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I have been lucky to write once a week lately, but that doesn’t stop the mind from thinking of things to write about – unfortunately I am on the freeway, in the shower, it’s 3 a.m., you name the inconvenient place.

It’s been a busy time for the moles, all sized mounds in the yard – I noticed a small one out by the garage; one of the youngsters must have been out trying those diggy feet.  It was a little mound, but he or she has the hang of it already.  That summer holiday must have energized them no end.  Bob next door suggested pumping some gas into the holes and lighting a match – wouldn’t that be something!   As it is, Delores puts down her mole pellets but can’t find an actual hole.  The battle continues.

Mon had her 95th birthday on September 24th.  Delores sent a plant, Ellen sent Mom’s favorite maple sugar candy and a dozen roses and Candy sent chocolates and a lovely teal hoodie and a sweatshirt to keep Mom warm.  I had a light purple knit top and pants with some embroidery.  It was a Tuesday but I had gone for my infusion in the morning and had an appointment at 1, so I didn’t stay long.  mom seemed rather sleepy, so I came back the next day for a bit longer.

I have had some  difficulty finding things to talk about because I understand the first 3 or 4 words she says, then it is mumbling and repeating words.  I haven’t a clue what she is saying.  She doesn’t talk about her mother or father, maybe once in a while.  She doesn’t remember as much of her childhood as she did – we went through the album I brought but she only remembered a few things.  My sister Candy solved the dilemma for me.

She has written an ebook called “The Translucent Heart” and had sent me an email with the book.  So I copied it from the library and have been reading it to Mom.  She seems alert and interested, I don’t always know how much goes in and sticks, but because Candy wrote it, she is interested.  I am on page 93 or so right now – my voice gives out sooner than she loses interest.  When we are done with that, I am going to bring Rosamund Pilcher’s book “Winter Solstice” to read.  Mom loves the book and has read it every Fall since my Dad died.  At one point she asked if I could get her a new copy, hers was falling apart.

Mom is still doing pretty well even though she needs help with everything.  she is aware of some things around her and the people, but she fights Judy all the way when it comes to any caregiving such as bathing, washing her hair or anything like that.  Maybe she feels that is the only things she has control over now.  She still goes twice a week to the Center and as long as she is able to that, it is a very good thing.  It gives her another situation and context to her life, plus her doctor is there as well.  There are times when I don’t really want to go, but she is always glad to see me and I don’t want her to think she has been abandoned.  It is not an easy situation for any of us, but at the moment things are going smoothly.

I finally finished Eddie’s new Round Up design and he will be sending out Monday.  the people in the office have seen it and love it – his boss told him he should charge money for it.  He has been bugging me for the last 3 weeks about when it would be ready to go.  I have been working on it in Group Training for Pages at the Apple store – they have helped me so much with design, learning to use the program and all kinds of other things.    It will take another couple of issues before I really have it down pat.  Eddie is pleased with it and finds it is much easier to do on his MacPro than on the PC.

To see his other ones, PNAA has it on their website.  Click the link here, click News and then Local News.  On the right is a box where his Round Up is listed as The Kaplanian Report.  His new one should be up  in the next week or so.  I am interested to hear the comments on the new design.

I’ve been debating about mentioning this, but putting it out there means actually doing it.  While I waiting for the editing from Toni on his Round Up, I started a book with posts from this blog.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to us Gift of RA because I have also written about Mom and dementia, my own personal development as well as writing.  What happened was a vision of four complete books in as a set.  I decided to call it “Finding the Gift…”; this is “Finding The Gift in Rheumatoid Arthritis”.   It may not be the same in the end as it is in the beginning, but I know I have to do something about this since it has been simmering on the back burner for several years.  I have the journals that I wrote for several years with things that have happened – a lot of information without an idea how to corral it.  Baby steps and see where it goes.  There, I said it!!!

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13 Responses to “Local News”

  1. Jade Reyner Says:

    Hi! Glad to hear that you are being so productive and I am pleased that things are relatively stable with your Mom at the moment. Sounds like you have been busy on the software design front as well! I shall check out that link. I think that the idea of making a collection of books is beautiful, I can see it as a boxed set now! 🙂

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      How lovely to hear from you Jayde. I saw my four books as a boxed set – you must have read my mind. I am also in the process of selling the furniture and things so we can have our furniture upstairs – then it will be our home. I find myself a bit ambivalent, part of me wants to clear it out, the other part says Mom is still here even though she will never be able to come back here. I am having trouble putting it into motion – plus so much to clean out – and a little voice will say “Suppose you want some of it later, but it will be gone”. I haven’t had to deal with situation before and I am feeling a little stuck at the moment. So many others in this dilemma as well.

      • Jade Reyner Says:

        It’s always tricky when you are faced with a situation that you have never been faced with before, and to know how to deal/cope with it is very difficult. It really a question of learning as you go along I suppose and hoping that the decisions that you made are the right ones – a bit like parenting! Good luck with it all. 🙂

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        Thank you so much, I have had a lot of new experiences and challenges lately. The one thing I know, it is smart to ask for help – I am breaking that childhood program and finding how much others are willing and able to help me. As I am doing it, I hope it helps someone else as well.

      • Jade Reyner Says:

        And that is a beautiful thing to learn – there are people out there willing to help and support, you just have to ask them. 🙂

      • Lee Kaplanian Says:

        I am finding I feel more confident, that I am able to think fairly objectively and decide who might have knowledge about whatever it is – I used to panic most of the time and it so much better now.

      • Jade Reyner Says:

        I am pleased to hear it. 🙂

  2. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    Nice to get an update on your mom, and also how you are doing, and what your current goal is (the book/s)–since it’s been So Long since I last had an email from you!! (Hint hint!)

    Yes, it’s hard to part with the things in your parents’ home (which is now yours), but it’s one of those things that many of us have dealt with in the past. You Will get thru it!! And, once it’s done, you will be glad you did it. I promise!!

    • Lee Kaplanian Says:

      Thank You!! The last 12 or 13 years have brought many of the same experiences to both of us and it has been so great to have you at the other end of the phone or email for those times. You have been there for me and I was there for you – must be something that has kept us such close friends since the 9th grade. I appreciate your support and encouragement so much.

  3. Charlotte Trayer Says:

    I’ll let you know when I hear something.

    In the meantime, I think you “owe” me an email! 😉 Last time I heard from you that way was the end of Sept!

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