More Pulp Fashion

After writing the post yesterday, I decided to see what Google had on images for both Isobelle and for Fortuny.  What a wonderful surprise!  Isobelle has been working on fashions of the last 500 years and has ones from different eras as well as the Fortuny ones.  This woman is so fascinating, I am astounded at the intricacy and detail of some of the work – she has done clothes in De Medici times, also looks as though she has done French Revolution fashions and one from Worth.

Isabelle_bigger-paper-ball-gown_xlHouse of Worth

This is one of the dresses at Bellevue – Char and I found it fascinating because we thought it was an over dress, turns out it is all one piece but we had to look closely.



I love this one too – the colors are so rich, plus this is one of my favorite colors.


This is how the gauzy, transparent paper looks.


More of the dresses we saw.


Then I checked out Mariano Fortuny and found the real thing.  This shows how the dress is meant to be stored.


In the exhibit there were pictures of the actual gowns that the paper ones were based.


They do hug your figure, which means they may not look as well on me – I willing to try one on and see how it looks.


I like the hem of the top on this one.  Char remarked that with a shorter skirt, it would work well today.

Along with the dresses and jackets, she put some paper shoes in as well – after all, one must have matching shoes.

IsabelleShoes_xlMuch too narrow for me, but most ingenious.

PF shoes

Such a beautiful color!


These boots are really something!


Looks ready for a party with shoes, bag and is that a bracelet?


Looks almost like tapestry.


These a re a bit more like bedroom slippers.


Then we find the more decorative shoes, ready for evening.


Then comes outrageous!

I will admit I had forgotten what the exhibit was, but I knew I would have a great time with Char – I was not disappointed!

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  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Thanks for the additional pictures, Liz!!

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