friday is supposed to be the party for Andy’s group.  So far there hasn’t been a response and Eddie will have no regrets canceling it.  We’ll see how it plays out over this week.  Andy is leaving the following day for China to visit his Mom.  Things have changed for him, he had to have a written invitation to visit.  He is now an American citizen, so it looks as if they don’t recognize he was born there.  That bugged him no end.

The past few days I felt myself with less energy, so Saturday after we finished our errands, I crawled into bed for a nap.  I slept about 2 hours and felt so much better.  I have been sleeping better as well – I think the nap took the edge off being tired.  Looks as if I need to make time for a lie down or nap every once in a while.

Oh my, have the moles been busy!!!  Our lawn looks more like swiss cheese than grass.  On the bright side, it is aerating the grass so I don’t have to do it.  I am wondering if the  kids grew up and didn’t leave home.  Looks as if we have a colony instead of a small family.  We had a card telling us the new value for the house and land – the house is worth more than the land.  Maybe they think the land is less valuable with holes in it.  I suspect our property taxes will be going up again.

We have an arborist in Breakfast club now and he came by Thursday to look at the fruit trees, fig, blueberries and dogwood.  They all need help and the isn’t going to charge all outdoors to do it.  He will prune and clear grass away from the trunks and then in Spring will prune the new fruit so we have better fruit and maybe the apples won’t keep hitting the ground so often.  Might even keep the creepy crawlies away.  I also need to have John come and give us the view back.

The snow on the Olympics is spectacular!!  When the sun comes up and shines on the snow, it is gorgeous.  We sometimes have to look quickly or the sun disappears.  A lot of the time they awry covered with clouds.  Occasionally Mt. Rainer comes out in all its glory, what another spectacular sight!

Time to close – wish I had a picture of the mountains to include.











It’s Done !!!

November 13, 2016


Wish I saw this last week

This one definitely fits this week.

Hallelujah, the election is over and we don’t have to hear or see any more political ads every 2 minutes.  It is a mixed blessing because there are those who are completely stunned Hillary lost and Donald Trump won.   There are others who are over the moon Trump won – then there are those in between to different degrees.  I didn’t vote for either one – I wrote in a name.  Sometimes I wish they had a selection that says “None of the above”.  That is true of the issues as well as candidates.  What I don’t understand are the Hillary supporters sitting in the streets like a spoiled brat having a tantrum because she or he isn’t get what they wanted.  Get over yourself!!!   If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain because you didn’t exercise your privilege and responsibility to vote.

What happened to civility and being a gracious loser or winner?  One doesn’t always have things the way they want – suppose it turns out to be the best thing for you.  It may take time. but as I say on my radio show – “In every difficult situation is a gift waiting for you to discover”.   I have been wondering if we have needed a shaking up to rebalance the country.  We have had great presidents, terrible ones and everything in between and our country is still here.  Instead of being afraid and full of fear, concentrate on what you can do and trust the Universe.  It may sound simplistic, simple isn’t always easy.  Your thoughts become things and negative thoughts, words and actions bring more of the same.  Here’s a strange concept – only have positive, loving and empowering thoughts, words and actions.  As for me, I don’t watch the news much – too negative even in good times.

Enough of that, we are all saturated with the whole thing.  Actually, it has been a positive week for me, though I have spent most of it going to doctors.  My Tuesday appointment with the cardiologist didn’t happen.  Threw was an accident on the other side of the 1st Ave bridge – I was in traffic for an hour and a half and half an hour late for my appointment.  I called to let them know – they thought I would be there in 10 minutes.  As I got to the doctor’s office, my phone rang – she was calling to see where I was and that they would have to reschedule.  I talked to a very nice young woman and they gave me an appointment for Thursday morning.  Naturally when I went home, traffic was light and one would never know there was a problem.

I was early on Thursday for the appointment.  I had an echocardiogram and they called to tell me there were some abnormalities – not something I want to hear.  I had them send the results to Doc Pierce, he said he didn’t think it was anything to worry about.  Dr. Ali was really nice and she told it straight without big words.  Essentially there is some stiffness in my heart that is simply from aging.  she isn’t concerned about it but she wants to know how the flow in my blood vessels is, cholesterol numbers don’t tell her.  She wants me to do a scan – not covered by insurance – that will give her a better if I need a statin or not.  She was pleased to see my blood pressure is good, that I didn’t smoke or drink – all good indicators.  She wants to see me in 8 weeks – it is up to me if I do the test.  I will probably do it so I know what the situation is and if it is necessary to do anything.

