More Technology Challenges – I Think I’m Ahead

I was looking at my last post and was surprised to find it was at the beginning of May – has it been that long?  I have been feeling better so I could get some things done finally.  I have been clearing out the office – I am working on the bookshelf in the corner right now, 3 shelves done, 3 to go.  I can’t believe all the things I have kept, plus running across things I knew I had but had no idea where they went.  There have also been days when I have no interest in doing anything – not sure why, only that it felt as if it was too much effort.

I had been having trouble with my computer, poor baby, I bought it in 2012 and  continued to upgrade it.  But it was time for another one, so I  went to the Apple store to buy another desk top.  I kept hearing people say I should get a laptop, it can do anything a desktop can.  Plus I can take it with me when I go somewhere.  I was tempted but decided to listen to my own knowing and went with a desk top.  It felt right.

I also decided to keep my old one – Eddie thinks I am nuts and wondered where I would put it.  I found a wonderful origami fold up desk on Amazon for not too much and it fits very well.  I will admit it is a bit high, but I was looking for something I didn’t have to assemble.  All I had to do was – Eddie and Brad actually did it for me – unpack it, unfold the bottom and lock the top into place.

I took both in together to have files transferred and my old one upgraded to High Sierra.  I had to leave it for 24 hours – that meant I could relax and not feel I ‘had’ to be doing on it.  I went back for it, they had me check it out to be sure it was working, then we took both home to set them up.  First off, there was no mouse.  So I went back with my receipt to pick up my mouse.  Seemed to cause a lot of consternation and head scratching until they finally gave me the mouse.

It is a wireless mouse and it worked fine, but the keyboard wouldn’t talk to anyone.  The computer kept looking for the wireless keyboard – I had a cord with my keyboard.  So I found myself using the old mouse and keyboard for both computers – that got old in a hurry.  I kept trying to figure out what was going on – it must have been a couple of weeks before it finally hit me.  I thought I ordered a wireless key board as well, so I decided to take it in to exchange it.

Eddie brought the box up and guess what I found?  Instructions.  Seems all I had to do was take the cord off and move the little switch to ON and there was my wireless keyboard.  That kept me from looking like a fool since I hadn’t noticed the instructions.  However, we did go back so I could buy an external hard drive – needed it for back up.  A good example of letting it simmer on the back burner for a while until it makes sense.  I doubt there is a job as a trouble shooter in my future – for some odd reason, they want things fixed right now this minute.

This is July 4th, now we should be having summer weather.  It’s supposed to be 84 today – not looking too promising at the moment.  However, I will take this weather any day of the week.  I have spent summers in places that are just plain hot; places that are hot, humid and buggy, plus others that were just plain miserable.  I am not a fan of extreme hot or cold, I am getting much more temperate in my later years.  Living here is my reward for supporting Eddie as he moved for promotions or new companies in some very uncomfortable places.  I was able to see a lot of places I might never have seen and each place had special parts to it.

I killed the paper shredder a few days ago.  I only put in 4 sheets and the poor thing choked on them – says it can take up to 12 sheets.   So we had to buy another one – the secret to making it work is moving the little button under the motor.   We also bought some lubricant sheets to run through every once in a while to keep it running well.  Eddie was most upset about it, now he is the shredder in the family by his own decree.

At the beginning of June, I had my Queen’s birthday.  Since Charlotte and I have birthdays close to each other, I decided to do what the Queen does – her real one is in April but it’s celebrated in June.  We met at Medici Pizza in Alderwood Mall – they opened up recently and have the best pizza.

Eddie is helping the new Highline Heritage Museum with the section on the airport.  He has found things for them at the Future of Flight and with his other contacts.  It is supposed to open this month, but it isn’t looking too likely since the building isn’t finished yet.  However, he is having fun and enjoys working with the curator for the museum.

I keep thinking I need to put a photo in here somewhere – just not sure what it will be.

6 Responses to “More Technology Challenges – I Think I’m Ahead”

  1. Charlotte Larson Trayer Says:

    Well, I was beginning to wonder if you were still among the living, I haven’t heard from you in so long!!

    Glad you got the computer situation figured out. It’s always hard to adjust to a new one, I think–even if it’s supposedly “the same” or “almost exactly like” the old one, it isn’t!

    Wow, who’d have thunk it–a wired/wireless keyboard! You learn something new every day!

    I’m glad it finally warmed up again; I was piling on the blankets at night! I don’t know why 65 feels so much colder in the summer than it does in the winter!!

    I seem to keep busy here–not always sure what i’ve done, but I’ve managed to be busy!

    We’re hearing fireworks in the distance, but at least the neighbors aren’t doing their usual big boomers tonight; maybe, in the mid-to-late 20s now, those “boys” have finally grown up???

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Yes, I am still here – though where that is and what day it is are bit sketchy.
      now I am going between two computers, a bit strange but I have a DVD I want to have going and this way it can be on one computer while I work on the others. Eddie thinks I am crazy – not the first time he has said it in the last almost 50 years. That’s what happens when a scenic route marries and Point A to Point B. Keeps things interesting.

      • Charlotte Larson Trayer Says:

        Haha….that’s for sure!!

        Hope you are staying cool–it’s been miserably hot outside–And in our house!

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        We are back to the hot stuff again. Thought you liked it hot?

      • Charlotte Larson Trayer Says:

        I do, but not necessarily 90° hot! I prefer 75-80–warm enough that I don’t have to wear a sweater, but not so hot that I get uncomfortable.

        Our house, by the way, is just miserable when it gets over 85 outside. One night it stayed over 80 inside out house until well after 1a.m.!! You just can’t sleep when it’s like that…..

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        It helps to live on a hill – unless the breeze dies down and it is still – then it isn’t so swift. Thank goodness it finally cools down at night – too many places I’ve lived didn’t.

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