A Mixed Up Week

It’s been a  peculiar week, hard to remember what day it is.  I suppose it started on Sunday when Eddie left early in the morning for work and spent the night up north.  It was fun to have a day just for myself, I did work on quotes and projects for work as well as things for myself.  Then when evening came, it was a bit odd.  I have been out of the habit of  having Eddie away since we have been here for almost 12 years.  He used to be away a lot and I was used to it – I liked having things done my way for a bit.

I was able to get up on Monday in plenty of time to leave for my chiropractic appointment, do some errands and then come home to work.  But I kept mixing up my days and thinking I was missing doing something that turned out was scheduled for 2 or 3 days ahead.  I was pleased to see Eddie when he came home.

I went to see Mom and read to her, this time I pretty much put her to sleep.  I noticed that it was one of those days when she didn’t seem too sure who I was – some days she says “Hi Love, I’m so glad to see you”.  However, chocolate and cookies are always welcomed and when I said I was putting her to sleep, she told me that was fine, she liked it.  I will admit I wasn’t quite sure it was Tuesday.

Going to Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning really made the week feel proper – I would miss it so much if I didn’t go.  I left shortly after to come home, I have been putting off training on how to use my new website.  I thought it was Tuesday and Thursday, so I planned to do it last Thursday, only to find I had the wrong day.  Anyway, it was quite interesting and now I need to work on the site for real now.

I have been working on an ebook for a while now, I needed to figure out what I needed to do to make it ready to publish.  I did a One To One at Apple and found they have an app called iBooks Author that puts it in a format that can be sent to Apple.  Apparently there are other formats one needs to send it to Amazon and Barnes & Noble – I’m going to concentrate on Apple until I have it right.  Since I found how to use iBooks Author, I have been excited to see it take shape.  I have 3 other books that I want to t with it for a 4 book series in a case.  I need to check out what it takes to self publish a few books to see if it is viable.

I came to the conclusion I needed to actually do something about the book or it wasn’t going to get done.  I also know it is important to put it out there by saying it out loud, as well as on paper (so to speak).  A little scary, but I need to move out of my comfort zone and try new things, take risks.  The odd thing is, I have several ideas for books and can’t wait to do them all.  I have ben concerned about how my body would take to it physically because working on the computer has given me sore shoulders.  What I am finding is that I am doing a lot better – must be the discovery that payback pain is only a belief I have had for a long time, it is not the truth.

I don’t know how much weather has to do with how I feel or what condition my joints are in, maybe it is another of those beliefs that are no longer true.  We had 70’s and 80’s last week, a lovely day yesterday, though a bit of a chilly wind.  now we are back to MOTS – rain and clouds, etc.  Typical Seattle weather.  However, there are no tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. so I am happy to live here.  The rhodos are blooming and so spectacular.  so many flowers out and it is amazing.  The lilacs are gorgeous, some people have white and lavender lilacs, we have a lavender one and a dark purple one.   I love spring and the feeling of a new beginning.

I feel a change in myself, nothing I can put my finger on or anything specific – just a more positive feeling than I have had in a long time.  I have been reading a lot of different things and also talked with an intuitive about some things and it is beginning to make more sense.  One day I would like to be able to put it into words so it can be understood by someone else.  Until then, I continue to learn, experiment and experience different things.

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