Dragging My Ass

Since I promised there would be no whingeing, I will just say that the last couple of days have been a try low point for me – not quite sure what is going on.  I do know the side effects of the drug in the study really wiped me out and I am no longer taking the drug.  Still another exit interview next week before I am done.  The frustrating part was I noticed improvement in some things and they told me Wednesday my Sed rate had been going down.  Must not be right for me.

I called my friend Carol today to see if she could meet me for lunch, think goodness she was.  Turns out she was having a crappy day and meeting for lunch got both of us out of our jammies.  I could have stayed at home, maybe had a good cry, but I didn’t want to do that – the thought of it made me feel low.  So lunch with Carol was fun and we both feel better.

Something else to make one smile – cats.  I ran across this on the web somewhere that shows cats just at the optimum moment when a camera was around.  Some are funny, some are amazing and cats always make me smile.

This one looks as if he had been shot out of a cannon!

Does he realize he is going in?

Play time is different for everyone.  Bet he is sure it’s a home run!

Nackered by a computer mouse!

There are no strings or  devices – it’s pure magic.

One last one – who is more surprised!

I knew the cats would help me smile and laugh.  I would rather show these than write about all my feelings of “oh-poor-me-osis” today.  My massage therapist just lost her mother on Wednesday – she died of cancer.  It was expected but I think it may still have been a shock when it happened.  I called her today to let her know I am sending her very special Lee hugs and anytime she needs one, it will be there for her.

Last night when I went to be, I decided to feel the feelings, be willing to accept that was how I felt in the moment and then let it go.  I also asked for an attitude overhaul.  The one thing that surprised me yesterday afternoon when this depression hit – I was thinking all these negative thoughts.  Then I stopped myself and knew it wasn’t true.  Yes, it was how I felt at that moment, but it isn’t the truth of my life or myself – that is new for me.

Enjoy the cats!


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