Winter Is Hanging On For Dear Life

The calendar may say Spring and flowers are blooming – it’s still chilly and rainy at time in spite of it.  We have had some lovely sunny days but with a chilly breeze.  Other times it is  raining and so windy that branches are blow off the trees.  Eddie says we have more wind because we are on top of the hill.  I was able to take off my shawl last Thursday in the afternoon.  I notice a 60 degree day in Spring is colder than a 60 degree day in Fall.

The scillas are in full leaf and ready to burst into blossom.  It is mostly in the garden by the back porch – I also noticed the blueberries are budding as well.  A few daffodils here and there, plus down the front bank with forsythia and daffodils.  The grape hyacinths are blooming by the garage along wth a few daffodils.  The pink dogwood is ready to bloom soon as well.  I expect to find wisteria shoots coming up all summer – stubborn little beast.  I had it taken out but I was told the only way to truly get rid of it is dig everything up in the bed and put completely new soil.

Looks as if there is another round of snow and very cold weather going east, truly winter is kicking and screaming before it leaves.  Even so, my sisters send me lovely photos on those days of sun and flowers.  They have been working together on some photos combining Ellen’s ocean photos and Candy’s roses.  It is quite a beautiful combination.

Thank you both for such a wonderful collaboration using                                                    both your photos and creativity.


I found myself stuck for a while on what to write about next – for a motormouth on paper and in person, it doesn’t happen very often.  My life hasn’t been terribly exciting for a while – I didn’t want to write about difficulties and whingeing about it.

We watched a squirrel go up Bob Allen’s pole to get to the bird feeder with suet at the top.  He has an orange baffle on it, the squirrel managed to make it to the top and pretty much emptied out.  His accomplice enjoyed everything that dropped to the ground without having to do much work.  The agile one started chewing on the plastic baffle, so Bob put a spring down the pole, things seem to be working so far.  However, the squirrel had no problem eating seeds on the railing feeder – just went up the short pole and was enjoying himself.  I didn’t see his accomplice on the ground that day.

We have also been watching and at times hearing the birds.  For some reason the flickers keep drumming on the roof – it’s composite so I don’t know if they find anything or not.  I noticed in the front yard the robins were wandering around the grass but didn’t seem to find anything to eat.  Meanwhile, the flickers were busy little bodies and seem to have found quite a lot.  Maybe the robins are more picky eaters.


This is taking longer than I expected.  Tuesday afternoon I went to have my eyes checked for cataracts – he says I will need to do something in the next 5 years.  Since my sight is bad, when I do surgery, I can either see up close without glasses or far away – not both.  That means I will be wearing glasses but not as strong a prescription.  He also checked for macular degeneration, it’s just starting and the eye vitamins seem to help it stay that way.  He wants to see me every 6 months to keep tabs on both.

When I was finished, I couldn’t see much clearly.  I had a nap for an hour but it wasn’t until later in the evening that things cleared up.  I didn’t turn on the computer on and watching television  was iffy but okay.

Wednesday was Breakfast Club – I had forgotten we were meeting at the coffee roaster.  I didn’t remember until I arrived at our usual place.  I had an idea where the coffee roaster was, Gene said they were way in the back.  I ended up taking the scenic route around the large set of warehouses – turns out the roaster was next door in a much smaller building.  Of course, I was late.  It is a small, rather bare specs, he has some tables and chairs and the roaster itself sits in the back corner.  It is Turkish made and looks as if it was made quite a long time ago – I kept thinking of a miniature steam locomotive.

He talked about coffee from different regions and how they differ in taste.  We choose three different kinds to make our own special blend – Kent Breakfast Club Blend – with a bag for each of us to take home.  They are whole bean because when you grind them, they lose their freshness.  Mine is still sealed but I am curious to see how it tastes.  I will try it out tomorrow for breakfast.

After breakfast, I went to see Dr. Cheryl.  She found I was tight in the shoulder and root chakra – not sure what is going on with that.  It felt better after the adjustment but all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  That’s what I did when I came home.  I was awake when Eddie came back from the archives – bad traffic and rain coming home on the 405.  We decided to relax at home rather than going out for coffee.

Yesterday we went shopping and did a couple of things before coming home – we seem to be homebodies a lot more than we used to be.  However, Eddie always has a reason to go out every day – I’m fine staying home.  I think he gets antsy since he does a lot of the work on his blog early in the morning.  He wants me to go with him – he forgets I have a business and clients.  He definitely needs something that takes him out of the house 2 or 3 days a week – he needs something to involve himself in and enjoys as well as challenge him.

This one only took me a week to write, let’s hope inspiration carries me through more efficiently the next time.




One Response to “Winter Is Hanging On For Dear Life”

  1. Charlotte Larson Trayer Says:

    Hi Liz, that photo combine Ellen’s and Candy’s work is really lovely–so delicate, and very spring-like!

    It always takes a while for the pupils to go back to normal! Before my cataract surgery, they had me putting in drops to dilate the left eye–three times on Tues. and once Wed. morning before heading to the surgery center. When I went to the dentist Tues., I mentioned the drops, and Heidi said it was a good thing I said something, or she was going to advise me to go to the ER right away–it’s not a good thing to have one eye dilated and one not, under normal circumstances! (It’s also not particularly comfortable at first to have just one dilated, although you kind of get used to how it feels.)

    Anyway, I’m set up for my next cataract surgery on the 18th–round 2! It does take about 3 weeks for your eyes to stabilize, and then they will check my vision and write a new prescription for lenses.

    Hopefully when I get that second one done, we can have another outing. Email me–I do have three days open the week of the 22nd, and the first week of May looks good, too.

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