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Labor Day Weekend

September 7, 2017

This is often considered to be the end of summer weekend.  For us it is very warm and with more fires all around us, very hazy, smokey and hot.  Sinuses are not happy but not a lot we can do.  Meanwhile, my two sisters are having Seattle summer weather.

My younger one in Nashville had rain from Harvey but no flooding; my older sister on the Jersey shore is also having comfortable weather and some rain.


Ocean Grove, N.J.

We are having spectacular sunsets and sunrises because of the air quality.  Some people think people in Seattle are wimps because it seems we are  never satisfied – not enough rain, too much rain, etc.  I would not trade places with anyone, this is definitely my place.  People with all kinds of chronic illness are having difficulty with the weather and conditions, it is tough on the body physically, especially with a compromised immune system.  What I also know is that so far my survival rate from difficult times is 100% and I will make it through this as well.  Patience has been something I have had to learn – I will admit to times when it is stretched to it’s limits.

I was looking back at the beginning posts I wrote back in 2009 – I had forgotten a lot of it and it was a good reminder to me.  It also gave me a subject for my radio show this week – I wouldn’t be surprised to find quite a few more.  My contract with the radio station is up at the end of October, I have been working on finding sponsors to continue the show for another year.  I have three possibilities that I hope will come together.  We now have a metaphysical shop in Burien and they are an oasis for me.  I was there last week and one of the owners was saying that by tomorrow when Mercury goes back home and several other planets and eclipses occur, things will come together.  It is a matter of patience.  My problem is that I want it all settled and “in the bag” right now before my deadline.  I will see what unfolds in the next few days and weeks with as much patience I can muster.


Tuesday morning I left for my show and it looked very odd outside – almost a green tinge similar to the eclipse.  When I came up the hill, the sun was a red disc – very odd.  I had never seen it that way before.  The fires are getting worse and growing – it has been so difficult for the firefighters to access the slopes and put out the fires.  For several days the smoke has made the sun red, there was talk the moon is also red – hard to see it.  I have sinus headaches and once again I am coughing with a dry, scratchy throat.  I hate to think what it is like for people with major respiratory problems.  I’m having a hard enough time with my body.  My rheumatologist’s office called yesterday because they were concerned my sed rate went up after finally going down.  I told Jennifer my body has been very uncomfortable since the fires started and the smoke hasn’t helped my sinuses.  She said a lot of patients are having trouble as well.  I am hoping when they do blood work again at the end of October, I will have lower labs again.

Now when I look at Texas and Florida, this is no big deal – it just feels that way at times.  I can’t imagine losing everything or the threat about to arrive as it comes toward Florida.  I was in one hurricane in Connecticut – spent the time curled up in a fetal position on the sofa.  Eddie was out of town and driving back – I wasn’t sure he would make it.   I didn’t want to be in the hurricane alone, but if I had to, I could do it.  To take my mind off it, I taped windows – wow, I had no idea how many we had!  Just as things began to rock and roll, Eddie got home.  I was so glad to see him.

I also saw my first Nor’easter there, we were in East Haven on the shore.  I sat and watched from my dining room window.  The Sound came up to the fence on the other side of the street – one of those days when I was glad we didn’t have beach front.  Things were flooded out on both ends of the street, but we were okay.  Afterwards it was a little tricky in places, never quite knew what would be flooded and what wouldn’t.  There have been other kinds of weather I’ve been through, I can certainly relate a small bit of how it is.

I know this too shall pass, I just like it to get on its way a little faster and bring some rain the clear and clean the air and help put out the fires.  The pictures I’ve seen are horrendous.

A Very Oddball Week

July 7, 2013

It has been over a week since I wrote last, seems as if so much has been going on that I haven’t been able to figure out what day it is at any given time.  However, it has been quite interesting and some accomplishments.

Last Sunday Eddie was MOD at the Future of Flight, he invited me to come with him – of course, I said yes.  I checked with charlotte to see if she was available in the afternoon and she was.  Decided to go to Pacific Fabrics in Everett, there is an IHOP across the way.  Not my favorite place, but I was mostly interested in seeing Char.

Eddie didn’t have to be there until about noon, that meant we could sleep a bit later, have a leisurely breakfast and take our time.  Last weekend was really hot – for us – and being outside wasn’t all that comfortable.  We had fun at lunch laughing and talking, bringing up old memories – we have a lot of them because we have been friends since 9th grade.  She has been checking out my remodel blog plus making comments.  We have decided it is her turn to come down this way again and she will be able to see the kitchen and the new bathroom.

They were great at IHOP, we asked for a quiet table and she had one in the back.  I asked if she would not bring kids back there – my friend is a kid person but I’m not.  She laughed and there were no kids while we were there.  When we came out of the restaurant it was hot, unfortunately no parking spots in the shade.  So we did the next best thing – had the rear of the car facing the sun.  Still hot when we got in, but there was no solution for that but to run the air conditioner.

The last time I had been to Pacific Fabrics, I had seen a folded square that intrigued me.  I showed it to Char to see if she had done it,but she hadn’t.    They had instructions for a 4″ square and I decided to buy it and some fabric to make it.  Definitely needed her help – I can get the first three but it is the last fabric that  frustrates me.  She found the last one and now I have to have one made the next time we meet.



I have been looking at the pattern all week trying to figure out how it works – not much in the way of illustration, mostly text.  I think I have figured out the first row, but it took several days before it finally hit me how to the make second row on the diagonals.  I think I have the idea but the way I would do it isn’t according to the instructions.  I am going to just have to  actually make one and see how it works.

We always have fun in the fabric stores and Char seems to know everyone.  She is very friendly and  rather a motormouth like me, so we have such fun together.  She found some fabric as well, so we both did quite well.  I usually help her spend her money, this time she also helped me spend some of mine.  I haven’t been quilting in a long time since I burnt myself out a few years ago.  I am beginning to be interested again, though not sure when I will have the time.  I have a big problem in the fabric store, I see fabric I want to buy but not anything to use it for at that moment.  I promised myself I wouldn’t build up a stash – I have but sometimes I see fabric and I just WANT it.

I slept poorly Sunday night and Monday morning I had a chiropractor appointment and a massage.  Oh how good those felt.  I found myself a bit depressed Monday and was able to release what was bothering me during my massage.  Brad spent the first three days of the week working, then he had a family holiday over the 4th and will begin a new project Monday.  He still has some work left here and when he knows what’s happening with the new project, he will come back.  I told him to come anytime since he has a key.

Monday was probably the hottest day of the week, Brad put up the kitchen blind and it made a big difference.  Although we didn’t have the back screen door on for a breeze, we opened all the windows on the other side of the house and we did rather well.  I slept so well that night and Tuesday I was feeling so much better.

Hmm, this is getting a bit long for my posts, looks as if I will have to do a Part 2.  Either that or write more often.


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