2 Responses to “The Wind Do Blow!!!!!!”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Not callous at all, Liz. It left you with a pleasant picture of your mom to carry with you. These days, 9-1/2 years after his death, it’s more the times when daddy was still alive (even though some are from when he was dying) that I remember, and less of the day we arrived down at his house to find him gone. Not that I don’t think about that occasionally, too–crying, with my head on his chest, before the Hospice nurse came to get him ready for the funeral home–but I remember the sweet times, more–his comments after I’d been down to fix a meal or play the piano, some conversations we had shared, etc. So, you will have this last, sweet picture of your mom to carry with you, plus all the many memories of past years.

    Now, as to the rain…!!! I’ve lived out here over 50 years, and I don’t think I will Ever grow to like it!! It’s okay as long as it’s just now and then, but not coming down in buckets, or for days and days without end! (And, yes, I still feel closed in by the mountains–when I can see them! I guess that might be a benefit of all the clouds–if there’s a thick cloud cover, I can’t see the mountains! What a trade-off!! LOL)

    love, Char

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Oh My, there is not much I can say, you have said it so well. As for rain, I prefer this to the hot, humid rain and green in the Eastern part of the U.S. – to me, that’s for the birds.

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