Time for some “Awww” and “Cute!”

I was checking out Facebook the other day and came across some wonderful photos. They are from Linzse at https://www.flickr.com/photos/linzse/5279916483/   Thank You Linzse.  I was feeling a bit low and decided this is a good time to write a post.   I found the photos on Little Red Bird Facebook, I am so grateful to find this site.  You know how much I love cats, but since I received Bunny last year in rehab, I have more of an affinity for rabbits.  So I found some cute bunnies and cats that made me smile and want to cuddle them.



553757_388227084586131_389689944_n   395104_386020358140137_830224443_n  603250_410259849049521_823241865_n

If that doesn’t give you the warm fuzzes, I can think of some other photos I found.  I heard a joke today I had forgotten about.  Two older ladies were driving and the passenger saw a red light coming, but they went right through it.  There was another red stop light which they went through.  When they approach another red light, once again they went right through.  she finally turned to her friend and said “Mildred, didn’t you see the red lights?”.  To which Mildred replied “Oh, am I driving?”


643908_371287769613396_1192741447_n  531815_404176532991186_1464972372_n

I noticed as I was writing this post that they had recommendations for a related site, so I thought I would add them as well.  I am learning new things on WordPress and it is really interesting what can be done on my blog.

It’s interesting how this blog works, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense.  I was trying to put three photos across the page and it looks great in the composing phase;  looks a whole lot different on the blog.  I finally figured out that the composing area is a lot wider than the blog you see on the site, no wonder it doesn’t quite fit.  I have tried several times to make it look nice, but it isn’t quite how I want it to look.  so I will have to play around with it in another post and see what it takes to look the way I envision it in my mind.  I have decided that frustration and working at it trying different things often helps me figure it out – sometimes it takes several sessions and some simmering the back burner.

Enjoy the cats and bunnies – I feel better now.

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2 Responses to “Time for some “Awww” and “Cute!””

  1. linzse Says:

    Hi, I’m glad you enjoy my picture, but please, credit me with a link to my Flickr. I do not appreciate the use of my pictures without proper credit. https://www.flickr.com/photos/linzse/5279916483/ Thanks!
    Kind regards

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