Truly Back Home Now!!!

All three of us came back to the house last Saturday because the bathroom was mostly finished.  The shower doors weren’t due to be installed until Monday, so it was a spit bath or nothing.  The whole bathroom looks amazing – when I asked Brad the contractor how he felt about it, I expected him to be pleased.  What a surprise when he said he was thrilled with the way it  looked.  Now that was unexpected and gratifying.  Now that the doors are on the grab bar inside the shower has been installed, what a pleasure to have a shower without climbing over the tub.  It was well worth the three weeks it took to transform it.  The stall is only about 4″ to step over, I was preparing for 5″ with my OT in rehab.

I will say it has been an adjustment to be back here, sometimes it didn’t feel real in the beginning, but I am doing a lot better now. I think it has been the hardest on Mom, she is still adjusting to it and believing it is real She is getting more and more confused and no doubt those three weeks in the adult family home really confused her.  So we are taking it slowly for her, not doing any other changes like new towels, etc. until she has adjusted.  It has made us realize it is time to find a care facility for her – what kind I have no idea.  I suspect this is going to be quite a learning experience for me, thank goodness I have some people to help me.  What an eye opener to see what happens when one doesn’t have long term care insurance – now I really understand why it is os important.  Eddie just qualified for it and also got a discount, so I know he is taken care of in case he needs some help.  I don’t qualify because of RA, so I need to figure something else for me – possibly a money market and laddering CDs.  Right now I need to focus on Mom.

I have been doing out patient therapy for 3 weeks – the first two weeks I was still at the hotel, last week I was here and my friends really came through for me by giving me rides there.  I chose to go back to Stafford health Care because I know the therapists and they know me – I didn’t want to break in a new set by going somewhere else.  They weren’t kidding when they said out patient therapy was more aggressive and there will be pain – what an understatement!  But I know I need it because the right leg muscles are weaker and I need to strengthen them so I can stop walking like Walter Brennan.  I have had mostly thigh and groin pain, though the hip has had its share of discomfort.  This week has been more uncomfortable sleeping, I can turn on my side and sleep on the healed hip.

Thursday was a red letter day because I saw my surgeon.  I wanted to drive again and was hoping he would give me the okay.  Eddie came with me because he wanted to talk to the doc because he is also an Armenian.  The doc took an x-ray and told me he is very pleased – the hip has healed perfectly and the plate and screw has stayed exactly in place.  Couldn’t think of better news unless it was when said I could drive when I felt able.  Whoopee!  I was anxious to try but also a bit apprehensive to experiment – finally I tried on Friday around the neighborhood and it felt fine – almost as if I had just driven the day before.  So I am now on four heels again, but not the wheely walker!  I am using a cane and the doc was happy about that.  He told me not to be in a hurry to  stop using the cane and I agree – it let’s people know not to bump into me.

A low point for me was on Wednesday – we went to Barnes & Noble for coffee before going to the doc.  I went to use the restroom but the handicap stall was being used. I was concerned about one of the regular stalls but went ahead and used one.  Well, I couldn’t get up!  I tried whatever I could but it didn’t work.  Finally the woman using the handicap stall was on her way out and I asked if she would help me.  She was so sweet, she pulled me back onto my feet and I thanked her profusely.  I told her how much I appreciated her help and she said we all need help at one time or another.  She had twin girls who didn’t look more than a few months old, so I suspect she has had a lot of experience with help.  Looks like I am changing my old childhood programming slowly but surely.

It has been an interesting week – this coming week will be my first mobile week in 3 months.  I am going to finally have a haircut – I know Michelle with be horrified at the hacking I have doe to it, but needs must.  I am also going to have a massage again, boy have I missed those.  I have three days of outpatient therapy as well – pretty well fills up my dance card for the week.  I think my ambitions out strip my energy – I will have to work up my stamina.  It feels so good to be mobile again, it is hard being dependent on others for rides.  I have also found through this journey what good friends I have in my Breakfast Club and other friends.

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