Yippee Zippadee!!

Friday was full of good news.  I received a notice from DSHS that Mom’s Medicaid needed to be renewed, so they sent a form for me to fill out plus  they needed evidence of her income and assets.  I talked to Denise, the social worker who helped me the first time and we went over the form on the phone.  I needed to have Mom’s Social Security payment, the pension, her checking account statement and copies of the funeral plans.  So I put those all together and we mailed them last Saturday.

Yesterday I received another form from someone else, so I called and talked to the woman – she had just approved it Thursday and I should have notification by next week. I am so glad, I don’t fancy playing dosey doe with  DSHS if I can help it.  So Mom is set for another year.  Happy Dance!

Mom saw Dr. Myre on Thursday for a 6 month checkup and this time she noticed the lump on her breast is a bit smaller – the Tomoxifin is doing its job.  What was surprising is that Mom has lost 30 pounds in the last year or so – apparently her appetite  is declining, so feeding her cookies and chocolates is a good thing.

I think I mentioned in my last post that my visit to Mom was good, she was alert and  not only enjoyed the cookies and chocolates, she liked the reading.  I am almost finished with the D.E. Stevenson book and will start in on Candy‘s new book.  Tuesday Delores came with me and brought Mom a mandarin orange – that gave me an idea.  I will bring a bag of clementines for the house, I like them better than mandarins or satsumas.  I will also think about a pie, something everyone can have for dessert.

I found Friday a second good day for me, I was still feeling energetic – maybe not quite so much – and accomplished some more things.  Saturday I mailed all the stuff to get my new passport – it expires in March.  They say it will take 6 weeks, good thing I am not planning to go out of the country for a while.  We also cleared out the cradle for recycle on Tuesday – now I have to work on my catalogs.

We have been watching the news and the new Polar Vortex in the Midwest and East – Ellen and Candy must be getting a lot of that.  We notice the thermometer stays around the 40’s most of the time – we even have had some frost as well.  In some ways it feels like a permanent January thaw – but not much in the way of rain.  Crazy weather all over the place.

It feels so good to be slowly pulling the threads of my life back together.

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