A Little Bit of Everything

I haven’t written in at least a week because all I would have done is whinge about how uncomfortable I was – I promised no whingeing.  I am not sure what happened or what triggered it, only that I am glad to feel more my regular self.  I saw Dr. Cheryl Monday for my adjustment, then had a nap in the afternoon – when I woke up I was so stiff and sore I could barely move.  I was much better the next day and went to see Kat for PT – another afternoon and evening being most uncomfortable.  Wednesday I just rested all day and a little  reluctant to have a nap.  I still have some left shoulder issues – it’s the one that wasn’t hurt in the accident.

I have also not had Methotrexate for at least 2 weeks because when I refilled it, they wanted $141 for it – usually it is around $12 or $14.  If I had to pay with no insurance, it would be $550.  So I checked with Humana and they have kicked it from Tier 2 to Tier 3 – it’s a generic so I don’t know what their  reasoning is.  Plus they were bought out by a bigger company, so this may be the beginning of rude shocks.  I have to see if there is something on their list similar to Methotrexate as well as check my other prescriptions.  My Prednizone went from $5 to $14 – also a generic.

It has also brought up a fear I have been pushing down and this situation has made me  face it more than I have.  I am afraid without Methotrexate, I will be a basket case – it is what keeps me being comfortable.  It has become a belief because I keep finding evidence that supports my fear.  So I have to ask myself is this true or is it a false truth that I have strengthened over the years.  Which then makes me ask, is RA true or have I created a brief around it that I have it and will always have it.  The doctors all say there is no cure, that is it lifelong – but is it?  It gives pause for a lot of thought.  No more RA would be such a relief and a blessing.

We had a birthday lunch for Charlotte on Friday in Lynnwood.  Mine will be in June – my “Queen’s Birthday” to spread it around the year a little more.  I wasn’t sure how driving up would be because they have Mercer Street  along 99 under construction for the tunnel – that’s a whole story in itself.  I didn’t know how much traffic or just what was blocked, so I took the Viaduct and got off at Seneca, then went up University to I-5.  There was traffic but I made it to the restaurant right about on time.  We had a great time and it was a relaxing time of catching up and just enjoying being together.  Eddie had decided the day before to come home early Friday, so he was home before I was – I didn’t hurry or cut short lunch.

On the way home I came the usual way – I-5 to 85th and over to 99 and then down through the Viaduct – they had 2 lanes open going South and there was hardly any traffic.  Maybe every one decided to avoid the construction – though it was 2:30 when I came and not quite traffic time.  Anyway, it all worked out fine and I had no traffic coming home.  Eddie is going up for the conference a week from Monday, he was curious to know what he would find.  Chances are, they may change the whole configuration by then.  He will go up very early and stay a couple of nights during the conference.  He is quite happy not to be driving up there every day.

The tunnel is 2 years behind schedule – Bertha had to be repaired but it took forever to figure out how to get her up to the surface to do it.  Now she is repaired but as they started digging, they have some sink holes, so everything is suspended.  Well, DUH – what do you expect when you tunnel through filled in bay?  There’s no telling what is there and I doubt it is all that stable.  When they ever finish it, I am not going to use it for 2 reasons – they will be charging an arm and a leg to go through.  But the major reason is that I am claustrophobic and I don’t trust it, nor do I want to be in it if anything happens.

The moles continue  to make mounds and when Eddie scrapes them down, there are all kinds of pebbles and stones with it.  So not only is our “golf course lawn” full of weeds, moss, grass and mounds, it also is filled with rocks.  Not going to help Jorge’s lawn mower when he comes in the spring.  The soil isn’t all that great, so when we are able to put in a new lawn, it has to have completely new soil.  The big question “How to discourage moles from burrowing and making mounds in the new lawn?”  It will be a day or two before we can do that.

Both my sisters survived the snow and kept their electricity – that is no mean feat.  They sent pictures:

Jan 2016 Snow

Nashville – It’s going to take some time for Candy to dig out her car.

Snow Jan 2016

This is 8″ – snow always is gorgeous when the sun comes out


NewJersey Shore – Ellen sent this one during the storm


She went out walking as soon as she could – still needs some shoveling.

2 Responses to “A Little Bit of Everything”

  1. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Oh, yeah….the first of the year is always a shocker with meds until you’ve met your deductible–and with changes in your coverage, that can make a difference, too! Talk to your doctor about it, perhaps she (or you) can ask for a variance, since obviously you do seem to need it! You might also contact the company that makes it; they may be able to help a bit. Of course, it’s probably just a matter of meeting the deductible. Bummer.

    Don’t just give up, though.

    We totally agree about that tunnel!! I’m sure glad I don’t live underneath the area where they are digging!! What are they going to do if sinkholes start swallowing cars and buildings?! Still smile for the camera and tell us everything is going well, and this little problem isn’t going to be anything to worry about?! That project should have been scrapped months ago!!

    I seem to remember when there were problems with moles up in Everett–it seems like they blocked all but one hole as best they could, then ran a hose from the exhaust pipe of a running car into the one open hole for a few minutes. I don’t know if it killed them, or just drove them elsewhere, but it got rid of them, at least while mom and dad were living there.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the snow that Ellen and Candy sent! Makes me homesick for Michigan winters. (You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?!)

    Last of all, thanks for coming to my birthday lunch–it was great to see you again!!

    love, Char

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      I am going to have to go on Humana website and see if I can figure out what meds are what and if there are substitutions. The forms they sent the doc didn’t tell her a whole lot.

      They should never had the tunnel in the first place – fix the Viaduct and paint it a nice color.

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