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Morning to Evening

February 9, 2014

When we got up Saturday morning, this is what we saw!


There was a big cloud over the house, yet we could see the sun rising on the mountains and their layers of snow.


These are such spectacular mountains and I love to see them no matter what the weather.


They are so magnificent!  I miss them when they are covered by clouds.

The weather men have been predicting snow for several days and nothing has happened.  So when they said it would snow last night, we figured it was another false alarm.  Around 8 or so we looked out and By George, it was snowing.  I am always fascinated by snow at night, it lights up everything, as if someone left the lights on.  It is so beautiful, no wind so everything is just piled on the ground, the bushes and the trees.  There must have been about 2 or 3 inches of snow, we noticed no one going down the Shorewood Dr hill.

It’s not sunny this morning, instead it is very grey – sky, Sound, with only the ground white.   Eddie was due to go to the Museum of Flight this morning, he is still here because he didn’t want to deal with the hills.


What a different view this morning!


No mountains and we can barely see the islands.

Now he getting dressed so he can go out and shovel the walk – it is supposed to start raining overnight, so it may be a redundant use of energy.  However, he has some exercise and will know the walk is clear tomorrow morning.  I want to go take pictures but need to have a shower and get dressed first – better get started so I have pictures for the blog.


I had a shower and put clothes on so I could go out to take pictures – also took some out the bathroom window because it was  beautiful to see snow against the trunks of the camellia and lilac trees.


This is the lilac by the outside stairs and the bathroom window.


Just next to it is the big camellia.  Amazing when the wind doesn’t blow it all off.


The snow piled up on the leaves of the camellia.


Allen’s have a tree next to their deck that is full of light pink blossoms in the spring.  You might say it is flowering in snow today.


I noticed the Rosemary bush was flowering in pale lavender earlier in the week – now it has snow flowers.


This is the Allen’s lilac bush; I picked some last Spring to take to Mom.


Eddie didn’t have much trouble clearing the walk because he said the snow was light.


The camellias by the walk.


I think we had about 3 – 4″ of snow, that’s how it looked to me where Eddie had cleared the walk.


The red pear tree had quite a load of snow –


so did the other pear and the Gravenstein apple.


The east side of the house where the lilac is on the left, the big camellia next to it, the light pink rhododendron, the dark red rhododendron and at the corner is the purple lilac.


The pink dogwood has really grown – my wood stream is somewhere in that bed.


There is the stump of the Fotinia tree – it now has a small tree growing out of the top.  The bumps below are my wood stream.


This is looking behind the east side of the house where the lilacs, rhodos and big camellia are – that’s the outside stairs below.

Things are different now, the truck came by a bit ago to put sand on the road and make Shorewood Dr. hill easier to navigate.  The snow isn’t quite as pretty as it was this morning when I took the pictures – I realize I could have used black and white film and have the same look.  A while ago the fog rolled in, not up here yet but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen.

I know this is not a big deal compared to most of the country – I know what it is like from the times I lived in different place.  What we have today is plenty for me and the idea of rain coming tonight is very welcome.  Otherwise it would end up very icy for Eddie tomorrow.  I plan to stay home and work on my taxes for Saturday.

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

March 31, 2013

How lovely to have some pretty sunny days with a cool north breeze – what a treat!  I had an interesting week, seems as if everything needed to be done for others right now this minute.  I was able to have an adjustment with my chiropractor, go to breakfast club, (I am now President Elect – in 6 months I will be President), have a lovely massage and enjoy yesterday with Eddie.  Along the way I have been noticing the flowers and trees blooming.  Our next door neighbors are back from Hawaii – they had great weather while it rained and was cloudy and sulking here.  Strangely enough, no new mole mounds in our yard but Sheila, on their other side, has 2 or 3 fresh ones.


This is what I see out the front windows

The mountains are gorgeous, snow on them and quite far down too.  Haven’t seen the big snow cone much, too many clouds over that way.  Yesterday it was sunny and the mountains were clear – except by the foothills – the fog was sitting there like a collar of whipped cream.  Usually the fog drifts over here and then we can’t see anything for a while.  Funny, that dissipated before it was halfway across the Sound.

I need to go out and take some pictures of the camellias, daffodils and Delores’s flowering quince – it is just coming out.  I have enjoyed seeing some azaleas blooming as well.  I wanted to add some pictures to this post – I will use some pictures from both my sisters – thanks Ellen and Candy.


Thank You Ellen for the Easter Daffodils and the earlier crocus


Thank You Candy for the apple blossoms

I noticed our Cherry trees are showing three or four clusters of blossoms – I doubt we will be getting any cherries from either of the trees before the birds.  I actually though the cherry tree was dead, so it is a surprise to see buds.  The red pear tree has an amazing number of buds, let’s hope the wind doesn’t blow the blossoms off before the pears are set.


