Move Over Robin Hood!

A few weeks ago our plumber, John gave his 15 minute presentation.  When he usually does it, he brings all kinds of interesting things and stories about the jobs he has done and the people  who called him.  This time he did something very unrelated to plumber as possible – he talked about duck hunting and how he does it.  He hunts ducks with a bow and arrow – give the duck a sporting chance.  He had several bows and he took one of them and asked me to see if I could pull it – barely moved it but it had a very interesting feel.  He makes his own arrows with different kinds of feathers – depends on kind  of duck, weight of the arrow and swiftness.

Afterwards I went up to ask some questions and had a chance to see the different bows, how they feel and where one puts each hand.  I was interested in the string, it is several string with an outer wire coiled all the way from top to bottom.  I had a chance to also see the arrows close up as well.   (for Halloween we did costumes and John came as a duck hunter – everything covered in camouflage )

A couple of weeks later he showed me another bow to see if I could pull that one – a little better but still not enough.  I was rather surprised but pleased he thought about it.  A few days later he came over to check on the outside faucet by the garage for me.  When John and his crew came the last time and cleared out everything, it was more exposed than usual.  So John insulated it with 3/8″ foam as well as making sure there was no air in the styrofoam box we have been using.  He said he would have it done before the first frost – that was Thursday and Saturday morning we woke up to our first frost.  It was gorgeous, plus I knew the faucet was fine.

He came back in to the house with a bow – he had made one for me with PVC pipe and I am not sure what the string is.  He had me try it out and I can pull it far enough to actually shoot an arrow.  He said he would make me some arrows and teach me to shoot it – never in my life did I ever think about trying a bow and arrow.   Suddenly here is the opportunity.  How amazing is that?  I will report back what happens when I have arrows, the hand hold on my bow and a few trial shots.  Watch out world!

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