Best 2 Weeks In Ages

I have had energy and enthusiasm for things the past couple of weeks – it feels so good after so many weeks and months dragging myself around, dealing with surgeries, bronchitis and RA.  I also may have overdone a bit, but what a feeling!!!!

We had snow on Monday, about an inch and snow on Friday, 2 inches at least.  Monday was problematic for Eddie in the morning because it  started snowing when he was having breakfast in Southcenter.  He wasn’t sure how it would be on 405 into Bellevue – then found someone had broken his back passenger window – no briefcase.  He came home and spent a lot of time working with the bank because our checkbook was in the briefcase – also Andy’s business checkbook.  Then called Vickie, our insurance agent and took his car to Murray’s Collision – we just got mine back.  Someone backed into my front passenger bumper leaving dents and scratches and a big hole.

I said that is why I am such a nag about leaving anything in plain sight in the car.  He didn’t really believe me, just thought I was being paranoid.  NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!

He has a Hyundai Sonata, but he misses his wagon so much that he is impatient for it to be fixed.  I had a Chrysler 200 for a rental – it was very awkward to drive and get in and out.   So glad to have my Subaru back.

Friday’s snow was more problematic – Eddie didn’t go to work, but worked from home.  I rescheduled my haircut and a new client visit – the pest control guy came in the afternoon.  I heard scratching on the bedroom ceiling last Wednesday – a familiar sound of furry creatures looking to settle in for the winter.  He came the following day to set traps and see where they are getting in.  He came this week – nothing in any of the traps – not sure what’s happening.  He will be back in 2 weeks to check again and put copper mesh over the holes he can reach.  We also need to put new insulation up in the attic as well.

Week before last we were doing Secret Santa for Breakfast Club.  I was given Bryan Gormley – someone I barely know.  I found he had 3 daughters, so the first week I did a Family Fun Box with cookie cutters, frosting, 4 bottles of sprinkles, recipes for Gingerbread cookies and Sugar cookies.  The 2nd week was a set of wooden puzzles and the last was a set of 4 small bottles of spices and some ideas to use them.  I think he was pleased.  We had the third gift at the Christmas party Wednesday night.

Thursday was the PNAA Christmas Party in Mukilteo – we skipped it because they said snow was coming in the evening.  Glad we did because driving home in the dark and the snow isn’t something that is easy any more.  This coming Friday is supposed to be the party for Andy’s group.  So far there hasn’t been a response and Eddie will have no regrets canceling it.  We’ll see how it plays out over this week.  Andy is leaving the following day for China to visit his Mom.  Things have changed for him, he had to have a written invitation to visit.  He is now an American citizen, so it looks as if they don’t recognize he was born there.  That bugged him no end.

The past few days I felt myself with less energy, so Saturday after we finished our errands, I crawled into bed for a nap.  I slept about 2 hours and felt so much better.  I have been sleeping better as well – I think the nap took the edge off being tired.  Looks as if I need to make time for a lie down or nap every once in a while.

Oh my, have the moles been busy!!!  Our lawn looks more like swiss cheese than grass.  On the bright side, it is aerating the grass so I don’t have to do it.  I am wondering if the  kids grew up and didn’t leave home.  Looks as if we have a colony instead of a small family.  We had a card telling us the new value for the house and land – the house is worth more than the land.  Maybe they think the land is less valuable with holes in it.  I suspect our property taxes will be going up again.

We have an arborist in Breakfast club now and he came by Thursday to look at the fruit trees, fig, blueberries and dogwood.  They all need help and the isn’t going to charge all outdoors to do it.  He will prune and clear grass away from the trunks and then in Spring will prune the new fruit so we have better fruit and maybe the apples won’t keep hitting the ground so often.  Might even keep the creepy crawlies away.  I also need to have John come and give us the view back.

The snow on the Olympics is spectacular!!  When the sun comes up and shines on the snow, it is gorgeous.  We sometimes have to look quickly or the sun disappears.  A lot of the time they awry covered with clouds.  Occasionally Mt. Rainer comes out in all its glory, what another spectacular sight!

Time to close – wish I had a picture of the mountains to include.











2 Responses to “Best 2 Weeks In Ages”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling more “back to normal”, Liz! Sounds like we Might get a tiny bit of snow later in this week. I doubt it’ll even be as much as the tiny bit we got Thursday night. You know how I love snow!! And it Has been several years since we had any.

    It was fun to get together with you last week. Let’s not wait so long next time!

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