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Yikes! The End Of The Week Already!!!!

June 7, 2013

At the beginning of the week I thought I had things well in hand – not so much at the end of it.  I was beat when I finished up the last of the moving out of kitchen stuff, I figured I could relax.  But it wasn’t to be.  I went to see my chiropractor Monday morning for my regular appointment, glad to be there because I was stiff and sore.  She really helped me with that and my shoulder, so I figured I would be able to sleep better.  So I came home and wrote about Day 1 and decided to create a new blog just for the  remodel.   I was really tired after that, so I just relaxed.

Dinner was an adventure – we still have the stove so we cooked the artichokes.  I filled the pot from the shower, then later washed all the plates, etc. there as well.  That was something because I was bending over to do it and my back wasn’t happy.  I decided the bathroom sink would work better.  A little awkward but it does the job.  We are planning on very simple meals while this is going on – sometimes we have to go to different rooms to collect what we need.

Unfortunately I didn’t sleep all that well Monday night, not sure if I was still too tired to sleep.  I started working on the new blog, then had to leave because I had to do a medical day on Tuesday.  I first went to Radiology for my Dexa Scan, I only had to take off my shoes and unhook my bra and unzip my slacks because they were also doing my spine as well.  I didn’t know that, they did it the last time, I thought it was only my right hip.  They could do my right because of the broken bone, they can’t get a match to the 2005 one – yep, it’s been that long!   I got up on the table and she positioned me, then had to reposition – telling me not to move, she would move me.  It didn’t work as well, so back she slid me to the first position.

It was a little hard for her to put me in place because of the RA, but she was very friendly, just all business.  She printed pages out for me to take to Dr. Sheets, my rheumatologist.  I found out my numbers are higher than what is normal – 28 instead of 20 or below, 4.2 instead of 3.6, no idea what they all mean but according to her I am at great risk.  Hmmmm, is it as bad as that or is that medical overanalyzing?  Of course the doc wants to put me on Fosemax-type med – been there, done that, no desire to repeat.  I will see my primary care doc on the 18th and will discuss it with him.  Otherwise, she is pleased with results of Orencia.  My blood work was done when I had the infusion, so she probably has them by now.

Up to the Infusion Center where I was able to relax, read and enjoy the view from the other corner suite – not quite the view but very nice and quiet in the corner.  The Mt. Ranier was out and I could look south to see it and the freeway – we have been having warm sunny days this week.  Everything went smoothly so I was finished by about 2:30 and home by 3.  I didn’t plan to visit Mom because it would be late when I got there.  So I said I would come Wednesday morning.

Didn’t sleep very well, something was off but I didn’t know what it was.  I went to Breakfast Club and forgot it wasn’t at the usual place – the place was dark, which gave me a clue.  We were meeting at Dr. Rob’s vet clinic, he finished the remodel and it is really wonderful,  he put an addition on that increased the size to twice the space.  I also took Vickie aside and apologized for not getting her order on the day she wanted it.  I haven’t been as diligent as I needed and I had trouble getting answers from Kristen.  That is the first one that didn’t make it to the starting gate – really bothers me.

I went to have coffee and read for a bit before seeing Mom, it was 8:30 and I usually don’t go until around 10 or 10:30.  She was sitting at the dining room table, alert and with it.  We talked a bit and then ran out of things to say.  It is hard because I don’t know about telling her about the house, she would want to come and see it.  The things foremost on my mind I am not sure about telling her – would it just confuse her or make her agitated?  I don’t want to stir the pot.  Yes, just call me chicken!  She has an appointment with the oncologist on June 21st at 2p.m. – we’ll see what this doc has to say.  Then it will be talking to Dr. Myre to decided the best course of action for Mom.

Eddie had a dentist appointment in the afternoon so I stayed for when the 1 800 Junk guys came to finish up clearing the end of the basement.  I went down to see how it looked  after they came Saturday and stayed down to check out where my pictures were – don’t know where all of them are but I did find the one with my flower-pot lady.  I made it when I was in Fort Wayne but left her because I didn’t think she would make it through moving.

