The Rest of The Story

I didn’t write my sisters about Wednesday until the next day – I needed to digest it for a bit first.  I also needed to meet Mom at the Center to take her for a haircut.  Last time she was fast asleep through all of it, not this time.  She was sleepy and holding on to her plush lion, but she was a bit more with it.

Lisa put the plastic shield around Mom and the lion so Mom would have something to hold.  She wasn’t all that happy about having it washed, I had to put a towel around her forehead because the headpiece let water run down into her face.  She didn’t like the shampoo – at one point tried to bite Lisa.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to really get her hair clean because Mom was so feisty.  She cut Mom’s hair and then put her under the dryer to dry it as much as she could.  Mom was not happy under the dryer, I was sitting next to her and put my hand on her arm and let it know it was all right.  Then she held my hand while the dryer was going, at times she got agitated and I just told her it’s fine.

Lisa fluffed her hair some – interesting to see the back curly and the front very straight.  She said it happens with geriatric patients, some parts will curl, others won’t.  Certainly Mom was glad it was over.  I took her back upstairs to get ready for lunch.

I asked Sherry, the receptionist, if it was possible to see Dr. Myre, I wanted to collect my hug.  Instead of phoning, she must have written an email because Dr. Myre came out quite quickly.  Not only did I get one hug, I had several strong ones from her.  She  is very comforting and understanding – I, of course got teary and drippy.  Seems to be the case a lot lately.  She said I was doing a great job being there for my Mom and it helped to hear that.  Many of my friends and my sisters have continually told me that – it is good to hear since the old “beat myself up” program keeps intruding.  It says I haven’t done it perfectly and not done all I could – that voice will always tell me I didn’t do it perfectly or enough.  So I am learning to  release the need for that and to know I am enough.

I left and went to see my acupuncturist because I felt the sore, scratchy throat starting again. Probably would have been smart to go Tuesday and nip it in the bud.  I made an appointment for Friday as well.  Seems as if lately everything is coming at once, with not much time in between to regain my balance.  I’m not sure it is supposed to come in separate intervals.  When I worked in department store, it was either everyone came at once or it was very quiet.

Friday I went to visit Mom, I wondered if she would be wiped out after the haircut.  She was fast asleep in ned, holding on to the weighted baby doll Char gave to Mom.  Judy said she likes to have something to hold, keeps her hands occupied.  I didn’t want to wake her up, but I did tell her I love her and that Ellen and Candy send their love.  I knew I would get too teary if I stayed much longer, so I left and headed over for my acupuncture appointment.

It’s been an odd week, Eddie was home Wednesday because the archives were closed and he wanted to get another shirt from the Car Museum.  I went to Breakfast Club, then came home because I had to work on an order for calculators.  He assumed I would come with him and seemed a disappointed I didn’t.  The Friday he had the day off because he was going to go to the venue for the PNAA Defense Conference to show Lisa the layout.  I  didn’t get home until after 1, he wanted to know what kept me.  Trouble is, he assumes when he takes a day off, I am available to play.  I usually have been but now with new things going on, it isn’t possible and he has to adjust.  Funny how things change, then change again.

We also have been sleeping in separate rooms for the past 3 weeks or so.  He had a bad cold and didn’t want to give it to me, then I had the coming down with something – neither wanted to give it to the other.  Friday we finally got together again, though we are being careful because we don’t really know if either of us is contagious or not.

I also wrote an email to the Northwest Schooner Society to see if they were interested in the models and Dad’s old wood working tools.  I had a nice email and Kitty wrote back saying they would be very interested.  I email pictures and she said they were gorgeous.  So now we are working on a day for her and her helpers to come and pick things up. I told her the box may be a bit heavy, that I would check with my next door neighbor to see if they would be around to help.  They are a young, just married couple living in the lower level of Bob and Delores’s house – Cameron is their grandson – I think their son Jerry’s son – and his wife Kika.  We saw them last night – they were locked out and came for the key – and they are willing, it just depends on when.

Plus my radio show – I have 2 guests lined up and working on a third.  Still no sponsors but I have given a couple of people the information.  I am getting ready to publish my website for the show – it will be rough and needs refining.

Otherwise, not much has been happening here.

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6 Responses to “The Rest of The Story”

  1. jblondie Says:

    You have a radio show?? Interesting! Also…I loved your “collect my hug” …I’m going to steal that from you and use it often 🙂

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Thank you so much. You are definitely welcome to use “collect my hug” and anything else you like. Yes, I have a radio show called Finding the Gifts on at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time. You can listen to a live stream on the station – I often listen on iTunes when I am at home. I am putting together my web site and need to learn how to upload MP3 recordings so I have an archive on my site. I am also on

  2. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    My mom didn’t always appreciate things being done for her, either. You kind of have to figure ways to work around it, and what worked this time might not the next time! You just have to remember, at this point, it’s not personal, she’s just lashing out because so much is out of her control now, and she probably doesn’t always understand.

    Teary and drippy is okay. You’ve earned the right, and this Is a challenging time for you!

    Here is something I have learned, when it comes to husbands: if I have things scheduled during the week (sewing guild, Bible study, an outing), I write them out on a piece of paper (including day/date and time) and hand them to Ron (After I get his attention!), so he can write them in his little calendar. It really helps with the “you didn’t tell me”/”yes I did” debate!! Maybe it would work better for you to put it on the refrigerator, or next to the telephone. The important thing is to put it in writing and make sure he has it in his hand or sees where it is! Even when it’s something I “always” do on a particular day, I write it down, because chances are great he won’t remember it. If it doesn’t affect him directly, he doesn’t usually remember. It’s how guys are wired. After numerous years, he is finally remembering that I have sewing things two Mondays a month, he’s just not sure which is when!! LOL

    I’m so glad to hear your dad’s models and woodworking tools will have a good home! Be sure to take some nice pictures of those models, so you and your sisters can each have one to remember them by, if you haven’t done that already. I didn’t think to take pictures of daddy’s reed organ until after it was at the Nordic Heritage museum, but I have pictures now!

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      It has only taken me 45 years to find this out about husbands. Maybe we need a calendar to put both of our schedules on – then we will know what each is doing when.

      I suspect Mom will be sleeping a lot ore now, they will make sure she is on side or the other at intervals. Just have to take each visit as it is and not let it become personal or emotional.

      As a;ways, wise words from my very wise friend.

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