Running From Here To There. . . . . . .

It looks as though I have more energy that I realized – or is it that feeling of close deadlines and no time to dawdle around?  I’ve decided it is a combination of both.  I think the meds are slowly kicking in plus I have been doing some Youtube chakra clearing and other videos.  I read somewhere that having hot lemon water first thing in the morning is beneficial, so last week I was able to combine that with Youtube meditations before starting the day.  Now, if I can work it so I go straight to sleep when the light goes out and get up at 6 every morning so I have that first hour for lemon water and meditation, I’d have it made.  Baby steps so far.

I feel as if I have been  going several places a day or doing something for the past week or more.  I finally found someone to check out the furniture, etc. and he also does house sales.  I would like to have found him earlier since this is the best month to do a sale and to have fairly good weather.   Then I would have had more time to go through stuff and see what my sisters want.  I have been taking pictures of furniture, jewelry, dishes, etc. and putting them on a new blog – just what I need, another blog – so my sisters can see what I have found.  Unfortunately it is such a rush and I feel a bit badly about pushing so hard.  I have been in limbo for the past year and it is long past time for us to move forward with our lives.  I feel as if I have been taking care of everyone else’s affairs while mine are on hold.

Monday last week I had my chiro appointment, stopped at the library to download some of Candy’s new book, then stopped at Burien Press to give Brigh a coffee gift card for coming out to the house the Friday before to check out what we have to sell without his usual fee.   Then I went home to create the new blog,  which took me longer than I planned.   Then Tuesday morning I had a doctor’s appointment with my primary care doc.  He was pleased with me and doesn’t want to see me for 3 months – must mean I am doing well.  Right after that I went to visit Mom.  I took some of the pages of the book to read to Mom, plus bring her cookies.  I read the first 20 pages or so aloud to her and later found Judy had been listening as well.   Mom was alert for most of the time, then she started closing her eyes.

On Tuesday afternoon I was going to the pro D in the afternoon for the NWPMA Showcase – they do education the first day, then the Showcase with suppliers the 2nd day.  I was all set to go when I found out Ami Simms was going to be in Seattle for a few hours and she was looking for lunch companions.  Charlotte offered to pick her up at the airport and then another lady named Becky was interested.  I saw it on Facebook the week before and put in my 2 cents worth.  So after I saw Mom, I met Char and Becky at Southcenter and we drove to the cell phone lot at the airport to wait for Ami to call.

Ami is a well known quilter and create all kinds of patterns and techniques.  Back when I lived in Bethlehem, I took a class based on her book about photo to fabric – I made a hanging with pictures of my cat Muffet.  I have enjoyed Ami’s blog and so for me it was a real treat.  I wanted to do Pro D as well, but I wanted to meet Ami more.  We had a little trouble finding her at baggage claim because we were at Delta and she was at Alaska.  Becky went to check inside and then Charlotte called Ami and found she was walking towards us.  I got out and went to meet her and I saw her coming.  We hugged and I showed her where Char was parked.  Then I went into baggage claim to find Becky but didn’t see her.  when I came out, Char said Becky had called and she arrived at the car when I did but from the opposite direction.

We went over to Southcenter and went to a Pho shop I had gone a while back.  We all had the soup and we all enjoyed it very much.  Ami is such a delight, the minute I met her, I felt I had known her for a long time.  She is very down to earth and genuine, so easy to be with.  We all had a wonderful time, talking, laughing and generally enjoying our time together.  I think they all felt the same way I did, I was sorry when it was over.  Ami had been in Alaska doing a class and had gotten up very early that morning.   She had a 10 hour layover before she was finally able to fly home to Michigan I think.  After lunch she was ready to  wind down and relax before her flight.

Wednesday was Showcase day.  First there was the breakfast at 8:30, then a fashion show before the Showcase itself opened.  They held it at the Tacoma Convention Center – very modern building and I think it is fairly new.  I wasn’t sure where the A parking lot was – the accessible one – plus my other trips down that way often included a lot of traffic.  So I was there very early, although I had to go round the block 2 or 3 times to find the garage entrance for the A section.

To be continued.

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