Is There A gift In Cold/flu?

I started this blog with the intention of looking for the gift in  having RA – like the little girl digging through the manure, convinced there is a pony in there somewhere.  I have found some gifts since I began, what I didn’t think about was gifts in the rest of my life.  I wrote yesterday about how I have been feeling and dealing with this flu/cold stuff; later I began to realize there have been some benefits to it as well.


Me during the balderdash!

Something I have noticed lately is that when I have this kind of stuff, the RA behaves itself and doesn’t give me problems.  I have not been stiff or really uncomfortable with it – probably because so much other stuff has been miserable and uncomfortable.  I’ve come to the conclusion I have my mind on the stuff rather than RA; is that secret it to it?  To keep my mind busy with other things so I am not focusing on the RA?  I’m not quite clear on how that works and how to use it consciously to distract myself.  I notice that I am not coughing for a bit – then I am coughing a lot.  Too bad I noticed it.

Later – much later!    It’s been 5 weeks of this balderdash and yesterday I finally felt more myself.  I had energy and interest in doing things – something that has been missing for a while.  Now that I am feeling better, I can look at the whole experience with more objectivity than when I was in the middle of it.  Yers, still some cough, but so much better.

I went to see my acupuncturist for 6 visits, plus took Chinese herbs and a supplement for my immune system.  It really helped with congestion in my sinuses and slowly helped with the cough.  I also found out that when I have that “coming down with something” feeling, I need to go see her to nip it in the bud.  Too bad I didn’t know that a long time ago.

I’ve had to rest more, have lie downs or naps, especially when I wasn’t sleeping well at night.  Since I wasn’t feeling all that great, many times it wasn’t a chore to have a lie down.  As I got better, I found myself running out of energy quickly, all I wanted to do is lie down and close my eyes.  Last Friday I was feeling restless and frustrated – I wanted to do things but wasn’t quite ready yet.

I didn’t see my Mom for a couple of weeks because I didn’t feel well and I didn’t want to give the balderdash to her or anyone in the house.  I have since been to see her and she has been sleepy but enjoyed chocolate and cookies.  I read to her today, though I probably messed up my voice.  She was more awake today and she seemed to enjoy the book.  We’ve been having a lot of fog, so it is more comfortable and warm to sit in the recliner with her throw over her.  I have arranged a haircut for her next Thursday, long overdue.

What other gifts have I received because of this stuff?

I’m not sure it is a gift, more an oddball observation.  I usually think in terms of a tickle in my throat before I cough – this time it was an itch.  Is there such a thing as an itchy throat?

Something to think about another time.

happy-woman-Me feeling so much better!

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