Have I Found My Voice?

From a purely physical, practical and right now this minute perspective, I now have my voice back after losing it due to flu.  There is also finding my voice to ask for what I want, say my truth (this requires a post by itself) and not allow anyone to walk all over me – take back my power.  But in this instance, it is my voice in my writing.  I honestly don’t know if I have found my voice, I just write what I am thinking and feeling, what has been happening in my life at the time or what sparks my fancy.  I started out writing about RA and finding the gift in it; then the last year or so I have written about dealing with my Mom’s dementia and how I have felt about it.

What has been very gratifying is the likes and comments about blog posts, as well as seeing there are 21 people following my blog – I treasure all of you for that.  I have also found other blogs that intrigue me and where I find information, humor and  some have the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen.  So many wonderful and talented people out there doing amazing work.  Thank You to all of you.

I started thinking about my writing voice because my younger sister sent me a book for Christmas called “If You Want To Write”, by Brenda Ueland.  Brenda talks about the students in her classes who had a lot of trouble writing because they thought it had to be a certain way.  When she asked them to write about a childhood experience, she was amazed at how different and wonderful their pieces were.

I have not really been able to imagine a character and a situation to write fiction, I enjoy writing about experiences and people I know – I think I have been more cut out to write essays like Andy Rooney than a novel like Clive Cussler or D.E Stevens who wrote nice English stories.   I find I don’t want to have to follow rules, just write what I want in the way I want.

Some days the blog post just comes out with no effort, I get lost in the writing and sometimes figuring out what came first so it is in sequence.  Sometimes I write, like this post, with an idea but I keep stopping to think what will come next.  I happened to look at the related articles and read through this one from KJ.  She writes well and put into words some of what is going through my mind.

Now, if I have found my voice, can I describe it in words?  Not really, but then I may be too close to it to be objective.  I tend to do that with so many things.  Is it necessary to describe it?  I wonder because if I did or could would that change everything and I would lose what I have?  My writing is very personal and I do inject myself in it.  Sometimes I  find something occurs to me when I am talking and of course say it – sometimes I make people laugh.  It is just that things just pop into my head and I talk without thinking.  Sometimes I think something is funny and I am the only laughing – well, at least one person saw the humor.

I have a tendency to say what I am thinking – unfortunately there are times when it doesn’t come out the way I mean it.  The minute I realize it, I usually say “Oops, move over foot, here comes the other!”. Or “Oh dear, that didn’t come out the way I meant it!”.  My writing is like that sometimes, I certainly hope I don’t offend people.  I also know if I worry about whether people will like the post and what I writing about, I could drive myself crazy.  Most likely never write a post again.

This is one of those posts I am struggling with a bit, I wonder if I have really gotten to the point or not.

I have just read what I have written and it isn’t as choppy and disjointed as I thought.  However, I may be better stopping while I am still ahead.  I appreciate any comments anyone might have.

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4 Responses to “Have I Found My Voice?”

  1. KJ Says:

    Thanks so much for the mention, Lee! I’m glad that my post was helpful to you as you considered this topic.

    As you describe your style of writing in your post, it sounds to me like you have a better grasp of your voice than you think you do. Even when the words or the exact thoughts I want to communicate are slow in flowing, there are (for me) certain ways of writing (personal, lots of parenthesis, use of nature images, informal writing, three items lists as a cadence) that just show up once I am ready to put the thoughts into writing without me focusing on them. It sounds like you have similar natural tendencies that you are discovering in your own writing. Good luck!

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words! After I published the post, I began to think “Does it really matter if I can describe my voice?”. I think I will do better just doing what I have been doing and enjoy the process of writing. That is something I have realized – I enjoy doing the writing and once I am in to it, I don’t think about anything else.

  2. Debye Peters Says:

    I found your post inspiring to me personally as I too have been trying to overcome the fear of how to say it. But I think who ever is meant to read it will and get what they need. Just like I did today. You Lee Kaplanian are an amazing women with a lot to share. Thank you for the gift today . Mine was just do it!!!
    Blessings to you

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Thank You so much Debye, you have been such a great partner as I have become more and more aware. We have learned from each other about so many things, I am grateful you are in my life. You have encouraged and supported me in so many ways – it is hard to put into words how much I appreciate you.

      With much love and gratitude,

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