Flowerpot Lady

 Well, I will have to see where they are when we move the furniture upstairs.  They even took the old In Britain magazines my Dad kept – Center for Wooden Boats took the  Wooden Boat mags and ones about live steam.

Eddie came back from the dentist – good report – just as they were preparing the bill.  Now the area is clean and ready for the plumber and electrician.  I was feeling tired again – it’s like watching the movers packing or loading, I watch them work and I am exhausted.  What I really appreciated was how  well I slept that night.

The electrician is here and will be shutting of power shortly – not possible to do things on my desk top Mac with no power.  I will have to finish this later.

Sunday Round Up

January 13, 2013

Obviously I didn’t write more than one post last week – I thought I would because of Brenda Ueland’s book and how much it made me want to write.  I am still dragging from the flu but feel a lot better, too bad my energy hasn’t caught up yet.  But I have decided it is long past time to change my thought patterns – instead of thinking in terms of my fatigue,  I am going to think in terms of “My energy is returning”.  So there!  I realize I am waiting for it to come but I have to do more than whinge and sleep.  I also think the cough stuff put me to sleep – helped the cough and now I am not using it.  Maybe it takes more than a day or so to be completely out of my system.  Some days I feel as if I have more questions about so much and very few answers. However, I also tend to want to see it on a flashing neon billboard so I won’t miss it.  That is one of the things I am concerned about – missing the messages.  Maybe I need to change my name to Thomas on those occasions.

I did notice something interesting on Thursday.  I didn’t put my neck collar on to work on the computer, but I wasn’t stiff or uncomfortable when I finished.  I was looking at other RA blogs and commenting on them as well as checking out dementia blogs.  I was having fun and I must have been doing it for 2 or 3 hours non stop.  Hmmmm, something to think about.   However, I had planned a post that day – it was a day to myself and I took full advantage of it.  I was caught up in the blogs – there are some really great bloggers out there! – and forgot what I wanted to do.  Maybe when I do things I enjoy, there aren’t the repercussions I get when I am doing something that isn’t always fun.

I have been checking WordPress to see what I need to do on my blog to be on Freshly Pressed on Fridays.  One thing is not have long paragraphs, one thing I have on my posts.  So I have been working on making my paragraphs shorter – when I write, I just go full steam without noticing things like that.  Then I check spelling and publish.  I need to do a little more with it now. They also suggest pictures, that  means  I may be surfing a lot to find  a photo that  fits the subject.  I need to go back and see what else I need to do – now that I think about it, a page with long paragraphs isn’t very interesting to look at.  However, the most important is content and how it is written.  I did learn how to put in a gravatar, so I am learning something new every day.

I just saved my draft and decided to view the post to see how it looks – about twice as many lines as they recommend – on the part where I write, I have short paragraphs, but on the blog the space is narrower, so instead of no more than 8 lines, I counted 15.  Hmmm, this is going to take some thought to decide how to do this. – I don’t have anything else to do, do I?  I checked the blog preview again, 3 lines equals 6 lines on the blog.  That does help me figure out how much to put in each paragraph when I am writing the blog.  Ain’t technology wonderful?

I am very pleased to see the sun out again, though it has been in the very low 30’s and upper 20’s the last few days.  It is a delight to see the sun this week, it feels as if it has been away on holiday for quite a while.  We checked the rain amount, as of Saturday afternoon, we have 2.71 inches, and the middle of the month isn’t even here yet.

Speaking of which, Tuesday is my birthday, the big 66.  I don’t necessarily feel that age, except Friday night and Saturday morning when I was so stiff and uncomfortable – no idea why.  Not my favorite way to feel.  I don’t feel any age, but looking at 66, I realize I don’t necessarily have a lot of time left to accomplish whatever is my Life Purpose.  By the way, I have the list of Life Lessons and I will do a post on that soon.  In looking at it, it feels as if all of them are mine.

We have been applying for a mortgage but had to hold off for a bit until we have Mom qualified for Medicaid.  Since it all looks really good, they started the process up again, but it may not be until the end of this month.  I was hoping we would be starting on the kitchen this month but not so far.  Looks more like February.  Ah well, all things come to he/she who waits.  Another part of being a late bloomer.


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