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My sister Ellen lives in Ocean Grove, N.J. and we were so grateful they did so well in Sandy, snowstorms, nor’easter and hurricanes.  I will admit to being very concerned, the worst that happened to them was no electricity for several days.  Because she lives there, she has been taking pictures of the water, the town and flowers as they bloom.  She recently sent a picture of her front yard, she has a green thumb.


She has some awesome photos of the ocean in all its moods and conditions.


The pier before Sandy – now just a few pilings.


There are some jetties of rocks all along the shore.


The waves can be small


Or seem very large.


Or just plain beautiful

People come in the summer for the programs at the Tabernacle as well as to be by the Shore since it gets hot and humid in the Northeast.   Some of the houses are lovely – either single family homes, B&B or hotels.




They also have a number of tents, though you wouldn’t really know to look at them – they seem like little houses.  When winter comes, they take down the sides and wait for Spring to reassemble the.

P1130123Tents in winter.


Tents in the Summer


Tents in Fall

Ocean Grove is a pretty town, I visited Ellen on a trip to see people at my head office in N.J. and was glad to have some time to spend with Ellen and see where she lives.  I so appreciate her pictures of the ocean – I am a water lover – as well as showing different parts of town.  I would like to go back and see it again and spend time with Ellen.

Thank you Ellen for letting me share your lovely pictures.

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10 Responses to “Ellen’s Photos”

  1. jadereyner Says:

    Beautiful photos. I love seeing photos from places that I have never seen and most likely will never visit. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      sister Ellen sends one every day – I have been to see her once and enjoyed walking along the boardwalk and the pier to watch the waves come in. She also has photos of the town and flowers – today was a wonderful photo of the crabapple blooming.

      • jadereyner Says:

        Wow. How lovely. Thank you for sharing some of those wonderful photos. 🙂

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        You are very welcome, I am so pleased you liked them. For equal time, I am working on some from my other sister. She’s in Nashville, so no ocean photos.

      • jadereyner Says:

        Now that’s somewhere else I don’t suppose I’ll ever go!

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        I’ve been to Nashville 2 or 3 times – the first was with my husband’s company when they were introducing a new car model. The other two times happened when my parents came to visit me in Atlanta and we drove up to Nashville to see my sister.

      • jadereyner Says:

        It always sounds so romantic, Nashville. The home of country and western. Is it like that or not?

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        It has changed a lot Candy tells me. The music business has changed drastically and there aren’t as many music publishers now – people who had lucrative businesses had the bottom fall out. However, it is a lovely place, depending on where you go. Vanderbilt has a beautiful campus, there are interesting places like the Parthenon replica and of course OpryLand and the Grand Old Opry.

      • jadereyner Says:

        Sounds lovely. Perhaps you could do a photo section on your blog where you can put some of these? I know I would love to see them and I am sure others would too. 🙂

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        Hmmmmm, that is an interesting idea. I will have to think about that, only because I am having trouble keeping up with this one and I haven’t done much on catlessinseattle.com and I want to also work on that as well. At the moment I have a little more energy, not sure it is quite enough for all I want to do right now. Thanks for the suggestions, it has me thinking now.

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