I saw my dermatologist Tuesday afternoon for a check up.  I am finished with basel cell surgery and have healed quite well.  She was pleased with the results – she has seen noses that didn’t come out too well and I am the second one from Dr. Bradley she says looks great.  Now she wants me to do a cream twice a day to bring up the little red spots as well as those below the skin that could be cancerous in time.  She did say I would probably look very spotty about the second week, but it would take care of them 85%.  I thought sure shoe would be trigger happy with the nitrogen, bit she thinks the cream will help.  A week or so of spotty is small compared to MOHS surgery.  She also checked my legs – they are healed and looking a lot better.  I use the CirAids around my lower legs and it has helped a lot.  I was weighed this week and I have lost 10 pounds compared to Doc Pierce’s scale.

Friday I went to the orthopedic surgeon I saw for my broken arm.  As I was checking in, it seemed to be dicey about payment – no way was I going to pay and have them reimburse me, been there, done that.  They are the most obstreperous group I have ever dealt with using my PIP coverage.  I told her I am doing fine, I am not doing the reverse shoulder replacement because I’m scared, so I really don’t have to see him.  And I left.

I also had fun doing my radio show on Tuesday – I talked about elections and voting.  I talked about where I have voted and how it was done, as well as my experience Australia.  The next couple of shows I have guests – this coming week is Krysta Gibson and next week my attorney friend Dave Gagley.  I have some other ideas for guests, so I am going tp  contact them this week.

It definitely was a good week for me.  I hope it was for you.

Almost Over!!!!

November 6, 2016

I don’t think I am the only one who is glad the election marathon will be over on Tuesday.   However, no one is sure what will follow when they decide who won the Presidency – another circus no doubt.  It seems each time the voter fatigue is worse than the one before – too many candidates saying he or she is the honest one and will accomplish so much.  Yet all the while saying what a crook, liar and double dealer their opponent is – enough already.  Afterwards the media will analyze it all to death.  Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind?  No doubt they are spinning in their graves.  Enough of all of it!!!

I didn’t realize it has been a month since I last wrote here – the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been dealing with bronchitis.  fortunately my doc gave me an antibiotic and I am finally feeling so much better.  I don’t like taking it, but I was so miserable that I was willing to do it.  I found they weren’t kidding about no caffeine, it kept me awake all the time.  Not a lot of sleep.    So I started drinking herbal tea so I could get some rest.  I also wasn’t to have dairy 2 hours before and after, so I had to have my yogurt for lunch.  Otherwise it was okay.  Usually it is the cough that gets me, wearing me out and making sleep difficult.  One night I was so frustrated, I took my to fingers and pressed them to the base of my throat – to my surprise, it helped stop the cough.

I am finding my little and ring finger on my left hand are still numb.  That doesn’t mean there is no feeling – such interesting sensation and they keep changing.  Lately it feels as if I have a tiny blood pressure cuff on the lower part of my little finger.  It also means my fingers aren’t all that strong or working all that well – you should see what I type before I have to correct it!  So there are things I can’t do very well – such as clipping my finger nails.  The right hand works fine but the left has very little strength. This time I used the cuticle scissors to cut my right hand, it actually worked.  Now I can type better with short nails.  I am still much slower than before, it too is slowly getting better.   I am glad to say I don’t have any surgeries or procedures coming up – what a relief!!!!

This week was the first of my radio show – yes, I have started it again.  It is easier this time and now I have a parking decal that says I am an employee of Hubbard Radio.  How about that!!!!!  It is a feeling of coming home and spending time with my family.  This time I have archives on – just click the link and look for  Finding The Gifts and you can find the archives.  It still doesn’t feel quite real, but it is definitely sinking in.  Now I need to start inviting gets and deciding what subjects I want to do – I plan to have the same guests I had last time as well as others.  I need to update my web site and Facebook page to let people know I am back.

Eddie went to Jerusalem to visit his sister – her cancer has come back.  There spots on her liver and they don’t think another surgery is feasible because she just had one a short while ago.  She is doing heavy-duty chemo – today is her second one – but they really don’t hold out much hope for her.  The kids aren’t telling her everything because she is such a worrywart.  Eddie and Tako inherited it from their mother, though Eddie isn’t quite as much of one as Tako.  He wasn’t anxious to go, but it turned out very well.  It really lifted Tako’s spirits and Eddie had a chance to spend time with the nieces and nephew plus their spouses and kids.  He seemed to be a unifying influence since things had been somewhat strained.  He and Tako are the older generation and so he seems to be somewhat of a patriarch.  He is very impressed with all of them and said he would be a mediator any time they needed.

