Where Did The Time Go?

P1140441Ellen sent a gorgeous hydrangea photo and I wanted to share it because I love it.

Once again I was spending a lot of time taking pictures this week, I missed some but no doubt overcompensated on others.  I now have a sink, water, disposal, dishwasher, stove and microwave/convection oven.  Oh yes, we do have the fridge, though still in the living room.  Amazing how things ebb and flow to and from places.  We haven’t used the stove yet, but we have dishes in the dishwasher, just have to read the directions to find out how all the appliances work.

When I wasn’t taking pictures I was working on an order for the new client.  Yesterday I received a tracking number for the first order, so they will have them for the Fly-In.  Now the shirts are in, though my group won’t receive it until Monday – it went in just after they left for the day.  That three hour difference can be frustrating at times.  Eddie told me that Barry said one of the guys  at the client’s said he could get t-shirts for $10.00 – Barry told him what we charged, a whole lot less.  That shut the guy up in a hurry.

I am working on something for another client, this one really bothers me because she is also a really good friend and I didn’t get her the item by her deadline.  That is the first time that has happened.  I had an idea and proposed it to my group, not sure anything is going to come of it because I haven’t had an answer.  Not the way I want to do things.

Wednesday morning when I left for Breakfast Club, I noticed the street was very tidy – someone had come by and cleaned up the wood from the fallen branch.  No idea who but wonder if it was the City, the Community Club or one of the neighbors who wanted firewood for the winter.  It’s nice to see it tidy again.


This is a better angle of the other part of the tree that hangs over the street.  No idea if it too will come down or not.


Now it is neat and tidy, even the Allen’s mulch pile as well.

Thursday I met Mom over at the Center, her new shoes arrived and Scott wanted to fit her.  She and he were late, but it worked out.  However Mom was agitated and a little cranky, not sure what kind of night she had.  I know she is confused about a lot that goes on and this would qualify.   She was not happy about walking in them with the aide, she told her to leave her alone.  She seemed to be willing to come back where we were sitting, maybe because I was there.  Anyway, a ter a bit she was better and said the shoes were “all right”.

We have been having wet, sticky weather – I don’t remember humidity here in the summer.  Usually when it rains it is cold and raw, but this week it was warm and humid.  Now the humidity was in the 60% range, not like the stuff we had on the East Coast or Fort Wayne.  For us spoiled Pacific Northwesterners,  it is humid and uncomfortable.  Yesterday it went up to 83 and by Monday or so it is supposed to reach into the 90’s.  I was concerned the house would be hot when we went to bed, but it was surprisingly comfortable.  The shades definitely make a difference.

Eddie’s computer has been a problem again.  Another virus made it impossible for him to connect to the internet.  Then there were other things, so I called Jon from Breakfast Club on Monday to see if he would look at it if I brought it on Wednesday.  He has just brought it back now – Eddie was not pleased because he wants to send his report out by the end of the month.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to figure out what to do with the Mac for his report, that means a One To One for both of us to see how it is done.

I have been learning new things on my computer as well, now I know how to select all the pictures and upload them to my blog library – I had been doing it one at a time and it takes a long time.  It still takes a while to upload to the library, but I can do other things while it is doing its thing.

I bought the knobs for the cabinets, though I cleaned out Lowes in Southcenter.  They didn’t have enough, so I had to go to Kent the next day after my massage.  They are sitting in a white bucket under the table by Mom’s chair.  I think I have an extra and I want to put it on the old pantry door, that will make it so much easier to open.


We had the most beautiful sunset the other day.  I almost didn’t take a picture, so I am very glad I did.  We have some gorgeous ones and it is such a pleasure to see it change color as the sun goes down.

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