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The Usual Mash Up

August 17, 2013

How strange to find so much running around in my head, but the moment I decide to write a post about some of it, I suddenly can’t think of a thing.  Am I the only one?  So, when in doubt, put in a great picture from my sister.  This time they are from Ellen.


A lovely Stargazer Lily


A gorgeous Rose of Sharon

I don’t know where she finds them, but the pictures are always wonderful.  She has some amazing beach pictures as well.    I will put some of those in for another post.  These cheer me up and I marvel at Mother nature and the many different kinds of flowers there are to enjoy.   Thank You so much Ellen.

The other night we had thunder and lightning, some shook the house.  then a couple of rain showers but only enough to barely settle the dust.  Usually I am afraid of loud thunderstorms, for some reason I was more curious than afraid.  We have had a few rain showers but nothing one could call a good soaking rain.  I am feeling a bit dry and parched now, I miss the rain and to be honest I feel the way my Dad’s cousin in Southern California did – “Another goddamned beautiful day”.   After having no rain for 36 days,  it is time for a good rainstorm to wash the air and feel that fresh washed clean feeling.  We have had some showers here and there but nothing soaking so far.

I saw my Mom yesterday and I talked about things I remember in my childhood – she taught all three of us girls to do housework, make a hospital corner, and cook a bit.  I said I asked her to teach me to cook one summer and frustrated the heck out of me.  She doesn’t always follow the recipe, when I ask how long to beat it or how long to cook, her answer was “till it looks right” or “till it’s done”.  Not a lot of help but I learned a lot just watching her.  I also remembered hot cocoa and Christmas cookies when we came home from following the Christmas ship.  She seemed to be looking around and I wasn’t sure she was listening or had heard me.  Then she said she was interested in what I said.

Last week she was very alert – I have been going in the morning because she is now at the point where after lunch she is ready for a nap.  She sleeps a lot, part of the progression of dementia.   I bring my iPad to play songs she likes, though my data download was only at 20%.  My older sister suggested bagpipes and Sousa marches, so when I have more download I will do that.  Sometimes I am not sure what to talk about or how much comes through for her.

On the 1st of August I saw my rheumatologist before my infusion.  She was very pleased to see one of the markers for inflammation was down 7 points.  She was thinking the last time that possibly she might have to up the dose some, but decided to wait another week and see how the tests looked.  So I am getting the same amount still – unfortunately energy seems to be the last thing to come.  I have had a little more energy lately as well as feeling better – nothing I can put my finger on specifically, but better than it has been.

We have had more balderdash from the State looking for more money.  However, I have a secret weapon while I have been dealing with them and Medicaid.  Dave my attorney friend has helped so much with Mom and so many other things.  So I emailed him the email that my two sisters received and spoke to him about it.  he wrote a letter to the State to tell why it wasn’t owed, I paid it last year and my sisters had no reason to pay.  I saw him Wednesday at Breakfast Club and said the State decided he was right – no doubt very reluctantly.  Plus I have a letter and so will my sisters.

My childhood program has been not to ask for help or bother people, but  I had to ask for help when Mom began to really have very noticeable symptoms of dementia.  It was the smartest thing I could do in that situation and I found out that it wasn’t a burden to others – they wanted to help me.  What I also learned was that I was not alone, others in Breakfast Club had or were dealing with dementia or something similar in their own family.  I knew they really meant it when they said they understood.

Eddie’s back and we are having a couple over for dinner.  I have taken up this post, then did the bedroom, relaxed, did most of the bathroom – I have to sweep and mop the floor.  then I need to do the kitchen and sweep a bit in the living room.  Two rooms will look great.

One last photo because it is a beautiful photo of one of my favorite flowers – though not the plant itself.


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