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Just For Me

November 15, 2011

I decided today was just for me, so I went to the spa – was there just as they opened at 9.  It has not been easy the past week and I needed something to take care of myself – some major self care.  I went by myself which was fine, it was my day and I figured if I met someone and talked to them, great.   It is interesting to go there, it is no clothes, women only.  At first the idea of not wearing clothes in front of other people is a little uncomfortable – something in me says I should have a slender body.  Well, news flash, I don’t.   But then, no one else does either and very shortly it is a nonissue.  I will admit to being fascinated by the tattoos some women have – from a small one to some major art work on a large area of their body.  But essentially we are all the same, just arranged with varying degrees of amounts in places.  It reminds me of swimming in a way, I never looked in the mirror and just concentrated on what I want to do.  What I found was me spending the first couple of hours thinking “This is just for me, I don’t have to think about anyone or anything else”, etc.  After a bit I began to relax and concentrated on centering and grounding myself.

I started in the 97 degree pool; I sat in front of one of the jets and it began to reverberate inside my chest,  a rather odd, though not unpleasant sensation.  Then I went to the 104 degree whirlpool for awhile.  As I was sitting in the whirlpool, I suddenly thought of my sister Ellen’s paintings of tiled rooms they were absolutely gorgeous with blues, greens and all kinds of combinations of both. I am not sure they were like Roman baths, but if I remember correctly, they were like this spa.  As I looked at the women moving around, I suddenly thought of them as Ruben’s women.  He painted women in the 1800’s who were fair skinned and well upholstered – like me.  After a certain point I get really hot, so then I go over to the 60 degreepool. It is really cold as I put both feet in, but then it isn’t too bad – I have worked up to standing wait deep for a few minutes..  One woman told me that the old Korean ladies go back and forth between the hot and cold pools – that is what keeps them moving comfortably.  Next time I work up to my chest – one day I even stay for 5 minutes!  I decided to try the steam room – wow! was that hot, especially on my face.  I wasn’t there very long, I could feel the sweat pouring down my face and I could taste the salt.  I had a rinsing shower, then headed for the tea room.

I brought a book with me and had paid the extra $5 for unlimited tea.  The tea room is small with lovely music playing softly.  I love their jasmine tea, doesn’t need sugar or anything.  I was the only one there, so I enjoyed a quiet hour with tea, my book and my own company.  After that I did some more hot and cold pools, then I went into have lunch.  They have gluten free things, though I couldn’t drink the barley tea they serve.  I asked if I could bring my tea cup in filled with jasmine tea – no cups and saucers but I could take one of her cups and have jasmine tea.  I don’t know how to pronounce my lunch but it was delicious – brown rice, all kinds of vegetables, chicken and a fried egg on top. It came in a hot iron bowl and the rice at the bottom had a bit of crust on the bottom.  It looked like quite a large bowl, I was surprised to find myself finishing it.  I worked with chopsticks for awhile but my hand got tired so I used the spoon for the rest.  I also read with lunch and quite enjoyed myself.

I had one more go at the pools – I would go use the rooms but every one of them – charcoal, salt, etc. -all require you to sit or lie on the floor – not something I can do easily.  Yes, I can fall down with no problem,but getting up is quite another story.  That’s all right, I had quite a nice time  with me, myself and I.  I was really feeling mellow by then – when I came in the morning I wanted to stay all day and not go home – but I found by 2,  I was ready to come back.   Fortunately the traffic was light and it all worked out quite well.  I definitely will be going back again and again.  Not bad day for $40 – of course if I do the body wrap, the scrub, massage, body waxing and the moisturizing it would be a whole heck of a lot more.

More Than a Massage

August 7, 2011

I have been able to use the computer a bit more lately thanks to my massage therapist – unfortunately I still overdo because it feels good to be able to to do it.  I have realized that I need to be more organized in what I do online and how long – so hard to limit myself when I have been used to spending as long as I want.  Another Life lesson.

I am so grateful to Debye Peters for her massages, explanations and help in dealing with the reasons for having all this difficulty.  I saw her on Friday afternoon and this time it was a bit different because we didn’t do the deep tissue massage to get out the kinks in my shoulders.  It was quite interesting.  We start out with setting an intention for the session – that past few sessions it has been to allow whatever is ready to release to be  let go.  Then Debye invites any spirits or guides of her and mine to come in and be a part of the session.  I found myself relaxing and enjoying the massage this time – I will admit those places that need release do hurt in the beginning and it can be uncomfortable at times.  This was more relaxed, though she is very good at finding the spots that hurt – that’s the whole point of the exercise.  I was on my stomach for the first part and at one point she took the pillow from under my left knee – it’s the one that doesn’t bend or straighten very well. I was a little concerned but it didn’t have the usual feeling of being snapped and really hurting.  Debye stepped back and was amazed at how straight my body was, she has never seen me that straight before.  When I was on my back she really noticed the same thing – I was much straighter than I have been in decades.

She  said she just listened to her guides and she says they did a lot of cellular level clearing for me.  She says when she listens to the guides, amazing things happen – a couple of times she said I was out – sometimes they do that to help with healing.  When I stood up, she was still amazed at how straight and tall I was.  I had a different feeling, not anything I can put my finger on what I felt was different.  I felt capable and strong, things I haven’t always felt.  Now the most important part is for me to believe and own it – a part of me is afraid I won’t believe it and  go back to the habit of walking bent over again.  I also know that what I fear will happen, so I am working on focusing on walking straight and knowing I am healthy, straight and strong.

I will admit that doing this and the other work over the past few years has not been comfortable, butI know it is necessary for me to be the amazing woman I am and to truly know that I know I am.  Besides, if it is comfortable, I am not growing and stretching.  Some things have been a bit scary and other times I didn’t want to do what was important, but I have gone ahead and done it.  I couldn’t have done any of it without support and guidance from so many loving and amazing people who love me and want the very best for me.  I want to be able to give back by being there for others, in what way I don’t know.  But I feel there is something wonderful coming for me.  I have to do this work in order for it to be created and I am much more willing to just let it unfold than I have been in the past.  I love the phrase “creating myself” rather than just finding who I am.  This past year and a half has been such a revelation, I am now much more able to believe I am amazing and lovable – I am beginning to love myself and not have that snarky voice saying “Yeah, right!”.   That has always been ego wanting to keep me in victim mode beating myself up.  Sorry ego, not boarding that bus!

I was thinking the other day how much fear I have had about everything all my life, trying to hide from it to feel secure.  Not working for me.  I thought, what would happen if I didn’t fear the unknown and thinking I’m not capable; since fear hasn’t worked very well, suppose I take fear out of the mix and trust myself, my intuition and all my angels, guides, spirits and beings who are here for my highest good.  Right now I feel my job and focus is to continue work on myself and to be here for my Mom.  She is 93 and has both macular degeneration and dementia, so she isn’t able to drive or do the things she has always done.  My husband  and I moved in with her so she can stay at home as long as possible.  It is not always easy for any of the tree of us, but I am finding there are gifts in it.  I can see things that I didn’t realize, just knew I resented it.  I realize that  I have been able to resolve a few of them – I working on having less and less baggage as time goes on.

I know more and more I am a healthy, powerful, inspiring woman courageously living my vision now!


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