Farewell Old Friends


The cherry tree to the right of the garage was always referred to as “the little cherry tree”.  It was a pollinator for the two big cherry trees espaliered up against the garage.  We always called them Royal Anne cherries – these days they call them Rainier cherries.  I can remember going down the side-walk, stop, pull a low branch down and eat them until I was full.  We used to get a lot of cherries when I was growing up, the birds always ate the little cherry tree bare before we had a chance to have any.


This is the tree being trimmed and ready to be cut down.  I would have had a better picture but I had just gotten out of the shower and couldn’t very well go out in the cold with nothing on but a camera.  So I looked through my very dirty bedroom window for a shot, then cleaned a space so it wasn’t quite so dirty.  Good by little cherry tree.


A couple of days later, I had a good shot of the corner with the cherry and apple trees gone.  A little bare at the moment. You can see in the foreground what is left of the trunk.

Mom and Dad had to cut the big cherry trees because they were pushing the garage over – it had a decided list to the right as I looked at from the street.  Shortly after we came to live with Mom, we had the garage fixed and  never did have any cherries from the little tree.  Now the little cherry tree is gone,; poor love, it was looking so sad and sickly.   This round of pruning involved the little cherry tree, the McIntosh apple tree behind it ( poor things had been hidden in the hedge and was at a 90 degree angle looking for sun.  We also cut the apple tree in the corner – gorgeous blossoms but not very good eating apples.


We also cut down the two big cherry trees on the north side of the yard – they too were looking sickly and sad, plus we were never able to eat any cherries.  Those two were cut down as well.  However, I am happy to report they are not gone completely.


This is all that’s  left of the two trees – I need to take a picture from the garage to show the view all the way to the front.

 I asked John to cut them in slices for me – he had already put the trunks in the truck and was sweet to take them out and cut them up for me.  I put some in the bed with the pink dogwood, made it look as if it is a stream.  Unfortunately the other two beds just have them around the edge.  I would love to find a cool pattern to arrange them in rather than just in a line.  I am open to suggestions.


I am pleased with the way the little stream came out – maybe  make a little more curve in it.


This is to the left of the other picture – I  could see these three slices in the corner.


In the bed by the back porch, I just put them around the edge of the bed, not all that cool.  Maybe a swirl or something like that for this one – I am drawing a blank on this.


By the garage it is also just around the edges.  Hmmmm,maybe some kind of spiral or sunburst? Fortunately I don’t have to come up with something right now this moment.


Now we don’t have the other bush that seemed to take over the front door and the window.  the one on the other side went when  we had to have a tunnel flue replaced.  Not sure what will go in there, but it will be something small and low maintenance.


We have our view back – at least as much as we can cut.  I told John to go as far down the hill as could and cut as low as possible.

Speaking of the view, it was so foggy all day on thanksgiving that I didn’t know if it would ever clear up.  Then I noticed some sun and then it cleared for us, but not for people below us.


This is one of those times when it looks as if we are  all alone on a mountain top and between us and the other side is whipped cream.


This always fascinates me when it happens.  Thanksgiving turned into a lovely late afternoon sunset and whipped cream.

And some where in between the whipped cream and the pruning, we had one of these:


Certainly can’t beat that!

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