Little Fingers Affect A Lot

I know I haven’t been posting very often, there is a reason – I have to work twice as hard to make sure you can read it. Ever since my elbow replacement, my left little finger and ring finger are not working very well.  My little finger is numb and tends to catch on things and hit wrong keys so I seem to have a language all my own.  I am writing my show prep for Tuesday about Christmas and will use it for my blog later on.  I would have had  it all done but I had to keep fixing it as I went along.

I don’t have a whole lot to write about since I feel I am catching up more than anything else.  We’ve hwad a little snow, but not enough to really count.  It was sleeting wheqn Eddiqe left this morning, though it was mixed wit3h rain, he wasn’t really conceqrneqd about it.  It has been really cold lately – well, cold for us.  I don’t miss the snow and ice we had in the East and also in Fort Wayne.  We are glad we decided t4o stay here for the holidays.

I have been enjoying doing my radio show – it feels easier and more relaxed thant he first time.  I also know more 3thsn I did the first time. I decided to talk about my Christmas memories, especially with my family and when Sylvia came and our godson Jason form Austra;ia.   Later I asked Bennie what he thought – he said I am a good story teller.  I was pleased to hear t3hat.  I also need to help peqopke understand  what4 the show is about, why I am doing it and the message.  I am wondering what I am going to talk about next Tuesday –  I don’t have a guest at the moment.

Th moles are having a field day in the lawn.  Not only does one make a huge mound, after Eddie pounds it down, the little sucske2r make another one right on top.  I don’t know what has galvanized them to be so active, I’da love two put a stop to it.  As I have said, we don’t have a golf course lawn but there is no reason to have it look like a construction zone.  Jorge, who does the lawn, said he had something, so maybe we can stop some of them.

Tomorrow the pest guy is coming for his third visit.  He was here two weeks ago and out of 12 traps, no furry creature.  he will remove the traps and plug up as much as he can to keep them from finding a winter home here.

This is not a long post, just a way t3o let you know I am still here and want to continue the blog.  If you can read the oddball words, then  it will make more sense.


Enjoy the season.

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