What I Have Always Wanted

So many changes lately – more echoing now because we have almost emptied the bookshelves  before the painters come tomorrow.  Still a few places to remove things to make it easier for them.  I filled 5 boxes with our books and then Eddie slid them into the bedroom for me. We want to make it easy for the painters so they don’t have to spend a lot of time moving things around.


It was rainy when Brad came so he really likes having the covered porch to put his equipment






Thursday Brad came over and built a new mantel with crown molding.  (As soon as the camera is charged, I can put in pictures of it and the shelves.)  We had discussed at the beginning of the week and then he sent a drawing of his design.  I send the measurements to him and that way he would be able to see the proportions of it.  I wanted simple and elegant, but not plain, as well as in proportion to the room.  Eddie really liked the design as well, so Brad came Thursday morning to build it.


This was the beginning when we came home.  Brad made the fluted pieces because he couldn’t find any ready made.


This is the top of the mantel


This is how it looked – did we want to extend the fluted piece up to the top or not?


A different angle of the top


Brad started working on the bottom molding which gave it an extra boost – he doesn’t like his picture taken.



With the flutes extended

It was great to have him working at the house again, he is fun and a really hard worker.  We had to go out for an appointment, so it seemed logical to go out for breakfast.  Brad came a bit before 8 and unloaded his equipment – then we had a conference to reaffirm the design.  We left and  had breakfast at Panera, do a couple of errands and then went over to meet Vickie to review our insurance.

We spent quite a while with her, mostly because we enjoy her company.  Turns out we are in good shape with our coverage – she has been keeping an eye on things about the house a long with everything else.  She is also helping me plan the Celebration of Life for Mom.  We stopped at the German deli on the way home for ham for sandwiches for lunch.

Brad had done quite a lot when we came back – it was almost finished.  He had made a fluted piece for the legs of the mantel and we had the option to have it extend to the top.  We decided we like it extending, so he nailed it in place.  I want to put a doodad in the middle, just to give it a bit of panache.  Eddie doesn’t like the idea, he prefers it plain.  I said he had the fluted extension and I will have my doodad.


I was going to buy it on Friday but forgot, so I will pick it up tomorrow.  I need to find out the best way to attach it.

The week definitely ended better than it started.  I went to see Dr. Cheryl on Monday and she helped with my neck, back and right shoulder – packing and lifting boxes over the last few days  probably didn’t help.   I found myself very droopy draggy on Tuesday – I kept waiting for the heavy rain to come.  Maybe that was why – there are times I can really tell it is about to rain.  So I didn’t accomplish a whole lot that day.  When I woke up on Wednesday, I was okay but then started to really stiffen up and I really hurt.  I went to Breakfast Club for breakfast and then met Carol for lunch.

I am so glad we had lunch that day, I really needed it.  I feel I was whingeing a lot, she just listened.  She is a good friend and has been there for me and I for her.  I was so tired and uncomfortable that I had a nap when I came home.  Eddie was going to be late, so it worked out pretty well.  I had taken some Advil when I came home, so that and the nap helped me feel better.  I was still tired, so going to bed early was no hardship.  I slept well and was much better Thursday.

There is a real echo now in the living room – guess why?




4 Responses to “What I Have Always Wanted”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Wow, I guess it must really echo in there now!! I can hardly wait to see it once it’s finished, though!

    Will Brad install your doodad for you? Or at least tell you how to do it? I’m guessing some kind of fine nails in addition to wood glue. But first, measure, measure, measure! Both width and height, to make sure it’s perfectly centered both ways. It will forever bother you if you don’t. You might even make a tracing of it, cut it out, and use blue painter’s tape to temporarily attach it, and see if you like it exactly centered vertically, or perhaps up or down a bit. When you have it perfectly the way you want it, make some marks here and there with pencil (assuming it’s going to be painted over), and the you will know where to place the real doodad.

    I do like the extended columns, too, by the way!

    (Have you decided which Olive Garden yet?)

    love, Char

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Lynnwood. Thought I sent an email. I will take pictures as they paint to show progress.

      • Charlotte Trayer Says:

        Nope…in the last email, it was Olive Garden, but you weren’t sure which one. I’ll let everyone know.

        Oh, good, it will be fun to see the progress!! And to finally see the end result (or close to it–I know, there are always little tweaks to do) at the celebration of life.

        Love, Char

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        Day 2 – he is working on the trim now and another coat on the walls. Looks really good.

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