Day 1 – After They Left

When Eddie came home, we were able to really check out how it all looked.  They had put the first coat on Monday and primed everything, so it was time for another coat.  The furniture changed locations every time I looked at what they were doing.



The green door doesn’t quite fit the color scheme


The room really was looking great with the new paint.


This was the corner they left their stuff overnight – better than the porch


It was amazing how they papered and taped the floor to prevent spills


They fixed it so we could watch tv that evening


They put the shelves back after they painted the walls – shelves are nextIMG_0115

One Response to “Day 1 – After They Left”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Wow, it is really coming along, Liz! Now I can get a good look at your new dining table and chairs–very nice, and a better use of space than the big round one! Can hardly wait to see it all done!!

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