Ups and Downs

It definitely helps to roll with the punches some weeks.  This was one of them.  Monday we spent the day here together, I was working on a new order for shirts, another one for lapel pins, plus I do a donation of pens for Children’s Country Home every year and show prep for Tuesday’s show.  And of course, I helped Eddie with some of his things.  We don’t know what the weather will do – if I said rain, it would be the most accurate.

Tuesday I went to do my show and then came home – Eddie was here working on his emails and his Kaplanian Report.  Also, we see Brad when he needs to do some work before his sub contractor comes.  Wednesday he was here with the plumber – now there is a toilet that works and a sink with a small leak.  Still waiting for the shower door – they found a crack at the bottom and had to do it over.  We hope it will be here this week.

Wednesday was Breakfast Club and Eddie had an appointment with a friend to tour his company.  After Breakfast Club I went to see Dr. Cheryl and whenever to Jerry’s Rock and Gem for some healing stones for a special friend.  Joan had been on my show a few weeks earlier and I asked her advice for my friend.  She suggested several stones, plus a red suede drawstring bag for them.  When I came home, Eddie was here – he was back by 10:30 or 11.  He also talked to his friend about knowing anyone is looking to hire.  We sent him Eddie’s resume.

It has been the oddest thing, I have been needing cat naps to stay awake – no idea what that is about because I sleep well at night.  I had a cat nap before I saw Cheryl, then I fall asleep in my chair, waiting for the doc, waiting to pick up the car, etc.  Sometimes it is a liedown on the bed.  Yesterday was the first time in a while I didn’t feel the need to nap.

Thursday Eddie spent all day at Joint Base Lewis McChord for the Defense Symposium.  I planned to spend the day by myself, but then texted my friend to see if she had a few minutes because I had a special gift for her.  She invited me to lunch at Salty’s in Redondo Beach and it was lovely.  We had some sun which was a delight.  We had a lovely time and she was pleased with the stones I gave her.  I don’t know how WooWoo or Hocus Pocus she is, but I explained about them and said I wanted her to be around a long time.

Thursday was one of those usual days when we had at least four seasons in one day.  In the morning was fog and when I went to have lunch, the sun had come out.  It was a lovely afternoon, but I could see dark clouds from the south.  I arrived home just before the rain started – very heavy rain, thunder and lightning, hail in some places and high winds.  Unfortunately Eddie got stuck in it as he was driving home – rain so hard he couldn’t see.  I was uneasy about him in all that weather – what a welcome sight when he came in the door.

We had more rain, lightning and thunder overnight – some lost electricity but we were fine.  Friday morning we went to pick up my car at 10 – Eddie hates the  Toyota.  It was so good to see my car back together again, I had missed driving it.  We had a lunch date with Danielle, she used to be with Andy but had received a better off with someone else.  She had talked to Eddie on the phone to tell him what is happening and she was interested in having him do procedures manual and later some training.  She has not quite divested from Andy and needs to set things up with the new group, so it will be a bit before she is ready for Eddie to help her.  He will be able to do things at home rather than going up to Arlington where she lives.

She has had quite a year or more, new husband, new baby, new house and still making money with and for her clients.  She is about 32 and I really enjoyed being with her – Eddie wanted us to meet.

We left Nordstrom in south center and Eddie noticed the check engine light was on, a little flashing light where it shows what gear you are in and also the anti-skid light was lit.  Not a comfortable feeling.  So we called Pat’s,  they said to come back and they would put it on the computer.  Well, we spent quite a while there and it turned out a sensor needed changing.  We are back in a rental – only had my car 4 hours.  This time it’s a Kia Optima, a nicer car and more convenient.  They can get the part and will install it on Monday.

Friday was such an uncomfortable day, I was so stiff, sore and unbendable – I felt trapped in a cage.  I had been doing pretty well, so I wasn’t sure what was happening.  I have had many days lately when I have felt heavy, awkward and clumsy.  It is depressing, that’s for sure.

Hope this doesn’t too much of a downer – I prefer to be positive.


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