The week he was gone was the first time in 14 years I was on my own.  He used to travel a lot and I learned to create a life while he was away.  Since we’ve been here, he hasn’t really travelled and if he did, Mom was here.  It probably took me that week to realize I was on my own – they he came back.  Life is very different here from when we were moving around.

No big surprise we have had a lot of rain this month and last month.  This is when the “livability” of Seattle is strained – we are used to going and doing while it rains but newcomers aren’t.  I love the rain and since I was feeling miserable, it wasn’t at all difficult to stay in the warm and dry house.

We had Jorge and his crew power wash the house and garage roofs as well as the side walks to get rid of the moss – it is such a difference!  It took him two days – worth every penny!  Also, we had a sewer back up and this time it was really serious.  They fixed it temporarily and then later dug up a position of the line on the bank to fix the pipe – it had a hole in it and the roots were really doing a number on it.  Its was pricey but necessary – now when my sisters come to visit, we won’t have the usual back up any more.

Not a lot else going on – I know I need to add pictures, but the last time I took pictures for the post, I did a header on the kitchen floor and broke my elbow.  I will just have to update in a couple of days.



Always New Questions

October 2, 2016

Why is it, during the week I have all kinds of ideas for this blog; but when I sit down to write it, my mind is a blank.  After such a long silence, I thought I would have all kinds of things to say.  One thing I do remember thinking was how much my questions have changed.   I think I did a post about questions a while ago – asking what is the gift and blessing in this situation rather than wailing “Why does this happen to me?”.  Then again, why not me?  Do I think I should be exempt from challenging situations?  Recently I was listening to alternative talk radio and this quote came up – “The Universe is doing it for you, not to you”.

I have to then ask myself what messages have I been sending through thoughts, words and actions?  Yes, the old childhood programs are running, the difference is I am more aware of them.  I was thinking last night before I went to sleep that I have survived, overcome, came through – whatever term one wants to use – the things and situations  in my life over the past almost 70 years.Ye Gods and Little Fishes!  70 in January – how did that happen?  Must have happened when I wasn’t looking.  I don’t feel any particular age, I just am.  When I think about being 70 soon, I feel as though my time is shorter than I thought.

Lately I have been smacked in the face with the results of long-term effects of RA and meds.  It never occurred to me that I would have trouble with edema in my lower legs, then lead to wounds that need to be wrapped to heal them.  My skin has always been tender because it is pale – I sunburn very easily.  Now it is fragile and that concerns me, I run aground on things but I don’t remember when or how, I only notice I have broken the skin.  Everything takes longer to heal because of biologic and immunosuppressant – some days I feel I am between a rock and hard place.

I would have whinged and complained about it before; now I am wondering what I can learn from it and what can I do or think differently.  It is much easier to write it than it is to do.  I suspect the whinge is the first response and I have to consciously change gears to see it differently.  I also was smacked in the face with realizing that when people see me, they see the deformity of my hands.  I am looking at a different angle and know they aren’t  as they used to be.  But I don’t really noticed it.  I think I saw my hands in a mirror and realized I don’t have to say anything for someone to know I have RA – the hands tell it all.

I am grateful about how much my hands can do – I can do a lot of the things I want and need to do – at times strength and flexibility aren’t there, but I have been able to find other ways around it.  My body has made it possible to do things, go places, explore and travel.  I had also been thinking about the question of “What need does RA meet?”.  I had a thought the other day about that – I have often felt there was nothing special about me, but RA is a way to be special and different.  People have often said they don’t know I do all that I do with RA.  I will admit I haven’t been doing a whole lot lately except recover.  A friend recently said she remembers when I was always going and going.  I realize my life has been a lot more sedentary the past couple or 3 years.  Time to put on my walking shoes and walk more.

Now I need to think in terms of how am I special without RA?  Everyone is special in his or her own way, but society says there are only certain ways to be that way.  But is being famous or well-known the most important way to do it?  Suppose each of us recognized what is special about us and worked within our circles of friends, colleagues and acquaintances?   There would be all these circles that would overlap and who knows what could be accomplished.  We all want to be special and recognized, finding that specialness is not always easy – one of those “think outside the box” type situations.

Then there is the question “What keeps me from feeling special?”.   “What makes me think I am not special?”.  Is it childhood programs or feedback from peers, etc.?  Or is it Madison Avenue telling us over the years if we don’t fit the mold, we aren’t acceptable?  Now at this age I am considered old and discounted as not worth advertising to – only those 18 – 34 are important.  I don’t feel old, I don’t feel unworthy or any of that, I am at my best now than when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.  I am smarter and realize what is really important as well as finally understanding so many things that were so confusing.

I feel as if I am on the threshold of a new life, I need to be clear on what I want it to be and begin to create it.  Simple, right?


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