Ever Had One of Those Weeks?

Unfortunately this is very short because I am so exhausted and wiped out.  It is better today but Thursday when Kathy and I packed up Mom’s things to take to the adult family home.  It actually went quite well, but when I was done, I could barely see straight I was so tired.  Plus I hadn’t had time for lunch.  I thought I would sleep well that night, but I didn’t.  Friday I went with Eddie and spent the day at the spa – soaking and relaxing while trying not to fall asleep.  I did sleep better last night but I still want to curl up and sleep right now.

When I am more rested and feel human again, I will write more details.  Didi did call me yesterday afternoon to say Mom is doing quite well, she has some adjusting to do.  So far, so good.  I did talk to Mom and the one things she said to me was “Why didn’t you take me home yesterday?”.  I told her that is her home now.  Felt like a guilt trip and I am not boarding that bus!

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