New Experiences This Week

Ellen sent a lovely beach rose photo the other day:


I have spent so much time catching up with pictures and my kitchen remodel blog that I have not had time or energy for this one.  Working on the remodel takes more time, downloading the pictures, rotating and that need it, a little adjusting, etc.  Then it takes quite a while to upload to my media library; then it goes more quickly.  I usually have a comment on each picture – that takes the least amount of time.  I admit it has been an interesting adventure the past 3 weeks – especially now that it is definitely looking more like a real kitchen than that just my imaginings.  I am so delighted with how well it has turned out so far, Mary Ellen was such a big help in choosing colors, flooring and counter tops.  Plus I have  received compliments on the blog – I started it to show my two sisters what was happening to house we grew up in.  They have been very supportive and really like what we are doing.

Also, this week has been busy as I was putting together quotes for the new client.  He wants denim shirts, polos and tees; I put together each category in separate quotes.  Then I had my group price them for me and Friday morning they came back; then I put them in each quote and sent them off.  The proof for the lapel pin has been approved to put them into production.  He is very pleased with how well I have been doing things for him – a lovely compliment I am very pleased to hear.  Especially as  I have been having trouble delivering an item another client wants – my group has not worked with any of the suppliers and that makes them nervous.  I proposed I would pay for it and to order the one the client likes.  I haven’t heard anything yet, though that was on Friday and I can’t remember when I sent the email.

Friday was an important day for my Mom – we went to the oncologist to find out the options for her breast cancer and treatments.  She doesn’t really know what is going on and I am not sure she would understand, so I haven’t said much to her about it.  I have explained what we are doing but I think it is confusing for her.  I am amazed at how calm I have been about the whole thing because I am usually a worrywart about things.  The part I have been somewhat apprehensive about is how she would deal with the whole experience.  Many times she has asked why are we doing this but so far has been fairly calm and cooperative.

I went over to the house by 1 pm when the van was due.  I had brought my bag again with kleenex, cookies and chocolate plus my book.  The van didn’t arrive until about 1:45 – our appointment was for 2.  By the time he secured Mom’s wheelchair and I finally got in, we were off.  The van is a high one and I couldn’t quite bend my left knee enough to  use the bar to pull myself up.  Ricky must be used to it because he held my right leg and lifted me up and there I was!  Traffic was somewhat heavy, so by the time we arrived, it was waaaay after 2.  The traffic was somewhat heavy but we moved most of the time.  I was surprised we were at the Polyclinic – that is where my rheumatologist is and Infusion Therapy .  We had gone to swedish 1st Hill for the other two appointments.  I was able to slide down to the curb, much easier coming out than going in.  The office is on the 5th floor, not too far from Infusion Therapy, so I felt on more familiar ground.

The doctor is a young Chinese man, though I have to say he looks like a high school kid.  He is not that tall and has no wrinkles in his fave, but after a bit I realized he had some grey in his hair, so he can’t be that young.  He was very nice and had all the records, so that helped a lot.  He examined Mom and asked questions and had some good news for us.   He is not one for invasive or heroic measures.  He said the stains show it has to do with estrogen – good news – and intermediate aggressive.  He recommends Tomoxifin (I think that is right), a once a day pill.  It keeps the estrogen from turning on the growth message to a cell, so the cell dies.  He thinks it may even shrink the 1 1/3″ cancer – too big to  just scoop out and having surgery to remove it would be very hard on Mom.  He feels this is a good option for Mom.  He has spoken with Dr. Myre and she will arrange for the prescription.

We were finished about 3:30, so I called Tri-Med to pick us up – it was close to 5 before they arrived.   Darryl was very friendly and helped both of us into the van.  Mom sat in front because she couldn’t bend he right knee to have all legs in.   It took some doing for me to get in the back seat – I couldn’t get my right leg to bend enough to be tucked in.  Finally I found a way to do it and had to side sideways and out my feet in the middle of the van; then would be the how do I get myself out.  Even though it was 5, the traffic wasn’t very heavy going south – usually on a Friday everything is so backed up.  I called Eddie to let him know where I was and what was happening, then I would call when I was ready to leave Mom’s house.  That meant I would have to figure out how to get out of the van.  Finally I realized I could put my left foot on the floor and stand a bit until I had my right foot out enough to  leave the van.  however, it wasn’t easy to get to the ground because I needed enough leg length to reach the ground.  I felt myself falling backward but found Daryl was behind me to keep me from falling.  Those Tri-med guys are so great.

By the time I was ready to leave for home, it was almost 6.  I told Didi what the doc said and that Dr. Myre would be sending the pills.  She has received the anti-psychotic pills and has been taking them for  a few days.  Mom was really tired when she came back, but they decided to give her dinner first and  I suspect she went to bed early.  They had given her a small can of apple juice at the doctor’s office but was able to drink it until we were finished.  I asked if she would like a cookie and she was definitely open to that.  I brought three and it probably held her until dinner.   Never did get to the chocolate, I’ll save it for another day.

I came home and Brad was gone and Eddie was taking me out to dinner.  I didn’t feel so tired and worn out this time, that helped a lot.  We had a quiet dinner at California Pizza because going into Seattle wasn’t appealing at that point.  I had a chance to take pictures for my blog afterwards and just stand and admire the kitchen.

That was my week.  I loved Ellen’s beach roses but it was hard because she also sent a gorgeous clematis.  So I’m putting in both photos.  Thank You so much Ellen, you have such lovely pictures.  Next time it will be Candy and a set of really wonderful photos.  Won’t tell about it, so wait and see.


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4 Responses to “New Experiences This Week”

  1. Maurice A. Barry Says:

    Your pictures are beautiful!
    …and the work never ends, does it?

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      I have to thank my sister Ellen in Ocean Grove for the pictures – she has such lovely ones of flowers, the beach and the ocean.

      So true, it seems as if there is always another thing to learn and experience – I think I am getting the hang of it. In a way, I feel I am coming out of a tunnel into the light (and it isn’t from the train at the other end).

  2. jadereyner Says:

    Another beautiful post and I am so pleased that there has been some good news for your Mum 🙂

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Thank You so much Jade, I am glad there won’t be invasive treatment for her, she has enough to feel anxious about already. I appreciate you lovely words and the thought behind them.

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