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Some days it is so easy to write, other days – like today – I feel all jumbled up and not sure what to write.  There are several unrelated things I want to write about but there isn’t enough for a full post on any of them.  Hence the Odds & Ends title.

I am very frustrated because I cannot get my photos to be small enough so I can add a picture of Bunny to my post “There’s Something About Bunny”.  Mobile is closed on my Mac and I need a new computer, but I am waiting until the upgrade to Lion is in – I bought this computer just before leopard came out and so I had Tiger – but bought it just a little too soon to get the free upgrade.  This time I am going to start from the beginning.  Unless you have a Mac, no doubt what I just wrote makes very little sense to PC users.

Tuesday I went to Good Company Lunch – a networking group of people in Alternative Medicine, etc. – to some it’s the “woo woo group”.  I was sitting with my friend Kathie Brodie, a hypnotherapist and very close friend, and Brad Simkins, a therapist and intuitive who has a radio show.  We were at a restaurant that really isn’t conducive to our group because we were out in the restaurant with noise and at a long table.  So you could only talk comfortably with the people next to you or possibly across the table.  However, I know there was a reason the three of us were at the end of the table together.  They were asking how Mom was doing and I suddenly started getting drippy – fortunately it is a loving, supportive group and non-judgmental.  Suddenly Brad asked me “When did you first become your mother’s emotional support?”.  Ye Gods and little fishes!  I had no idea I was!  Well, let’s face it, the tough questions are what bring up what needs to be resolved.  They both knew some people who remember from an early age when it started; I don’t really know.  Nor did I ever think about it.  This is one of those to give it to God, Spirit Guides, Angels and Master Teachers for help and guidance plus put on the back burner and let it simmer.  Wracking my brain about it really is productive and I have enough to drive me crazy without adding another one to the mix.

Then Friday I had a lovely time with Kathie at Queen Mary Tea Room for lunch.  We went there a while back for their wonderful breakfast – what a delight they remembered me to make reservations.  We talked about Brad’s question, plus I had had my massage the day before and told Debye and Monty about it.  Monty had another question for me – “Where is it lodged in your body?”.  Great, just what I needed, another bloody question I hadn’t a clue about the answer.  What was so cool about Kathie was, she said to just ask my body what color it is, where is it and does it have a shape?  Then I can do psychic surgery on it to take it out.  She imagines she touches each fingernail and a sharp knife comes out, then she scoops the “stuff” out and gives it to the beings in Mother Earth who consume it and turn it back to positive.  These beings thrive on our negative stuff, plus then return it to the atmosphere in love and light.  Sometime it can be a spigot that one turns to drain it out – whatever works.  Right now I am listening for the color of it, then see if there is a shape.  It make take several times to clear everything – I’ll let you know when things happen.

I had the foundation of a crown done a couple of weeks ago – this coming Wednesday I am due to have the permanent crown put in to finish the job.  I will tell you, he did a real number on the right side of my mouth.  I expected the gum and jaw where was working to hurt, but good Lord, did the rest of that side have to hurt too?  I had a sore in my cheek, sores on my tongue and the whole side was really tender and uncomfortable.  This in addition to a sore I have had for a month behind my front teeth.  Having an over bite certainly didn’t help.  So I have been chewing on my left side and being very careful of both hot and cold things – pain shoots right up through the tooth where the temporary crown is.  Well, I am happy to say I am feeling a lot better and the right side of my mouth isa whole lot better -just have to chew on the left.  What a relief to have things more close to normal and comfortable again.

I have been going to visit Dr. Cheryl lately – she is the neatest chiropractor because he fingers not only feel what is going on, it is as if they can also see.  She is very gentle with me – none of the crack and pop stuff – because she knows me.  She sees me as a whole person and surrounds me with loving kindness.  It is a pleasure to lie on her table and see and feel what she is doing.  What’s interesting as well is that she has intuitive sights into me – she asked if I sang and I said I used to, though sometimes I sing in the car with the radio.  She said it would help for me to sing, that is no problem for me because at times I can’t not sing.  Also she mentioned flutes, to help, so I have been listening to bamboo flute music on Youtube.  I find Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Thai, etc. and also I check out pan pipes because I love those as well.

This seems to be more like a newsletter or a bulletin – that is how it has come together this week.  As always, I look forward to hearing your comments and any suggestions because I enjoy learning about new things.

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