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May 24, 2013

At last, the home equity loan is paid off, the money for our new kitchen is in the bank and Brad is already working on getting things going.  I am so glad I don’t have to deal with THAT bank again for a loan.  Mom still has her checking account there and we’ll probably just leave it.


Yesterday I picked up the check and went to BECU to deposit it in our new checking account.  I needed to have some money for Brad but they only gave me a very small bit, I can have more Monday and then by next Thursday it is all available.  I got some temporary checks to use until the proper ones came.  Feels so good to have it finally finished.  Now it will be about 3 or 4 weeks of camping without a kitchen for a while – we can deal with that.  I told Brad if there are times when it is better for me not to be here, just let me know and I will find somewhere to go.  We do have lead paint and I know the floor of the basement is asbestos, so that may make a difference.

That was my afternoon.  My morning was my massage – Debye is so excited about how straight I have become and the amount of the heavy energy in my body that is now gone.  I was definitely looking forward to this massage, such a wonderful part of my week.  Towards the end of the massage when I was on my back, she was working my tummy and I began to feel a finger on each of my cheeks – at first I thought it was Debye, but she wasn’t that close.  I had not felt that before and when we were finished, I asked her about it.  She said someone else had come to work on me with her, she sometimes knows when it happens, but often she is focused on what she is doing and isn’t aware.  She remembers one session when she was working on me and she could see a bearded man at the head of the table working on me but that was in a different lifetime and the person on the table was a young boy.  When she told me that, I had an immediate picture in my mind of the  man and the young boy in the room; she said she thought it was in the 16th century.

How cool is that!  I am finding I feel energy coming down through my crown chakra more and more these days.  It is happening right now and I am not connecting to Source to call down my God Force energy.  Sometimes I am now feeling a bit in my Third Eye and I have always felt so much in my Heart Chakra.  She tells me I am becoming more and more aware.  I love it, I send thanks and gratitude every time I feel it.

images       15126163-beauty-lotus-flower

7th or Crown Chakra Symbol            Symbolized by 1000 petal lotus

Another time we were finished and I was writing her a check while she went to use the bathroom.  She came out chuckling because she noticed another thing Spirit had done to let her know of its presence.  She put on a new roll and I was the first to use it, then Debye did.  She showed me that the top few layers had been pushed to one side – she knew it was straight the last time she went.  She says they like to do things like that to let her know they are with her.  She says they will pat her hair and  she is delighted to have their presence.

Today I went to see Mom in the morning – John and his crew are here taking out some stuff in the garden and Brad is meeting with the plumber here in the afternoon while Eddie goes to service his car.  I brought some things Mom needed, like toothpaste, body lotion, kleenex and body wash – plus I tucked in 3 cookies for her.  She was sitting in her wheel chair at the dining room table and was alert and doing well today.  She was pleased with the cookies and we also talked about boats.  She said something about seeing a boat go by with ladies (no clue what she was talking about) and I talked about the boat parade, our adventures with the Mukilteo hull and the Christmas ship.  She remembered some of it and then I mentioned boats in Waterford during summers.  Sometimes she talked about things but I couldn’t understand what she was saying, so I agreed with her.

John and his crew ground down the stump that used to be the cherry tree that was pushing over the garage, dug out the wisteria (yes, I know it has gorgeous flowers, but the tendrils drive me nuts) then the big forsythia at the corner and the sticker bush at the other corner in the front.  We talked with the plumber and Brad and it feels as if things are really getting started.

It has taken me all day to write this, it takes less time when I am alone but it has been an interesting day.  It feels as if we have a new beginning.

Happy Dance To Spanner In The Works

February 17, 2013

This week was not a happy dance week – we found out Wednesday our mortgage is on hold again – this time because of Fannie Mae.  Seems there is a technicality that applies to us even though we didn’t buy the house.


 If you buy a house, you can’t take out a loan until you have had the house for six months.  Since it was September, we have to wait until the end of March for our  loan to be started again.  We could have just done a loan for the home equity amount and closed this month, but sure as I’m a foot high, we would never feel we could afford a kitchen remodel later.  So it is waiting again.

This week especially has been putting together all the tax stuff for my appointment with our tax man.  That also included Mom’s as well.  I have spent this week putting things together and Friday I was here all day – by the evening I was so tired I went to bed about 8:30.  I made the appointment for Saturday so Eddie would be free to go with me – no such luck.  He was meeting a bunch of twitter geeks with the Marketing Director for the Future of Flight for a tour of the 737 factory in Renton.  Now why would he prefer to do that than do taxes with me?

Monday I had a Roadshow up in Lynnwood with some of the suppliers I know.  I will admit to feeling a bit adrift, I haven’t been able to do much with my business for the past 2 years.  I felt almost a beginner, but I am glad I went.


 Then in the afternoon I was asked to play bridge with the neighbor ladies again, this time down the  hill at Mary Lou McCormick’s.  Delores came to pick me up and we walked down – believe me, I went very slowly.  At one point Delores told me to watch out for the speed bump; I said I wasn’t going fast enough to be concerned.  they have a modern house – probably in the 50’s with a deck facing the water – they don’t have any trees to block any of the view.

Turns out they were one short, so Ralph joined us for the afternoon.  It was not my day to have good cards, I ended up with the booby prize for the lowest score.  I just enjoyed playing and being with the ladies.  The day was a completely different set of things outside what I have been doing and I liked the break.  I am definitely no threat to Omar Sharif.

Eddie and I even had an evening out – you might cal it early Valentine’s Day treat.  My breakfast group had a social on Wednesday evening and we had a really good time – about 18 of us – members and spouses – and although it was a bit noisy, we all had fun.  We took Debye – my massage therapist and very good friend – home since she was only across the parking lot.  She was kidding she had to watch out not to run into cars as she walked home.  The waiter offered to walk her home.  Next morning she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for my massage.  Since Eddie and I went to bed a little while after we came home, I was feeling good as well.

Cat resting Wallpaper__yvt2

This is me for the next week – yes, I had to put in a cat!  Tomorrow is a holiday but Eddie is working, then taking off Tuesday.  He wants me to go with him while he has his car serviced, I have to go to my rheumatologist for service.   It’s either a 4 or 6 month check in.  She hasn’t really changed my meds or what I am doing – according to her I am holding my own.  We’ll see if she mentions Orencia on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is just for me, I don’t have to go anywhere and I have done everything necessary – Medicaid is done, taxes are done – no glitches I hope – nothing for the loan for a bit and things are calm at the moment.  Almost to the end of the tunnel and I see daylight, not a train rushing toward me.  At last, a few moments of peach and quiet.  Next project is cleaning out the house – one bit at a time.

May this next week be calm and peaceful for everyone.


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