I took these last year, those pears are delicious.

Now that I think of it, I do have a picture of the Big Snow Cone.

sn-ranierNow that is a mountain!

It has snow all year round and when you go up to Paradise in the spring, there are the most gorgeous wildflowers all around – with the mountain right there.  And up at Tipsu Lake, you see the lake with the mountain behind it and wildflowers too – what more could one ask?  Having the Olympics outside my front window, across Puget Sound, it is a wonderful place to be.

However, people have to remember, it rains a lot here and there are many cloudy days where it just sulks or else can’t make up its mind what to do.  I love rain, so it is not a big deal to me, but people who like hot weather in the summer and snow in the winter can be very disappointed.  A good friend of mine is a Yooper, born and brought up for most of her childhood on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – she hates the constant rain, having hardly any snow and the mountains.  She feels closed in; whereas I love to see them in all seasons.  Some people even say there are no seasons here.  You have to be a little odd to like living here.

I have shown you a bit of where I live and what I see, I’ve lived in the Midwest, South and Northeast – this is the only reasonable place for me.

Oh Goody, Rain and Dark

January 30, 2013


This is Wednesday, the day I go to my networking breakfast group.  We meet at 7:30 for breakfast and have a 30 second commercial, then a 5 minute speaker and a 15 minute speaker.  I am scheduled for a 15 minute in 3 weeks, then Carol asked if I would do it next week because Dick won’t be there – now why would he want to miss breakfast just to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary with his wife?

Eddie woke me up at 5:15, just before he left to volunteer at the Boeing Archives.  By the time I was ready to go, it was 0 dark thirty and not only dark, but raining too.  Not my favorite combination. Fortunately it wasn’t a hard rain, plus I noticed in the light of my little LED flashlight I could see the rain – like little lighted pins or thin rods that have rainbow colors.  I would like to stand still and study it, but I had to go – plus I would have gotten wet.  So I left for breakfast and was glad it wasn’t a torrential rain in the dark – been there, done that, don’t like it.

I remember a day in the 80’s when I was doing speeches for the Connecticut Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation.  It was a school and I wasn’t sure what to say to the kids, so I decided to think of it from their experiences.  It was during daylight and I had not been there before, so I was trying to find my way in the downpour where I could hardly see through the windshield.  The wipers weren’t doing a whole lot for me, but it would have been worse if I didn’t have them going.

I will say that all of us are so glad the fog is gone, there isn’t that feeling of the ceiling slowly coming down on me, almost squishing me as it comes close to the ground.  The air had gotten very stagnant, so there was a burn ban – now we can have a fire and the air is a lot cleaner.  We have even seen some sun, sometimes bits of it here and there, some times a whole morning or afternoon.

When I was out last Friday the sun went in and out of the clouds, one of those times when the clouds were snowy white to dark and all the values in between.  It was amazing, I wish I could have used my camera, but I needed to keep my eye on the road.  If we have sun and clouds, I rather have the puffy ones where the sun goes in and out than have it look hazy.

Day 1 - A cloudy pic across the puget sound

It is always amazing to see the rain come across Puget Sound from the West, over the olympic Mountains to us – then goes into the mountains and becomes snow and really bad weather as it makes it way east.  Sometimes we see big black clouds, sometimes they are grey and some have that “I’m going to dump on you” look.  Other times it looks like fog coming across the water, until the rain drops hit our big west-facing windows.  If the wind is strong, it will make those big windows rattle.

It’s been more of a toolie rain today that hard or downpour – but you will get wet is you stay out in it.  When they say there is a 60% chance of rain, I usually say you will only get 60% wet.  That’s the thing about Seattle, we have all kinds of rain – from spit to mist to drizzle to real rain to hard rain to downpour.  Some days it doesn’t do anything, just is cloudy and sulks. It’s not true it takes 6 months to acquire web feet here, it only takes 2 or 3.  Actually, I tell people it rains all day every day here so they won’t come here to live.  I remember saying that all the time I lived away from here.

I lived away from here for 34 years and I so missed the rain and the green.  I missed a large body of salt water and proper mountains, Northern Virginia had 3 mountain ranges but they were bumps on the landscape next to the Olympics.  It was hard to be in For Wayne and Atlanta where there weren’t any mountains and in Atlanta Lake Lanier was just a squiggly man-made lake – no body of salt water.  Felt a little landlocked in some places.  Really made me appreciate the Pacific Northwest and Washington (the real one).

I will take rain drops over the flakes and the icy stuff any day.


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