A Bit of This, A Bit of That

This could be called a catch up post, pictures of things from the last 2 or 4 months.  It feels as if most of what I have written lately is not so positive stuff, but there have been a  lot of bright spots as well.  There has been a lot of talk about the number of days of rain opposed to the few days of sun – those sunny days were delightful and very much appreciated it.  The sun pops out quite often, it seems the clouds have more strength at this point than the sunny.  The weatherman says a sunny, 70 degree day on Wednesday – we will see what arrives.

Brad has been here working on the bathroom downstairs and it is probably in the last quarter of finishing.  The sticky part is the shower door – will it be late?  Eddie wants it all done before he uses it.  He is excited to see it come together and see the big changes Brad has made.  He feels spoiled using the bathroom upstairs, I think he will revel in his new one.

We have had some spanners in the works getting my car fixed – first they kept saying they had to establish responsibility – my insurance company has no problem.  Then they weren’t going to cover all of the rental car and finally they wanted to put “gypsy” parts to repair it.  When Pat’s group took the car apart, there was twice as much damage inside than they first thought.  We are hoping they will be finished this week.  The Toyota Corolla is okay but I prefer my Subaru Imprezza.

My poor car

We just replaced the front bumper because some daft pillock put a hole in it.

Bent the grill and later found more damage.

The front bumper was in the street and a very nice lady brought it over to the gas station.

Would you believe this is all that happened to her car?

As for me, I am fine after the accident.  I have been going to my chiropractor to help me integrate it and release the tight stiffness.  It has been quite a while since I saw her last, feels so good to have adjustments from her.

I am feeling much more comfortable with my radio show, I think I have a focus for it now.  Instead of just saying there is a gift in every difficult situation for one to uncover, I need to give some ideas and ways to the finding.  I am still working on that, it is simmering on the back burner until I have a clearer picture.  Also, I talked to the station manager Erik about sponsors and what I can offer them.  This feels as if it is the hard part – if I had money to fund it myself, I wouldn’t have to look for sponsors to stay on the sir after October.

I just went outside to enjoy the sun while it is here.  I looked at the garden and took some pictures – amazing how the flowers come up and I didn’t do anything.  How cool is that!

The dark purple lilac is beginning to bloom along side the Scillas.

Blueberry blossoms – may have a good crop this year.

The dogwood has more blossoms this year, always spectacular.

Scillas all over the beds by the porch.

We had a couple of snowfalls  this winter, enjoyed the beauty but happy not to have several more.  I took pictures from the bathroom window and also on the porch.

Looking south to Allen’s house

The front yard from the porch

From the bathroom window

From the window toward the fruit trees in the back.

Pink dogwood with a snowy mantle

I need to open up the kitchen remodel site and add the bathroom pictures.  I think there is a link on this blog to get there.  I want them to be in chronological order, though it means the last ones will be first.

A bit of catch up about things.  Yesterday I went to a memorial service for the Celebration of Life for a friend I met through Charlotte.  There were a group of ladies who got together for birthday lunches and Charlotte invited me to join them.  I met Joyce and got to know her over several years – a real lady and very special.  I am not big on going to church and I didn’t really want to go.  I went to be there for Charlotte and support her – her friends are slowly disappearing and losing Joyce is a real blow to her.  They were like sisters, shared an apartment together and did all kinds of things together.  There were some happy moments – when she found several of the youth group came back, looking at the pictures and talking to people she knows at the church.

Time to close, I’m working on re energizing and building stamina to be able to do the things I want to do.

2 Responses to “A Bit of This, A Bit of That”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Oh, your poor car, Liz!! Hope you get it back soon, and things are all sorted out for you now.

    Loved all the pictures of the flowers–and the snow!!

    Thanks again for being there for me at Joyce’s memorial; it meant so very much.

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