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More Than Just Coffee

March 24, 2013


Monday I met Jon for coffee, I hadn’t seen him since he put together Direct TC, internet phone and my cell phone contract.  I kind of had a feeling he had something he wanted something, so I decided to see what transpired.  He is now doing a program that give free seminars on all kinds of financial ways to keep more of your own money.  He said he would let me come and show my promotional marketing things and 2 -3 minutes to talk about what I do as well as my logo on the screen.  Once again I found myself automatically thinking “Oh no, I can’t do that in such a short time”.  But I caught myself and thought “Why not?”.  I am working on coming from a place of yes, changing my whole childhood training.  So I said I would.  it was Saturday afternoon, not a time Eddie wants me somewhere else, but he encouraged me and I decided to do it.


That definitely had my mind thinking faster than usual.  I decided I would order chocolate bars from my supplier here in Washington.  I called and they took care of it and I had them here by Friday.  I just put a small label on the back – Presto, a self promo.  I also decided to give it all to the Universe – what to say, what to do, what to take, how to set up the table – and ask for the words, attitude, physical actions, etc. and thanked the Universe for having already created the solutions.

What surprised me all week was how calm and relaxed I was about the whole thing.  I wasn’t worrying about what to take, what if I forgot something, take the wrong things – blah, blah, blah.  I had a handout I had written quite awhile, so I made some changes and printed them.  I made notes, thought about what to take and went through my samples.  I had my massage on Wednesday morning so I had all of Thursday to put things together.  I had a really good day on Thursday, I felt relaxed and found I had a lot of energy.

What surprised me the most was finding myself putting my samples in the boxes I had bought to organize them in a more logical way.  I have been frustrated a lot because I didn’t know where particular items are, so this will help at other times.  That still leaves the tote bags filled downstairs, they need it as well.  I also said I would bring something to eat – I knew I wanted to bring little brownies but not sure what else.  Friday after I saw Mom, I picked up the brownies and a ring cake.

Thursday was a really good day and I enjoyed it, Friday wasn’t quite as energetic but still was a really good day.  I will admit to feeling a nervous Saturday morning as I put everything together and loaded the car.  Today is not very energetic, but that’s perfectly fine.  I did the seminar without stressing myself out or worrying and I prefer to do it that way.  I must be trusting the Universe a lot more than I have in the past.

Saturday turned out to be sunny, a real bonus for us lately.  Mostly it is bits of sun between large bouts of rain, snow and hail.  Friday was quite an interesting day – Eddie called early in the morning to say he has 3″ of snow at the Future of Flight.  Down here we had a hail storm and we keep getting showers of hard rain.  This is Spring?  Even so, the flowers are blooming, even the camellias.


There wasn’t a big crowd, probably about 20 to 25.  I felt the time crunch on my 2 – 3 minutes and I don’t know if I really said things that gave them a clue to what I do.  What was interesting was toward the end, they saw the USB drives and loved the one that is shaped like a credit card.  So this was definitely a learning experience, if I do it again, I will probably talk about business cards and how to stand out from just pasteboard cards.  I met several people who were really interested in the business card USB and one guy said he was interested in the chocolate.  I don’t have his business card, so I don’t know if he will contact me.  Or he might not have liked the chocolate bar.  We’ll see.

I spent a lot of time listening to what the four experts had to say about investing in silver, in real estate, having a 508 non-profit and how to leverage your assets to make money.  The 508 non-profit interested me, I’s like to know more about that.  The others I couldn’t quite grasp how it all worked – I couldn’t picture it for that “I know that I know” understanding.  A lot of material in 2 to 3 hours.  I noticed the seminar went mostly non-stop, so people who had to us the facilities or take some thing to eat just got up and did it.  I really wasn’t the distraction it usually is, I liked that.  It started at 1:30 and they had an hour or so afterwards for people to talk to the presenters and also something to eat.  It was nearly 7 when I got home – Eddie had done the laundry and read in the afternoon.

I will call or email the people I met and gave me business cards and see what happens.

How Do I Show Up in Life?

June 5, 2010

I have been doing Ike Pono weekends and yesterday was the first day of 3rd weekend.  I haven’t been feeling that comfortable physically but this is important to me.  We had an exercise that really shook me up because it shows me how I show up in my life – not trusting my instincts and what my heart is telling me.  I have spent most of my life wondering what I want to be when I grow up, wondering what is most important to me and what my purpose in life really is.  For so long the answer has usually been “I don’t know”.   Have I spent so long not believing I can be whatever I want that I have buried it and given up my power and dreams?  As I look back I see how many times I knew something but I allowed someone to talk me into another way because I didn’t trust myself.  Then when it was finished, I realized I knew what I was talking about after all.  Makes me feel so gullible and trusting, yet criticizing and beating myself up doesn’t help at all.  So why is it I don’t trust my own instincts?  Why haven’t I stood up for my knowing?  Not enough education, experience, knowledge?  Then feeling stupid for not listening and resenting the other person.  Normally I would go into judgment mode on myself and I started down that path last night.  The whole point of the exercise is to know who I am and love myself – unfortunately a very unfamiliar feeling and MO.  As Louise Hay says “It’s just a thought and a thought can be changed”.

Now I need to look at RA and how I am showing up in that.  At this moment I am feeling less than perky because my legs are bothering me and I haven’t been sleeping very well.  That makes me a bit cranky and certainly not very objective.  So what is going on inside myself that  has created RA?  I have often thought it was somewhere I could hide so I didn’t have to make any decisions about what I want to be.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, it is also an easy out of doing something I am afraid to do or don’t know how to do.  Rather than risk failure, it has been easier not to try because of RA.  I have met a medical intuitive and I want to go see her to really find out what is going on inside.  Yet there is a part of me who is scared because I figure I will be seen in a bad light and the answers will be negative.  Why not think in terms of finally seeing my magnificence and what is amazing about me?  Probably because early training says it is boasting and egotistical to think well of myself.  I want to know but I am letting fear keep me from doing it.  Who knows, I may find out some really great things and help solve the mystery,


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