. . . . . . . . And Back Again

I promised this post would be continued.

When I got out of the car, my friend Patti was there.  I was going to pick her up, then I had to be back here by 2 so we just came in separate cars.  I brought my wheely walker with me, I need somewhere to sit at certain points.  We went up to the 5th floor to check out where the breakfast was, plus I had to register.  Unfortunately they couldn’t find me, but Thea figured out what was happening and gave me my badge holder and breakfast ticket.  They don’t have kitchen facilities at that particular location, so they asked that we each use only one plate for everything.  They gave us quite a good breakfast and there were some awards given as well.  The fashion show was about some of the apparel from several suppliers to give us an idea of what is new.

The breakfast was supposed to be until 10:15, then the Showcase started at 10:30 – they finished at 9;30 which gave us an hour to wait.  Patti and I made sure we used the facilities before going on the show floor.  I also brought my wheely crate – I am my own traffic jam.  This time I hung the tote bag from Bagmakers on one handle of the walker and my purse on the other – my crate I kept folded up and on the seat of the walker and catalogs on top.  There were four aisles with booths on each side – I found I had to have a sit down at the end of each aisle.

I had a couple of clients I was looking for things and ideas.  I realize now I would have smarter to have a notebook to write down the ideas and from what supplier so I would remember them.  I noticed people doing that and wished I had thought of it.  By then I was halfway through and had already couldn’t quite remember which booth I found what or what ideas.  I learn something new each time to make my time more valuable and efficient.   In some ways I feel as though I have been away for a long time and I am now starting over in some ways.

I saw familiar faces and met some new suppliers as well as  distributors I know.  I don’t see as many familiar distributors the past few Showcases.  I ended up with a lot of catalogs and samples, plus some are being sent.   It’s one of those times when the eyes glaze over and the mind goes into neutral.  I did better this time and although I was tired at the end, I went up and down all the aisles and found it was about 2:30.  Turns out my appointment with Brigh for 2 was moved to 4, then moved to Thursday and  finally cancelled because I wasn’t ready to have things sell.  when Alyssa comes, she will have cash and want to buy on the spot.  Monday I will call to get this show on the road.

For three or four nights I looked through my catalogs – halfway through it hit me that I need to put a sticky note on things I wanted to remember.  Usually things sit for a while until I feel rested enough.  Thursday I went to Apple for the group training – Eddie’s newsletter is ready for him and he started with some stories, that meant I had something show and see if I needed to make any changes.  I had time so I started working on my book – I had to start from scratch because my book is on this computer, not Eddie’s lap top.  I put it on a USB drive I got at the show and I will use that when I go on Thursday.  Yesterday Eddie was working on his newsletter and was frustrated –  it’s not the template, it’s Eddie.  He isn’t great at typing and wants everything work perfectly all the time.  I told him not to worry about it, I can fix it later.  He is already wanting to put pictures in but that is the last things to do.

When I came home from Apple, I started taking pictures of things – jewelry, dishes, furniture, etc. and then uploading.  I haven’t really put any description, just pictures.  Seems as if that is all I have been doing for several afternoons.  It takes longer than I thought, but I have put a lot on the blog.  Who knows what I will find when they come to help clean out and price.  I saw Mom on Friday and read some more of Candy’s book – she started to fall asleep after about 30 to 45 minutes.  Actually, she was fast asleep when I came that morning.  Then home for more pictures and uploading.  I will admit to starting to feel I was really beginning to slow down.  Thank goodness I have been sleeping pretty well.

Luzma has been busy in our yard – she is a whirling dervish with her weed whacker.  She did along the drive and up the side of the garage, then the overgrown bed where the rose bushes were by the garage and now she is working her way up under the two cherry trees and around the fig tree.  I don’t know if is part of her grieving process for her cat Lady – they found her dead and it looks as if something living in the canyon was too much for her.  Eddie keeps telling her she doesn’t have to do it, but she seems to want to do it.  She even told me she dreams at night about it and how beautiful it will be.  We are blessed with great neighbors on each side of us.  The Allen’s on the other side are planning to pave their drive again and wondered if we wanted to do it as well.  So we need to get an estimate from them – John and Luzma first said they were interested but now they aren’t.   I just take it as it comes.

It will be interesting to see what happens this coming week.

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