Warrior Temporarily Sidelined

This was another Ike Pono weekend that I helped staff.  This is this Ohana’s 3rd and finally weekend, so the Pono Game was on the schedule.  I was ready because the last 2 times  I played, I was a Kickass Warrior.  The first time was my own third weekend and at first I was concerned about how much physical I could do and I didn’t want to mess up my joints.  So I was timid and hesitant at first, but I really got into it and was fully committed.  I really surprised myself at how well I did and how my attitude changed.  It was someone in my Ohana that commented afterwards that I was a Kickass Warrior it hadn’t occured to me but I was pleased to hear it.

Last weekend was another Ohana’s turn and I was there, fully committed to it from the start.  Since then, I find myself telling people I am a Kickass Warrior, that surprises them because it is so unexpected.  I find I am really believing it more and more, so this weekend I was ready.  We went out to practice and bring ourselves into Pono (alignment), otherwise it doesn’t happen.  I had to have a sit down before the first round, so I was resting a bit.  When it came for both sides to meet, I got up and found my left knee wouldn’t straighten out – it hurt to walk.  I started getting uptight and a bit panicky – guess who wasn’t in Pono?  What was happening here?  My army was helping me and I was able to participate towards the end.  I felt I had let the side down and was really upset with myself and my knee.  It would have to pick that moment to to “pop out”.  My side did win that battle, so we went out for a few minutes to regroup and they were right there for me, wanting to know how they could support me.  Of course I was crying and I got myself under control – yup, programs coming up.  I was limping a little when we went back in, but I was there for the second battle and this time I didn’t get killed.  I was ready and on the line whenever I was chosen, I won my battles and our army won in 2 straight.  So I know I am a Kickass Warrior even when there are hiccups along the way.  As I look back on it, I was probably getting a little cocky and full of myself – not the point in this game.

When I started on my three weekends, I didn’t know what to expect.  My big concern was if I would have enough energy to finish the first weekend – Friday from 4 – 10, Saturday and Sunday 10 – 10.  I decided to take it as it came, not get stressed about if I could make it through.  There was one exercise I couldn’t do like the others – not to worry, they had a way I could fully participate without getting injured.  I know the last weekend there was a woman in a wheel chair, they worked out a way for her to experience it safely so she had as much benefit as the others.  In second weekend there are 2 others that I was really concerned about, but they were there for me, my Ohana was right there supporting me and I did both.  Those two I had to be in Pono and I went into Pono to complete it. This group of people I have met through Ike Pono has made such a difference in me and also now I am giving back to others in gratitude.  I have been given so much and I know gift them the gift of receiving what I have received.  I continue to learn and grow as I do each weekend and this weekend especially, I have gifts, experience and knowledge I can give.  It is such a wonderful two way street in Ike Pono.

I have begun to see who I really am and slowly loving myself for the first time.  I saw a book title in the book store – “Who Would I be Without My Story?” by Byron Katie.  I read some of it and I  started to realize that without RA, I am a healthy, powerful, inspiring woman courageously living my vision.  My identity isn’t someone with RA, it is condition I live with every day, but now I know it is not who I am.  Thank You Ike Pono!!!!

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