So Far, No Title

Sometimes I am at a loss for a title for my post – this is one of them.  I may have to wait until I finish before a title comes to me.

An interesting week, a little too much medical but after surgery this coming Thursday and Friday, things should calm down.  We were invited to dinner on Sunday, Valentine’s day, by a couple we met at the Armenian Church.  He’s Armenian from Syria and I think his wife is Arab Christian.  They invited another couple, it was a lively time with their young children in the background.  Lyla doesn’t speak English very well – she is taking English class.  She was Civil Engineer in Syria, Vartan was an architect.    Right now he works in a deli making sandwiches.  Eddie had said to Vartan, make dinner simple – I think it is genetically impossible to cook small or simple.  Eddie’s family is the same way.  The table was loaded with salads, a dish of chicken make the Syrian way, grape leaves, meat with cheese inside, something similar to coucous, so much food.  I felt badly I couldn’t sample everything – I just don’t have the capacity any more.  When that was cleared off, a large platter of fruit, a huge cake, and two or three other desserts.  They could have fed the whole neighborhood!

Through networking, Eddie learned of an architect that is looking for someone. Vartan showed us his portfolio, not only for buildings, but also for furniture.  His stuff is really amazing.  Eddie talked to the architect on Thursday and told him about Vartan and his circumstances.  Eddie also explained about himself and and how he came to the U.S.  The architect was quite interested, so he wanted Vartan to send him some samples of his work.  There was an email this morning from Vartan to us and to Henry, the architect, with samples of his work.  We think Henry will be blown away.  So we are curious to see what Henry has to say when he sees Vartan’s samples.

Strangely enough, I had Monday and Tuesday at home – it’s been quite a while since that happened.  I worked on the expense sheet for our taxes and I need to organize the book to take to A.D. on Wednesday afternoon.  I always think I have a lot of time, then suddenly it arrives much sooner than I realize.  I will be glad to have the taxes done for another year.  Not much income from the business because of all the stuff from 2015, I’m hoping 2016 will be a lot better.

I had a call on Tuesday from the plastic surgeon’s office – they need a medical clearance from my primary care doc, there were all kinds of questions and then I had to call my rheumatologist to find out how I can deal with not having Methotrexate and Orencia before surgery.   I spent a lot of time on the phone this week.  Wednesday I went to Breakfast Club, then to see Dr. Cheryl, then to the orthopedic surgeon.  He says my shoulder is healed and there is nothing to keep me from doing the surgery.  I explained what is going on at the moment, so he has scheduled another appointment for 3 months for one more x-ray and time for me to have things done I need to do.  The more I think about doing the surgery, the less I want to – I am going to have a second opinion before I make a final decision.

Thursday I went back to the wound care center, I can see my ankle on my right leg.  I saw the doc for the first time and she was pleased with how well it is healing.  I told her I have to have a vascular ultrasound on Monday, how was the best way to do it?  She gave me a waterproof bandage and a light compression sock – they can take off what I have now, do the ultrasound and then put on the waterproof bandage.  Then I will go back to the wound care and they will redo the compression bandage so I will be set for another week.  That means I will be able to have a real shower for a day – spit baths are not the most convenient or satisfying and a shower.  The doc thinks it will be 3 – 5 weeks to heal the ulcer.

I met Eddie at home and then we went over to the office in Bellevue – Andy invited us to lunch with his Mom and Sue.  We went to a Chinese restaurant and Andy and his Mom chose the menu.  She doesn’t speak English, so Andy had to translate.  She is a lovely woman, it would be fun to be able to talk other in English since I have no Chinese.  They chose spring rolls to start – vegetarian, then pea vines, bamboo shoots – not like the ones that are flat rectangles – a fish dish, a chicken dish, brown and white rice.  I was concerned it would be hot, but it wasn’t – it was so delicious!  There was rice, fish and chicken left, so Andy had them box it up for us.  We had another meal of it on Friday – still delicious.

Friday morning I went to Doc Pierce for my pre-op and he put me on the scale – something I dread.  How lovely to find I had lost 9 pounds – all fluid I’m sure.  Whatever it was, I feel less stiff and my legs don’t look or feel quite so much like large sausages stuff in a small casing.  After that I had my haircut – good for 5 weeks.  I think I am done except for ultrasound and wound care Monday and Tuesday.  I need to concentrate on the taxes now – can’t put it off any longer.

One Response to “So Far, No Title”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Hi Liz; since you are having such doubts about that surgery, it’s a great idea to get a second opinion. It’s so easy for someone like me to say, “oh, you should do it, think of how much more mobile you’d be!” but you’re the one who knows what it’s like to “live there”, so to speak, so you do what You think is best for You!!

    Wow, you’ve really had quite an ordeal with that ulcer on your leg. I’m glad it’s healing now. Also glad you were finally able to have a real shower! Just feels so much better, doesn’t it?!

    I’m madly getting ready to leave for Expo, and last Sat. we had Isaac here helping with some basement cleanup. Lots to go yet, but at least we’ve started.

    Talk to you soon! love, Char

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